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Honouring difference

This topic and the presentation have a great perspective into how different we are and how we perceive each other with this difference in mind.

I really liked how the team presented the differences in their clothing, and how it the topic was not given straight on.

In my own life I have learned to honor differences in other people, just as I expect mine to be honoured. we live in a society that sometimes sees difference as something taboo. we still see difference as a weird thing and each time someone appears to be different we tend to abnormalise them. This I believe to be the problem of society in general. A woman who does not want to be married or to have children is seen as not being normal, but what could be better, a woman who doesn’t want a child and sticks to that or a woman who has a child and then abuses them?

Honouring difference is important and begins with respect for the self and others.


Learning From Life

K-Ci and JOJO – LIFE

in essences , this lecture is a continuation from the Reflection class we had the week before and I felt the two were linked as you would need to reflect on your mistakes and seek ways to correct them.

its argued you learn from your mistakes in life .You need to reflect on your mistakes and alter your approach until you get it right. Motivational Speaker , Vusi Thembakwayo would refer to your mistakes as “School Fees”

life will put you through trials and tribulations and I feel my taking from the lecture was you attitude towards the problem or lesson behind the tribulation. I’ve learned to look at it as if it were a challenge, I need to be able to identify my mistake and alter my approach in order to move on to the next challenge in life.

A friend of mine posted on WhatsApp the other day that ” you need to go through something that destroys you so you can figure out who you really are “

Johari Window

Another lecture that stood out for me was Ros speaking about ththe Johari Window… i remember it coming up in a previous course i embarked on however i couldnt remember the context so i welcomed the refresher. It stood out for me due to the fact that my job allows me to communicate daily with various people from different walks of life. The Johari window is so interesting as it teaches one to understand the relationship with self and others. This technique has allowed me to better communicate with my colleagues and also better understand myself when receiving information and how i perceive information. I have encouraged feedback on how i communicate with my colleagues and building trust is the important element in order for the birth of healthier and constructive, honest communication.

Learning from Life

I must say I really enjoyed this presentation. Life in general can be a puzzle but one needs to find pieces to be put together and make life worth a living.

Ros said something very important, of which it was a ‘aha’ moment. “Life must be understood backward but it must be lived forward.” This means we should all experience our previous days, right our mix-ups assuming any, gain from them and set ourselves up better for the days to come. This is likewise called as experience. Some harsh encounters in the past are the best instructors of our life… In order to grow in life you ask yourself what have you learned with it? What did you do with what you learned in life and lastly what did you learn from what you did.

I can assure you, your life can be so fun to live if you can answer these question because it will give you the perspective on how things work in life no matter how challenging it may be.

Week 6: Honouring Differences

  • I was amazed by the group that was facilitating on the day. Their topic was well planned as they were able to incorporate the different traditional cultures where I now understand how culture differs. It was pleasing to see the combined effect and teamwork amongst the Honouring Differences team.
  • Another exciting thing is when I see each of them wearing traditional clothes from different cultural groups and try to demonstrate those cultures even though each of them espoused the other culture. It was such a wonderful experience and open-minded practical topic. I was very much happy and excited that all South African recognized culture was well represented and how they also explained the attitude and behavior. Unfortunately, it was bad for South Africa to remains as diverse as a nation hence we are called ourselves the “rainbow nation”. It was a well-researched and presented topic.
  •  I think as responsible parents we need to make sure that our children be allowed to attend government gatherings such as Heritage day in order to learn the different cultures and felt proud of their own history as a nation…and a rich dissimilar culture and heritage we carry.

Learning from Life

The fifth week, was all about Learning from life and the main key was about me managing my time. The group that did the facilitation piece did such a wonderful job. Their presentation was fun and the play that they did was such a wake up call. It was so funny and had most of us in stiches. It summed up my life in a few minutes! I loved it. Learning how to manage my time and learning new techniques on how to do it is going to be such a monumental task for me because I am the queen of procrastination and putting off what I could have done today till tomorrow. This week and every week hereafter, I will make a list and stick to it. I have to learn to plan better. I need to choose tasks that are important and give my attention to that. And stop wasting time procrastinating. This week was a blunt reminder of how busy our lives actually are.

Personal Reflection

Today’s presentation was about reflection, the group started very well with clear objectives, activities aligned to the topic. However at some point the audience was very disconnected the levels of energy were very low no signage between the team.
And to make it worse one of which during the presentation one of the team member spoke vulgar language which shocked the entire audience and most of us switched off as results because we all came to learn not to insult.

The second part of the class we had an interesting class activity where we gave each other feedback based on perception, the aim of this activity was mainly to learn how to give feedback as well as get to know each other at the personal level in this manner we would be able to allocate tasks based on the personality, skills and ability. For me this was a key to firm up our team and get to build that signage for the presentation.

On the other hand the lecture was able to tie up the topic and activities together she went deeper to our mind and took us in a journey of discovery ourselves and be able to take decisions that will favour us.

Learning from Life

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it…” Really? How must I make time if I am a mother, wife, shepherd at church, manager, running a master rebuild centre in a male dominated industry? This type of questioning is time consuming….

I just loved the activities that the group presented on how to BALANCE LIFE. It was so relevant and had a symbolic meaning on each of them for me. The one where you need to balance the nails on one nail AND they are not allowed the touch the ground, that was just on the point for me on how we can use that in our lives. Its possible. You just need the prefect balance. The other activity was filling the bucket with balls, where the biggest balls represented the stuff most important in your life that your need to prioritize, and the small balls the not so important. Even though we were a bit confused on what they need to do, I could relate to the balls.

We also did this test, where we could see whether we were left or right brain dominant, do we like details or see the bigger picture. This was relevant to me as we grouped together with each person having a different trait. Some were investigators as they tend to do more research and want to see the details and making sure they have all the facts, but this was also developed because of the experience they had to go through. Where other are operators and other initiators. This was so profound to me, as the ladies were talking on why they are operators they like to do things themselves, get the ball rolling. Sometimes doing things themselves because they trust on how they do it then anyone else. And it got me thinking, I was like that. I was an operator but because of my experience and the way I had to develop and grow myself, I am now an initiator. I had to learn to let go and delegate and to me the initiator does not really have to be the go-getter, they just need to lead and drive the team to be the go-getters and making sure the task is done.

How funny on how we think life just happens. It is good to get a little perspective on why you do certain things and how you do it. And the end, as you develop and grow, you change on how you would operate and thus changes the way the were and see what you can become. But balancing life is ongoing, you not going to get it right the first time and think oh this is it. Balancing life and learning from life is inevitable… XoXo

Learning from life

This was a very interesting topic. The group presented it very well by creating a little drama showing the real life for women with multiple roles go through. Most women in the class could relate the woman in the drama who had pressure of being a mom who is studying, an employee with deadlines to meet, a wife to a husband who is not working, an  active church member and a sales lady. We are often faced with a lot of responsibilities as women and find it hard to find a balance .  The group that presented  gave us a very challenging activity of balancing 10 nails on one nail. It seemed impossible  and stressful in the beginning but with guidance we managed to get it right. The game taught me patience and tolerance. It only when I stopped stressing and focused that I managed to the trick right together with the group I was working with .

The interesting thing that we did which I really enjoyed was the assessment on brain dominance , sensory preference, information sorting styles and learning style. This activity helped me understand myself and what I need from other people in order to be the best I can be. I have leaned that I am 89% left brain which  means that I am sequential, time orientated and logical . I am more auditory than visual. I prefer detail over big picture. My  learning style are more of operator and investigator and less of initiator and Theorist.   

Personal Reflection

Hello 🙂

This week’s class was a bit of an eye opener, the topic, “Personal Reflection” is quite unique as I kept asking myself the following question: What is self reflection?

The groups presentation and the facilitation afterwards covered my areas of concern in this manner: Self reflection is like looking into a mirror and describing what you see. It is a way of assessing yourself, your ways of working and how you study. To put it simply ‘reflection’ means to think about something. Even though the assessment section was rather painful as the group members were crucified by us observers and it a hard pill to swallow.

One of the most important things that the class missed was the fact that the group had an insightful topic and we all missed that because we were all looking for a perfect illustration. I for one, reflecting on myself for instance helps me to develop my personal skills and to review their effectiveness, rather than just carry on doing things the way I have always been doing them. It is about questioning the inner soul, in a positive way, what I do and why I do it and then deciding whether there is a better, or more efficient, way of doing it in the future.

In general, when we learn we can become stuck in a routine that may not be working effectively for us as individuals. Thinking about my own skills can help me identify changes that I might need to make. Although self reflection seems difficult at first and it is to be honest embarrassing to do, because it does not come naturally. I will keep on trying and hopefully with practice I will find it easier and I’m hoping that the end result would be a happier and get to meet an efficient ME.

The following weekend its our turn as a group to be on the hot seat!!!

Push …let’s go!!

Week 5: Learning from life

This past week’s presentation and facilitation was especially welcome, I think everybody could relate in their own way. Balancing life’s demands is what will separate those who are great and those who are mediocre.

I struggle with the balancing act myself, there’s just so much going on, particularly this period, submissions on submissions! It helps to have a schedule and to plan time according to what needs my attention- prioritizing is key, as stated by our presenting group. Luckily for me, I’m not as busy as some, who might have families of their own or spouses, or pets- all commitments that cannot be ignored… Even so, I am under a lot of pressure to perform well, graduate, and move along to greatness…

Reflecting back on the presentation and going through what I’m going through with all the deadlines and demands from life, my aha moment came when I just felt so overwhelmed by everything that I decided to step back and watch an episode of The Throne *shocked monkey emoji* OOOPS lol. Anyways, I realized that I was investing too much energy in what the possible outcomes of my limited time would be. Instead of stressing and worsening my anxieties, I decided to step back and clear my mind with an enjoyable activity- while I don’t promote procrastinating, I do suggest taking some time out to just breathe, good mental health is important for staying on top of your game. Staying on top of my game requires me to be in a good space and for me, a part of that is doing things I enjoy once in a while..

Learning from Life – Balancing Life

The week leading to Saturday, the 24th of August was a reflective week for me, I had enough time to assimilate all learning experiences gained in class. With my partner and I having bought a new house and as much as we had a budget for our renovations, we found ourselves stripping the house naked…removing old carpets, windows, doors, tiles, bathroom accessories, garden and paint work. All this meant giving the construction company deadlines in order for us to reach our goal timeously, working in teams, spending more money than we anticipated and this caused some sort of financial distress to the household. Well… we all know that having unclear financial goals can be one the reasons for divorce and I wasn’t about to let unexpected renovation cost ruin our lives.

In all of this, we both needed to stick to the ultimate goal, which was to ensure that the house is complete for us to move in soon. I must say… I learned a lot from this situation. As partners we have to give each other space to reflect and deal with the situation, we have to be cognisant of each others feelings and how finances affect us as a couple. After reaching out to each other and talking about it, we were optimistic about situation and came up with ways to handle it better.

On Saturday, I woke up ready for class, my intention was to make it on time but again life happened and I was late missing 10 mins of the beginning of the presentation. I remember standing outside and having a FOMO. I knew instantly that I will not be late for another class ever. When I eventually joined the class, sitting and listening to the presentation I realised that I needed to balance my life and manage my time wisely. Yes, I was late for a valid reason but I have to stick to my own plan. Another thing that stood out for me was the results of my online assessment. When Telfer did the class exercise with us it was incredible to see which criteria was most dominant. I remember emphasising to my group that my “Aha” moment was the fact that we are shaped by our past. I was never dominant as an investigator or theorist. I was always an operator and my business experience shaped me and I started doing things differently from how I used to do them. It is true, we learn from our experiences.

What I took away from this class is that we are unique, complex and special…that my left brain is more dominant and my partners right brain is more dominant and can avoid unnecessary conflict. I remember having a chat about it over breakfast on Sunday morning as I was sharing my class experience with him in order to help him understand our differences . I also learned that our learning styles change depending on our experiences and where we are in life, that where I am now is precisely where I need to be and what I need to do. I just have to be open-mined enough to strike – a – balance, be flexible, accommodate different personalities and be cognisant of my audience as well as apply my positive learnings optimally.

Life is beautiful and indeed a journey that is meant to be enjoyed.

Learning from Life

AKA Balancing Life. I enjoyed the skit enacted by this team – I could personally relate as a mother, student, employee, intentional Christian/disciple, daughter, friend, etc… Today’s lesson showed the importance of prioritizing. The team shared how in order to have a perfectly balanced life, once needed to allocate approximate 40 minutes to activities which mattered to them after work, travel and sleep had taken their share. An obviously unrealistic target, the ultimate lesson was, as I encapsulate it, that we should seek harmony – in some seasons, some areas of life will demand more from you that in other – it is important to give attention to what is necessary when it is necessary.

This, I have learnt, requires discipline, being comfortable with being unpopular and giving weight to the things that matter… This is a tough lesson for me as embedded within my personality is pleasing people and gaining their approval. It has led to much dissatisfaction as I often pursue the aims of others or allow war to wage within me from forces external to me – be bother by things which are not truly MY priority. I hope to gain confidence in this, especially as I work toward the end of my first academic qualification. I need to find that harmony that resonates with ME.

Arg…. reflective lesson this one… more so than Personal Reflection, lol *hides*


reflections presentation was insightful in that it pushed one to introspect the various areas of one’s life. Its allowed one to truly embrace the imperfection and understand them for what they are. That imperfection are not cemented on one’s character,when considered in a positive light they may be used to strengthen one’s character.

The lecture on Four fold way, was very interesting and thought provoking. it emphasizes on taking ownership and reclaiming personal power by allowing one to lead from behind sometimes. Experience vulnerability and don’t see it as a weakness,and also learning to tell the truth without blaming or passing judgement which is extremely difficult to practice in the world pushes for excellence.

Week 5 Personal Reflection

Good day Everyone,

One never thought will learn so much from facilitation class. I enjoyed the presentation. I always look forward for Saturday’s hey. Yes you can help someone when they come to you for help and advise not to be inside their property you must stand at the balcony (Nice one). I even shared when I got home . I have learned that when something happened in your life “It did not happen to me BUT it happened for me.”

It is important to know yourself and the exercise we did in class in our group it was emotional when we were sharing amongst ourselves “What makes you good in my eyes . And how Roslyn shared with us to give back feedback. (The delta and Plus). And I  learned on accepting and letting it go and on how things that you think you are attached to are CONTROLLING you not you being in charge. What a touching class we had on the (17/08/2019).

WEEK 5: Personal Reflection

Ralph Waldo Emerson- “In times when we thought ourselves indolent, we have afterwards discovered that much was accomplished, and much was begun in us. All our days are so unprofitable while they pass, that ’tis wonderful where or when we ever got anything of this which we call wisdom, poetry, virtue. We never got it on any dated calendar day.”

I will just open with this quote from Ralph Emerson….as I try to reflect into this topic of personal reflection. For me it entails stripping yourself naked and deal with you, one-on-one. it is afterall a “personal reflection”. You look at yourself whether its in the mirror or by merely having an imagination of yourself and your life.

I like doing it, as its one point of self-reflection and gets you to a point of seeing where you are, what you have done to get there, and how to move on. A profound state and one I believe each individual should try to do for themselves, and not to beat on yourself but to see how you can work on yourself and improve. It highlights our strengths and weaknesses and gives a new perspective. One can take a lot from personal reflections, it all depends on how you view things and what you are willing to do to change if there is change required.

I liked the group task we did, where the group members had to do the “what makes you great in my eyes” task. To hear what people have to say or their view of you, is amazing! Reminds me of a song by Lizz Wright…where she is just earger to hear what other people think about her… a mirror in itself. One thing I took from this is that however way you see someone, that also reflects in you.

May we continue to do personal reflections, and see more beautiful ways of evolving! 

Im glad to have been a part of this session! 😉


Personal reflection

Personal Reflection

Today when I enter the Facilitation class. I was a bit anxious because I was thinking about my assignment that is due tomorrow and the Tuesday test, but the topic Self-reflection captured my mind, and indeed I started to reflect about why I’m studying and that immediately shifted the focus to be positive and looking forward to pass Tuesday test than worrying about time constraints to study, work and be with the family…..Aluta Continua!!!

Personal Reflection!

I recall a friend saying “before I go to sleep instead of going through my phone like most people do I reflect on my entire days activities” Connie. Looking at the positives and negatives, what she could have changed and what stood out for her.

Today’s facilitation class was trully deep for me. I realised that I do not give back to myself as often as I give back to others. And that for me to grow as a person I need to start making time for myself to reflect on a daily basis, by that I mean not pushing back the negatives at the back of my mind and chosing not to ponder on them instead learn from how I can better manage those situations.

I enjoyed the mirror excise the team used as part of their activities. This was an eye opener for me, it made me realise that I do not give as much credit to myself as I should by utilising the tools I am surrounded by. I have started singing sweet things to myself every morning as I prepare myself for work. The same mirror that I use to ensure that I am presentable is the same one I have started allocating 5minutes off to, in order to remind myself that I am more than capable of taking on the world. I mean if I don’t tell that to myself, who will?

What I take out from all of this is that Self Love has for most of us been Self Taught. Especialy after learning about the strory of the two wolves. I chose to do things differently with my children. I chose to nurture as well as teach them to also nurture the positive wolf in them so they can grow up knowing they more than capable of achieving everything they put their minds to. I chose not to focus on what my son cannot do rather tell him how great he is in everything even if he sucks at it. This lesson for me is a generation changer the best lesson I can ever give to the next generation. I have started laughing at myself for the little mistakes that I do. Biggest lesson out of this, even with the mistakes we do, life can still be enjoyed as long as we put a little laughter to it.


Week 5: Honouring Difference

So, as it is my thing to miss class – because sport is my life… I missed this one too… When I first read the facilitation topic I immediately thought about sex, gender and diversity. I was about to go into a whole discussion about the difference between sex and gender and how the new world needs to diversify the integration of the two and a whole bunch of stuff regarding self-identification, but I just finished my Week 5: Learning Agility blog and I wrote so much about the difference between my results on the ‘test’ and the thoughts I had on it that I really don’t think it is necessary to talk about my sex, gender and diversity thing. GO READ MY COMPLAINING SESSION!

Week 5: Learning Agility

Learning agility is being able to learn, adapt and make sense of uncertainty before applying ourselves in our current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. It was said in the course pack that people with high levels of agility are able to learn quickly, in a number of ways and are able to apply their learning to succeed in their set out task. Now, although this all makes sense for me, I cannot help but wonder if there are some sort of loopholes in this process. My immediate thought goes to psychological disorders and how a mental disability could affect the learning agility of a person. I would have to do a lot of research on it though to have a full understanding, but it is definitely something that I needed to put in this blog. I mean we need to look back at them after-all right?

For this class we needed to complete the questionnaire on learning styles. Whilst I found that most of the information that was’spat out’ at the end of the test was correct, there were some for which I have HUGE disagreements. The analytical me has of course gone the extra mile to work through the data and look at percentages and relationships. So bare with me whilst I complain about my results like a true unsatisfied student.

Firstly, A and B, Left brain or right brain. I already know that I work more with my left brain that my right brain so it wasn’t a surprise that I scored higher there… but by one point. I am both analytical and creative. I am analytically creative! Which is awesome, but the test gives 9 questions which means that there will have to be one side stronger than the other. No matter what the outcome was. The same happened in the number of questions for the information sorting styles and the motivation preferences. These two I’m not necessarily complaining about because in both there was an outright answer. I am OCD so I always focus on the detail and the internal preferences. I’m not a fan of seeing the big picture if you don’t know the nitty gritty, and external preferences mean people… I’m not a fan of people and their judgment. But nine questions means that there is no chance of getting a 50/50 answer. There will always be a larger side. There has to be.

Sensory Preferences. Well when I was still in junior school I did a test to see my sensory preferences and it came up with reading and writing… This wasn’t part of the test, so either it was left out of this one or the other one lied. Also, I would never peck myself with an auditory sensory preference?

Finally, learning styles… I’m an initiator and then an operator? the first means that I am extroverted and being thrown into the deep-end. Well This can just have a big red cross drawn right through it. I am anything but an extrovert. In fact in am an introverted introvert. I am more than the complete opposite. But I can agree that O like to try new ideas and techniques and I am pretty practical so maybe I am an undercover initiator. Then and operator says that I am comfortable with unpredicted change and a people person. I’ve been told that I am great with people but to be honest, they scare me. Unpredictable change is a no-no for me. I mean I have OCD. I like things to be in order and planned in advance. If it isn’t or if it changes then I get anxious and panic.

Okay, so let me sum it up…

I have two dominant hemispheres but my left brain seems to be edging into the lead. I work a lot better with detail and I have many many internal preferences (control, low trust in others and high trust in myself). I am a visual learner but more so auditory and I am am initiator and operator who happens to be extremely introverted… Hmmm…

Seeing with new eyes and freeing your mind

It was an eye opening,mind boggling presentation of freeing one’s mind and seeing things with new eyes.

The lesson of it all was that for us to conquer our fears/phobia we have to face them head on, but take it one step at a time. Otherwise we allow that to rule our mind. Every choice and experience in our lives has contributed to our current state of health and the onus lies with us to manage or deal with it effectively and not allow it to define us.

The team taught us about the body tapping technique/body talk which teaches one to self heal by tapping certain body parts to trigger the feel good hormones. It says each system,cell and atom of the body is in constant communication with each other and the deep connection these systems have, brings about healing.

My lesson-change starts today with me,with a set mind and a willing heart I can do it.  A free mind  can conquer anything!


Today was a long day.

We started class at 08:00 till 16:30.  The day was draining for me.  I even had to go outside for 5 minutes just to “find” myself.

Anyway, interesting day it was.  Two groups presented.  Seeing with new eyes group presented in the morning.  What an eye opener it was.  I was wowed by this topic, by the group, the energy and all.  Anyway,

The grouped asked us to bring old pair of shoes, that was on email during the week.  I was wondering, why on earth should we be bringing old shoes for.

The class started, the group asked us to bring the old shoes forward, and then asked us to take any pair from the old pairs to wear.  That was an immediate NO from me.  Wearing another person’s shoes, let alone, an old pair, I couldn’t.  There were mixed feelings in the class for this.

The group started presenting – and engaging us in the topic.  The topic was an eye opener.  It was an emotional class for me, as my head started being filled about, not everyone is privileged to have and to afford BASIC things.  Things that we take for granted.  The old shoes that you don’t want, to another person they will be something that they treasure.

I have learnt to be grateful for my life, for the job that I have, for the food that I have for the clothes for EVERYTHING that I have, I am so grateful.

This group just opened my eyes and my heart.

Freeing your mind

Freeing your mind 🙂

This here, was my group’s topic.  Can I just start by saying I have met wonderful people on this group.  Everyone is “an easy person” to just talk, laugh, joke, be serious with.

When I first heard of the topic, I asked “haibo, freeing my mind from what? freeing it like a bird”, I laughed at this topic.  When I sat down at thought about it – I said to my self, “this is powerful”.  All individuals have burdens, stresses.  If you are poor, wealthy – there is some stress that you are going through.  Every individual have “things to deal with”.

Anyway, as a group we discussed, on our whatzup chat.  We practiced individually in our spare times.  One was just talking from the heart or from life experiences.

The day came, we facilitated.  We involved the class, asking them how they were feeling.  Everyone in the class participated.  The joy I felt as we were just facilitating from the heart.. It was overwhelming.

We showed the group how to TAP..TAPPING..
Tapping is a unique was of relieving stress  while you are at home, in the office or even while you are driving.  The technique works wonders.  It relieves stress and calms one down.

Resolving conflict, building relationships

I loved today’s session: everything from the group facilitation piece to how class played out. 

My biggest challenge has always been what I think other people think. There is just so much to communication than meets the eye. 

In a world filled with noice, silence very underrated. Musicians are taught that silence is often as important as the note you have played. The same applies to daily interaction with me: we have been given two ears and one mouth for a reason. 

Time and time again I learn to embrace that the attitude with which I listen determines what I hear. 

Roslyn affirmed that the meaning of our communication is the response we get from the other person. It’s therefore not your responsibility how I respond. Your responsibility lies in what you say next. 

I am looking forward to read Words create worlds. 

Much like a migraine sufferer is encouraged to know his triggers, so too is it important to know your communication triggers. We always view things through our lenses. 

Words are powerful, and the wounds and bruises cause by it seldom heals.



Learning from life

The afternoon group did a good job in their presentation as they illustrated that; no matter how good, intelligent, rich, or influential you may be, no man is an island. In their illustration, they formed three groups of people with about five people per group. The challenge was to see which group was going to be able to place the hola-hoop on the floor with all the team members collaborating as per instruction. It was interesting to note that without proper communication and collaboration the task could not be achieved as a group. As human beings we are interconnected and need each other in one way or another.

I also learned a few relaxation techniques which I believe will help me cope whenever I find myself in a panic state because of stage fright before a presentation at work; and also during exam time when I get panic attacks.

Putting yourself in someone’s shoes

So for this week facilitation piece, which was about “Seeing with new eyes” we had to bring in an old pair of shoes.Sounds quite interesting and I was keen to see what the group was going to do.
When we arrived we had to put the shoes we had bought with us in a basket. The group then started their facilitation piece and asked the class to go pick out a pair of shoes from the basket. The class proceeded to go and pick a pair of shoes- either their own or someone else’s.
Then we were asked to put the shoes on, at this point it was interesting to note how we all reacted! Some of the class were reluctant to put on the shoes whereas others tried to put on the shoes they had picked.
The lesson for me from this facilitation was that we sometimes have to step into someone’s shoes to understand and realise what they are experiencing and living.
We sometimes make judgement’s and have preconceived ideas about people yet we have not taken the time to ask or listen to their story.
I hope that I can take the lesson learnt today in class, and apply it in my life when interacting not only with my colleagues at work but in other spheres of my life.

Week 5: Facilitating Change

Change is something that is very uncomfortable even though in some instances it is for the better. For me 2018 has been a year of CHANGE. I was opening and I  refused to rely on the way I do things. This topic is very close to my heart as I have chosen to embrace change and not run away from it. I believe it is always an on opportunity to discover something new, leave bad habits and just grow.

One thing I will use going forward is the  domains of disclosure which are Public, Private, and Unconscious and  Johari’s window which is the awareness of self and others, Transparent,
Hidden, Blind and Unknown.

This definitely helps one be more aware of themselves, surrounding and people around them.

Seeing with New Eyes

Today was “the mother of all sessions”! This was mainly because it was our group’s turn to present. Our topic was …Seeing with new eyes. As soon as we had been put together as a group and knew when we were going to be presenting; we quickly formed a Whatsapp group for the purposes of easy and convenient communication. Soon a meeting was set up where we would get together to draw up the plan going forward.

As agreed, the group met during the following week. A plan was then agreed on how we were going to approach the delivery of the task at hand, and everyone was allocated a task with time frames. It was quite interesting to see the diverse personalities that subsequently emerged amongst the group. As we were progressing with our individual tasks; we also tried to keep each other in the loop by keeping regular communication going. After toying around with a couple of ideas, we eventually agreed that we will use homelessness as the backdrop for seeing with new eyes. This followed after one of the group members had shared how she had been part of a group in her place of work that went out to try and address the issues of homeless people. They had apparently decided as the management team that for them to know the real issues that these people were dealing with on a daily basis; they had to be part of them and experience this first hand. A group of them agreed to go and live on the streets of Johannesburg for forty (40) days….which I thought was very brave!

Having been on the streets for that long, this colleague shared with us some of the most gruesome experiences that she had. I had always thought that life on the streets was hard, but not until I heard the story that was related to us did I realize that life on the streets is shrewd! I was shocked to learn of the treatment that “we” the ordinary and well-off people were giving to the homeless people. I was further surprised during my research to learn about some of the famous people that were at some point in their lives also homeless. For me the startling realisation that it can happen to anyone, was the most scary thought. One of the catch phrases that was used by someone in the group was…”you are one pay cheque away from being homeless”. The realities of life on the streets looked so much of a possibility, it was scary.

As the time was drawing closer for us to present; the meetings got more and more. The expectations for delivery by the group members also grew. As they say, things were heating up! Deadlines were soon approaching and we needed to have things together. As the pressure mounted, some of the group members also started slacking. One evening when we realised that things were in fact not going according to plan, we held a meeting and tough decisions were taken that brought all of us back on track. The plan was that we would all bring old shoes and also request the rest of the class to do the same. People would then be asked to pick a pair of shoes and wear them, just so that they get a feel of what the homeless people have to live with. The night before we did a practice run and everyone was satisfied that we were ready.

Eventually the big day arrived, and the team arrived bright and early to allow time to set up the venue. To our disappointment, the guy who had been allocated the task of being the time keeper and to see to the overall smooth running, did not show up! Phone calls were made to his number, but the guy just did not pick up. We had to quickly come up with a plan to close the unexpected gap. When the class was ready, we then proceeded with our facilitation. Judging from the feedback that we received, it all went quite well.

There was a great sense of relief once we were done; but it had not gone by with no learning. Looking back; there was a lot of effort that went into managing the different personalities that were in the team. I can safely attribute most of the success to the fact that from the word go, rules of the game had been clearly set out and everyone tried to keep to them. During instances where we had a difference in opinion; people would respectfully state their views and even the domineering characters would from time to time find a way of driving themselves back into being part of the group. I must admit that ours was a resounding success and thanks to the maturity shown by everyone that was a member of this group. My biggest learning from this exercise was that things are not always as they seem; sometimes we need to look at things with new eyes! The group dynamics did to a large extent take care of themselves because of the nature of the relationship we had managed to establish at the early formation stages of the group.

The member of the group who did not show up on the day of the presentation was unfortunately left out as he also informed us of his decision to de-register for the course…Sorry, his loss!!

Seeing with new eyes

“One pay cheque away from being homeless” a scary thought for me at the time as my husband lay in bed fighting for his life. I watched my  group from the door as they  landed  seeing the homeless with new eyes. Am humbled by the generosity of this group. They inspired many including myself to do more in giving back to the less fortunate.

Facilitating change

The facilitation of the day was based on the perception we have of homeless people. Remembering a while back in Randburg were I got the opportunity to interact and communicate with one of the street kids. The first question I had in mind was why the child decided to live in the streets or what lead him to the streets.  It was then that I realised that the people living on the streets do not like the livelihood by they are compelled by circumstances to live there.

What I am taking out from the lesson is the fact that we can perceive the same thing, but have a different interpretation of the very thing. We are different and our understanding and perception is totally different.

Week 5 – Seeing with new eyes

Week 5 – Seeing with new eyes

Lesson learned from the group that was facilitating is that never take what you for granted because tomorrow might find myself being homeless because sometimes being homeless is not by choice.  

The second part of the session had me thinking how unconsciously biased I’ve been toward others especially those that share the same interests (Similarity bias) where I would surround myself or being in a company of people I consider to be “my own” – How  we gravitated towards others. This has opened my eyes that one way or the other, we all have unconscious biases and at times it’s unintentional, and that we need to break limiting stereotypes. Lately I find myself actively checking out others to see if there’s any biasness in them including myself – Am I now being judgemental🤷🏽‍♀️, I’m confused. 

We also touched on perceptions, that it varies from person to person and how two people can see the same thing or hear the same word (double clicking) but interpret differently. 

Unfortunately the day was too long and my concentration levels were depleted and challenged and I started drifting away…


This topic resonates with an exercise we did in class. the left/right thinking structures of the mind. Having understood how it is that people form their thinking patterns was not only informative, but it also cultivated a tolerance I never had towards thinkers that did not mirror my own patterns. I am yet to acquire the patience required to sustain my tolerance, but the enlightenment is definitely there, which I consider to be a good start.

Seeing with New Eyes

Today was a full day class, morning was combined with the afternoon class. It was indeed a full house as we waited outside as the morning syndicate group got ready to facilitate. As we entered the classroom room we were welcomed and instructed to put the shoes we were told to bring into baskets.

We all sat down and a minute later were were told to take any pair of shoes to fit and majority of us refused. This was part of the facilitation topic seeing with new eyes. They discussed Homelessness. When homeless people are, given something they do not judge but accept with two open arms.

We did a couple of exercise in small groups:

“Recall a time when you felt something significant, a time when you felt alive, involved and enthusiastic about what you were doing”


“What do you believe they say about us, family, community and the world?”


Freeing your mind was the topic the second syndicate group facilitated

They dressed in black and used emoji’s for their topic, which was very informative.

I learnt about the EFT method, which helps overcome fear, the Tap routine which also helps to be happy and stress free


We listened to a track by Eminem my favourite rapper, the song was an example of unconscious Bias and we discussed it in detail.

My other learning was that context matters, more so than we realise. Setting the right context can change the perception, it can create a different outcome. This is something we could use in our professional and personal lives, it can affect the results from the team that you manage in a professional setting and it can also affect the kind of relationships you build and maintain with friends and family. My reflection was more about how I could set the tone and environment for my HR team to be successful, to be inspired and to reach their true potential.

What a day, I was finished…………

Seeing with New Eyes Freeing your Mind

The topic has made to see life through the different lenses from the ones that I have been using. I have learned that I should receive what life offers to me. The story of the homeless was painful. I will continue to thrive to succeed and be a better person in life and will always put myself in someone shoes and never shift the blame on what is happening to me. This has reminded me of the saying that life is what you make out of it.

Life is a journey and everyone is responsible for their journey. Never in life forget that wheel can turn. Be grateful for what you have and always live for now because life is something that is being borrowed to us by the creator. There is time everything and it is vital that we make the best of what we have now.

Seeing with new eyes

This facilitation session first kept me in suspense but at the end of the day I was inspired and fascinated. Firstly we were told that we must bring an old pair of shoes to the class. I got to class there was a big box and we were told to put the shoes in it.

When the group started with their facilitation they asked people to take a pair of shoes from the box, I went for my own pair. Other people took a different pair from the ones that they brought. We were then told to wear the shoes as the group focused on ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’. Luckily I took my shoes and it was easy for me to wear them but I realised how uncomfortable it was for others to put a stranger’s shoes on their feet.

The whole point of the exercise was to make us aware of what the homeless people go through on daily basis. They get clothes and shoes to wear from strangers. They are forced to take and wear because they don’t have a choice. The made me realize how fortunate i am to have a roof over my head. One of the facilitators made a statement that ‘One is a paycheck away from being homeless’ this statement made me sit back and reflect. I realized that this was so true, it can happen to anyone and for this reason I respect homeless people.

Free your mind and see with new eyes

Wow this facilitation and the topic has really opened my eyes. Often we are very judgemental about other people situation and environment. The idea of shoes has triggered my sense of seeing life with different eyes because should the table turn around regarding our privileges and be in a situation similar to those in the streets, how would one survive? The homeless in the streets survive by receiving what has been offered not by choice or anything. Appreciation in one’s position is the most important thing and be able to apply humour and respect of others when they need you the most. I am moved by this topic and learning from life doesn’t stop.

resolving conflict……building relationships

i enjoyed the group that was presenting, they were well prepared. well not like i expected less, i mean this was the 5th week. they started with a little drama that they had prepared and then facilitated their topic. it was nice. this are the things that i learned from today’s class
when resolving conflict these are the things that must be taken into consideration
Agree on a mutually acceptable time and place to discuss the conflict.
State the problem as you see it and list your concerns. …
Let the other person have his/her say. …
Listen and ask questions. …
Stick to one conflict at a time — to the issue at hand. …
Seek common ground.

Tap it out

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. I was having a particularly difficult morning when I walked into the facilitation class on this Saturday morning. Assignments and work issues weighed heavy on my mind and I secretly wished to have stayed tucked away warmly in my comfortable bed and let the day carry on without me.

But in I walked, with sturdy resolve to get the most I could out of the day’s facilitation topic, and boy was I glad I did. Emotional Freedom Tapping has been a life-changing discovery which I have used regularly since the group introduced us to the therapy.  With elements of acupuncture, without the needles, this ancient practice of tapping on the body’s meridians to free up emotional tension and creating a state of peace, confidence  and joy is groundbreaking. Not to mention it is incredibly relaxing and calming; the gentle tapping on different parts of the body can feel like a mini massage. It’s a 10 minute holiday to a peaceful state regardless of where you are – in the car, at your desk, in the queue, absolutely anywhere.

When workloads and responsibilities start to strain it’s really important to take a step back, take a deep breath and before thinking of tapping out, tap it out instead.



Facilitation skills – Blog 5

This was the first week of a full day lecture ** yawn yawn** was not looking forward to this day at all.

The topic for this week morning facilitation was seeing with new eyes” we were told by the team the previous week that we needed to bring in old shoes, when we got to class we had to leave the old shoes that we brought in front of the class in a basket, once we all were seated and ready for the facilitation piece one of the team members instructed us to come to the front and pick a pair of shoes that we did not bring from the basket, once we all had a different pair of shoes we were then instructed to put those shoes on (eeeuwww) IMAGINE putting on some else’s shoes, majority of the class did not as the response were that the shoes were small, unhygienic and uncomfortable.

One team member explained her personal story by going undercover and being as a homeless person for 40 days as a research project, lesson learned was that homeless people are seen as invisible and we do not know the story for being in the place that they are, whatever they are given they appreciate and do not question where it came from. We as humans just assume that they are drug addicts and that is how they must have landed in the situation that they are in, I learned that it can happen to any one of us, we should all be grateful for the little things that we have, one minute we have it the next we don’t. I have definitely started looking at homeless people from a new set of lens.

After the facilitation piece Roslyn introduced the different types of unconscious biases, and how we make judgments’ at the speed of light by what we see without evening realizing it, our biases are influenced by our background, culture, beliefs, values and personal experiences.

We see the world through our own lenses, and we are wired to make assumptions, we select what we want to hear and see, then project what we have seen and heard to confirm our perceptions, this is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy, our Reticular Activating system processes all the information that we hear and see first, RAS filters all the information that we take in first. Interesting stuff 🙂

I also learned that assumptions determine how we see a situation from our own lens, how we interpret a story, leads to the way we feel, which is lead to a conclusion with an assumption to fit the picture that we have created unconsciously.

A long day that ended up being very informant 🙂

Walking in Someone Else’s shoes_Week 5

Wow, what an eye opener for sure. Through this entire facilitation I wondered why were we asked to bring an OLD pair of shoes, why would I give something to someone that I don’t use because i find it of no use to me anymore as it is ‘old?!

So I consciously chose to bring a rather new pair of shoes to class instead,  I mean would this make the person on the receiving end feel completely special!

The lesson that I took away from today’s lesson is that you don’t always have to give away something that you think is old and of no use to you, challenge yourself even further by giving a way something that you love and is of great use an value to you instead of giving away something that you never use or completely despise.

The lesson learnt is placing yourself at the receiving end of being given a gift. How would your dignity be tarnished if the gift you received was tacky, old and warn.

My looking in from the balcony moment was seeing how much more grateful and precious someone would feel by being given something new and loved.



Letting go of things that suffocates you “Free your mind”!!


The term “free your mind” can mean many things to a number of people.  When the group facilitated this topic that was more interesting and how we free our minds from things that suffocates us in our daily lives such as frustration, anxiety, fear and disappointment. Some people deal with problems just like everyone else done, some people may not be strong enough and end up committing suicide. They also shared an acronym called “EFT” which means emotional freedom techniques and alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. How can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them just by tapping on them by your fingertips, this simply means tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power. What is so wonderful is the ability to set the mind free and knowing that there is no longer any excuse for one to be overwhelmed with unhappiness. These are a few tips to help us learn how to free our minds and letting go of things that may suffocates our happiness.

What will facilitation be without group exercise when Roslyn ask us to recall a moment when you felt part of something significant, which could be a time you felt alive, involved, energized and enthusiastic about what you were doing. Believe you me, it took a lot of time to recall and share with my team actually most of us in my team, and that made me realise how much we don’t appreciate the great times that happens in our lives. The exercise was very great to share and to listen to each other when my peers shared those moments it was an Aahaa! moment for me cause it really stood out because we don’t appreciate the things that are happening in our lives no matter the impact. It made me wonder, why we do not appreciate such. However if it was more about what hurts us at a time where someone made you upset and made you feel like your where thrown under the bus, that would have a quick response and that is a sign that we store so much pain in our hearts. We find it hard to forget the bad done to us, rather than celebrate the good we have and embrace the beautiful things in our lives.

Seeing with new eyes – Walking a mile in their shoes

The day I had been dreading finally came, for one reason only, I don’t like public speaking. It was finally my group’s turn to facilitate. After weeks of trying to make sense of the topic,  put our own spin on it, some of those ended in arguments,  we finally thought we had something worth presenting to the rest of the class.

The journey of getting to that point was an eye opener for me in more ways than one. Everything that we learned through research about homelessness had me secretly admitting to my own prejudices. Listening to Nomonde share her personal experience about being on the street I felt ashamed. Ashamed that I was no different from the people that turned her away whenever she tried to use a decent bathroom. Ashamed that I too do not see the homeless even though they are everywhere.  Ashamed that when I do see them at the traffic light I make sure all my car doors are locked and windows closed. I do not stop to think that falling on hard times can happen to anyone. Even me.

“Empathy is about standing in someone’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place” Daniel H. Pink


The Freeing Exercise of Seeing Anew

What is truly the condition of our interior in any interaction? What is this offence, if any, often unspoken yet influencing so much of our expression and experience? What are the politics of our inner experience that we have this lived experience? How do we learn?

A full day’s class on freeing our minds and seeing with new eyes. It entrilling to find out how one’s mind works, ways in which we learn. This opened way to the many simple ways a conflict ensues and frustration takes form. It also provided new ways in which given this knowledge and resources one can thrive. I absolutely loved this session. Exposing our individual biases and the things that we often assume are different about us but yet so similar.

We took a moment to walk, rather wear another’s shoes and attempt a walk there in. Mosotho a re: bohloko ba seeta bo utlw’wa ke monga sona. In the spirit of honouring difference, we will learn a different language. Find therefore a Sesotho speaking person and have them teach you the meaning of the above and the pronunciation of the words so you may read on your own and to others too. Offer yourself the freeing exercise of seeing anew. And we took time to debrief and detox from our pains and busy lives by tapping into our emotional space thereby accessing that intelligence and learning techniques to free ourselves from emotional clutter of our fast paced lives.

It was such a fulfilling class. It opened our eyes to conditioning and gave us the awareness to be alert and mindful of those thoughts and things we pay much attention to. It also highlighted the privileged tones from which some of us speak from especially in that exercise of what the words: poor, rich, integrity and wealth mean, to us.

I was moved by compliment from a classmate. I have so much to say about that moment but I am not sure if the space is safe enough yet. But I will say to my colleague, I am glad to be seen. I see you!

Today’s lesson:mind your heart. take care to know yourself. laugh at how fellable you are.

you are ok! we get it right eventually,
in the words of the 3 idiots: Al iz wel.


Seeing with New Eyes and Freeing your mind – 18 August 2018

You are different therefore, you are invisible to me.

2 – Source:


An exercise from this day opened my eyes to other people’s realities, it made me less complaisant and more appreciative of opportunities I have as opposed to others in different/difficult circumstances than me.


We are more inclined to associate ourselves with people we think we have commonalities with like a set of values, etc. This is known as Bias. One of the typical examples of this is our social classes or circles.

There are eight types of Bias found on page 115 of the Facilitation workbook. Those are attributions bias, conformity bias, similarity bias, contrast effect, beauty bias, gender bias, gender bias, ethnicity bias and in/out group bias.


This is one of the reasons we do not see homeless people because we do not associate ourselves with them. They become invisible to society.


Freeing your mind

If you do not open/free your mind to learning or trying new things or testing theories; you are depriving yourself of information or solutions to problems.


The tapping therapy also known as the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is different from traditional healing techniques. I personally liked this therapy but I do not think that I would try this exercise to calm myself if a dog approaches me because I might get bitten for not getting away from harm.

Some of the key take aways from this day were:

  • Rational
  • Fact / data
  • Assumption / perception


When reading it is important to separate facts from perception. Separate facts from interpretation or assumption of meanings based on feelings.


My assumptions and or belief leads to how I select data, which leads to how I take decisions or action.

Are you more sensible when making decisions?

Week 5: Seeing with New Eyes

The facilitation of “Seeing with New Eyes” was very well done.  We had been wondering why we had been asked to bring old shoes to class on this day.  I have to say, I loved the suspense element.

The group focused on ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’ and made us realize how uncomfortable that may be for a person.  Quite frankly, the majority of the class did not want to wear any other shoes, but their own.  The thought of putting my feet in a stranger’s shoes made me feel uneasy and I decided I was not going to wear them.

The whole point of this exercise was to make us think about how homeless people live and how they have to take anything they’re given by strangers on a daily basis, just to make it through the day.  The made me really emotional because I started thinking about how I would survive in an environment like that.  Not being “seen” as a person.  I know that I’m also guilty of shying away from homeless people at the robots, especially when it seems unsafe.  We drive by and promptly close our windows as soon as a homeless person approaches.  I do give clothes and food, and sometimes even money to homeless people.  However, it depends on the area in which I’m driving at.  But what I realized after this session is that I don’t ever talk to these people I have such strong compassion towards.

The stigma of what a homeless person is, is something that we need to focus on changing.  There is no “us” and “them”.  We are all human and being homeless can happen to anyone of us in an instance.  That should not make you any less of a person.  Our constitution says that all individuals have a basic right to dignity, and I will do my best to my part to ensure that I change my mindset about homeless people.

Week 5 – Seeing with New Eyes

This week’s topic was quite emotional (I didn’t cry or anything like that) it just really hit me hard, because I see these homeless people on a daily basis, I refer to them as “these people or those people” but why do I refer to them as though they are less than human? why do I think I am different from “them” am I better? What makes me think they are less? Do I even know who they were before they landed on the streets, have I stopped to think about that or are they just invisible to me?

These are the questions I started asking myself while the syndicate group continued to facilitate. It became clear to me that I never really give a second glance to a homeless person, I never ask myself what could have happened to this person, and then a funny thought just came to mind… Whenever we face extreme whether especially at night I often think about people who don’t have shelter, I wonder how they survive, so maybe I do think of them in my own weird way but just cannot bare to think of their reality and what they go through each day, I don’t want to think of their hardships because it somewhat makes life very unfair and unbalanced.



I was now nervous, tired and physically drained, worse part is that we had to be in class from 8h00 to 16h30. This week was hard because other than being sick myself I was more worried about my Son who was not feeling well.

Anyway when we got to the class the group was ready to facilitate. They asked us to pick up a pair of shoes and put them on. The lesson was about being homeless, the emotions a homeless person go through on a daily basis. I realized being homeless makes you accept anything you are given,u appreciate little things that other people don’t even bother to pray for. It then changed how I see things.

We discuss bias into details like what is the Attribution bias, Conformity bias, Similarity bias, Contrast Effect, Gender bias , Ethnicity bias and more.We also discussed about unconscious bias and the different types and how our bias are influenced by either,culture, beliefs, values and personal experiences. The lecturer also highlighted how easily a perception can create bias.

Resolving conflict and building relationships

In conflict, one could be the best they can be.  The only thing that can change is you.  You take personal responsibility to be in this place at this time. There is the difference between taking responsibility and taking action. Ros gave an example of a person driving past an accident, the person can decide to pass or stop. However, what remain is the consequences. Conflict was described as a disagreement between two parties. Few ways were shared on how to deal with conflict. We have learnt that some people would decide to avoid dealing with problems, some would just tolerate others just to end conflict and some just conform to whatever that is put on the table to have a peaceful conversation. Energetic conflict is when you always find a way to resolve issues.  Conflict is about the space between me and you.

An advise that stood out was that:

  • Never resolve problems because we see the world our own way.
  • Take responsibility on how you respond to incidents.
  • Take in consideration you won actions, biasness, perceptions before you reach a conclusion to a situation.
  • The path of protection and evolution is influenced by your own thoughts and actions
  • Seeing with different eyes assists in resolving conflicts

We listened to a song retracted from the 8 Miles movie by Eminem. In the song the rapper is setting groups against each other by creating an in-group and out-group biasness.  I learnt that the things we learn from famous people create extreme out group biasness and unconscious biasness can be subtle.

The ice berg taught us about how we select data from what we see or hear and make decisions. The decision spiral also argues that we sense data, select information, interprets data then assume. The data we select reinforces our believes.  We see the world through our own lenses and distort the truth to fit our own picture of the world. We never know what other people are up to until they tell us. Our work as human being is to lower the water line. We all have Reticular Activating System that controls what goes to our brain. This system responds to anything that is perceived as threat to our survival.  It allows us to see what we want to see.




This was the day my team facilitated. We knew that 30 minutes was going to be tight. When we were in the dance it flew by like a thief in the night. I had so much fun facilitating. Just sad that we ran out of time and had quickly run through our facilitation. I found something new that I can polish on and maybe take it further than the class…🤔🤔.


Facilitating Change: Week 5

The facilitation piece was really amazing. I enjoyed all the information that was put forward by the group. They has so much knowledge on the topic and really left a lasting impression on me with the exercise of putting on other peoples shoes.

Getting into groups to chat about certain topics was very eye opening for me. The effect that certain situations have on certain people and how a lot of people are more understanding that what I initially thought.

My low moment was the fact that once again we had to spend a full 5 minutes to talk without interruption, which is terribly difficult as I kept wanting to ask questions. This however is a great tool to teach people how to listen.

I learnt how different people are even when faced with the same “discrimination” we all handle situations differently. Having to stand on the word that we felt matched us and discuss in the group. Mine was completely a different view point from most.

Be true to who you are no matter what others think. At the end of the day every one is battling their own demons

Freeing your mind

“Can everybody come and choose  pair of shoes that is not theirs; can you put those shoes on; can we have individual responses about how do you feel about putting on strangers shoes* asked one of the group facilitators. My response was very clear, they are not the kind of typical shoes I would put on and they were too old for my liking. Only to learn that at many times people don’t have access to practice their freedom of choice and expression as stipulated in our republic constitution, due to circumstances beyond their control. I had to make self introspection and recall how many times do we pass beggars on the streets; how many times do we see someone with a big shoe that does not fit them; how many times do we judge; laugh and attach our own unconscious bias to their circumstances and at many times our conclusions are always negative. Indeed we need to free our minds and see how best can we make the world to be alive with possibilities, regardless of its corrupt and filthy state, we are the change that the world needs.

Seeing with new eyes

Seeing with new eyes means put yourself in someone else’s shoes, try and picture yourself being them, living their life, doing what they doing. Sometimes as people we live in our own world and we only picture the world as how we want it to be and how we think it should be, and we forget that there is a totally different world out there and people are living different. Some have it good and some have it bad, we tend to make assumptions of where people come from based on what we see. We take things at face value without any further investigation as to why certain things are the way are, why they find themselves in that particular situation. I believe in life we should not judge people as we don’t know their stories, we should not make assumptions because it’s dangerous it can sometimes hurt people. Life gets hard at times and to face challenges in life is hard already and we can’t still be dealing with people being judgmental and making assumptions of things they don’t know.

Seeing with New Eyes

It was our turn to facilitate. I was so stressed! My team and I arrived early in class so we can set up the class and prepare our routine. 5 minutes before we start we realized that 2 of our team members were missing in action. I agreed to take on the one part and another team member agreed to take on the other person part.

After the facilitation was done I felt like we did well. We received mostly positive feedback and people were telling us how confident we looked – if they only knew how I was shaking like a leaf while I was talking.

Next, we did an exercise where we had to recall a time when we felt something significant, a time when we felt alive, involved and enthusiastic about what we were doing.

Seeing with a different eye

Today Saturday 18 August woke up anxious about the team who is representing under the theme “Seeing with a different eye.” The fact that they requested that everyone/student should try and bring along a pair of old shoes, made me anxious. I couldn’t wait as I figuring out what the intention could be but battled for an answer.

Below is a basket full of old shoes we contributed:

The challenge started when the presenting team requested that everyone in the classroom should pick up a pair of shoes fit and wear it. We all didn’t feel comfortable doing so (wearing other people’s shoes).

The moral of the story was to indicate to us that your views will be determined by the questions you are asked. I also learned that your views could be determined by the environment that you are in.

The presenting team made me aware that life is not easy and that now that I can provide for myself, could become totally different should the situation change and I become homeless. I immediately put myself in the shoes of the people who cannot provide for themselves, for example, hobos who live in the street. Having not much choice, the appreciate anything offered to them and will never question anything. This topic “Seeing with a different eye” open my eyes and changed my mindset towards homeless people.

The presenting group/team continued and gave us an example of prominent people who were once homeless and today they are successful. They mentioned the likes of Dr. Rebbecca Malope and Oprah Winfrey.

My feedback to the presenting team:

I recommended that the presenting team should have also mentioned/taken into consideration people/celebrities who were once successful but homeless today.

I have learned a lot and from today onwards, I will see life with a different eye and my approach would never be the same.

Thumps up to the presenting team!


18 August 2018 Seeing with new eyes & Freeing your mind


Today was a full day class, morning was combined with the afternoon class. It was indeed a full house as we waited outside as the morning syndicate group got ready to facilitate. As we entered the classroom room we were welcomed and instructed to put the shoes we were told to bring into baskets. And we all sat down and a minute later were were told to take any pair of shoes to fit and majority of us refused. This was part of the facilitation topic seeing with new eyes. At that moment we didn’t understand until they informed us that their main focal point is about homeless people. When homeless people are given something they don’t judge but accept with two open arms. So we had to see differently from our usual view on things.

The group did quite well and received positive feedback. What stood out for me was tacking a topic about the homeless because they seem to be non existent to us and we don’t pay attention so after that session i don’t see them different nor are they invisible. Taught me to appreciate everything that i have even though it am not there yet.

We then did a couple of excercise in small groups

We tackled
“Recall a time when you felt something significant , a time when you felt alive , involved and enthusiastic about what you were doing”

This made me realise that every individual is fighting for a better life not only forth themselves but also for the next person.

“What do you believe they say about us, family , community and the world”

Rainbow nation, peaceful, Ubuntu, crime, poor economy, corruption to name but a few that were raised.

We then discussed Bias into detials.


Second round after a long busy talkative morning

Freeing your mind was the second syndicate group to facilitate

The group did well and was well prepared , they had theme dress code of black and used emojies for their topic which was very informative.

I learnt about the EFT method which helps overcome fear
Tap routine which also helps to be happy and stress free

We listened to a track by Eminem my favourite rapper, Ros made my day which made me realise she’s not that old and the song was an example of unconscious Bias and we discussed it

It was a long day, i was hungry and was ready to go home but it was worth those long hours because it learnt alot and some of the things which is didn’t know.

Wisani Hlangwane

Missing in Action

From reading all the comments from my fellow students it appears missing the two classes has really robbed me out of a very interesting and informative day. however thankfully my health is back to what it should so there will be no more missing in action.

its funny how now with this class I approach things especially at work differently. I have a supervisor who like me talks a lot and we often but heads as our characters are similar. however now when we butt heads instead of taking her head on I step on to the balcony and just observe. when she has calmed down a bit I do the same with her and we usually realize a big fuss over a tiny thing was made. peace reigns again in our space.

Thinking About What Your Thinking

This had to have been the most challenging week to date. The days extended lecture really pushed boundaries with information overload and having to maintain focus. On the up side I had the great pleasure and honour of presenting along with my group on the theme of “Freeing your Mind”.  Well the pressure to do good was really turned up after the morning groups presentation on “Seeing Through Different Eyes”. They drove this point home by encouraging us to see the homeless through a different lens.  So often the homeless become invisible to us as we go about our daily lives not even noticing them. More often than not when we do in fact notice the homeless we are so quick to pass judgement on their circumstance. We make our own assumptions and immediately write them off as damaged. we stereotype the homeless as thugs, druggies, alcoholics etc. We label them as the delinquents of society yet if we took the time to understand their circumstance we may see them differently. Some of the worlds  most successful people were once homeless too.  I also thought it was heartfelt that they really got each of us thinking about our social responsibility through the gifting of old shoes for charity. Now if this alone was not enough of a tough act to follow, my group and I had the added pressure of making sure we presented our shared topic to the absolute best of our ability. Yes I say shared , as there was an additional group presenting on the very same topic of freeing your mind and using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a tool to alleviate stress associated with feeling emotionally trapped. That being said I believe, all three groups which presented on this day did an amazing job.

We had discussions on Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory which suggests that we react based on our own perceptions. These perceptions however are not always reality as they are seen through our own lens. Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory further argues that these perceptions are influenced by our own mental paradigms which are hidden and structured on our assumptions, beliefs, values, personal experiences and biases. Therefore when we react based on our perceptions we often make unconscious biases because of our hidden mental paradigms. This theory was very confusing to grasp at first but was soon realized when we did the exercise on the girl and the sailor. This exercise really gave insight to how quickly we are at stereotyping and making assumptions in our day to day lives and how important it is to really think about what we are thinking.

Week 5

Wow. A lesson well learnt. Seeing with New Eyes: my eyes were definitely opened to this lesson. This weeks facilitation group provided a true insight of the possible thoughts and feelings of those we walk away from, those we see on the side of the road each day and just throw up our hands with nothing to offer. Annoyed at the simple sight of them as they approach our cars looking for a small piece of humanity.
What was most awakening, was the very thought that it could happen to anyone of us or our loved ones, almost in an instant.
New found appreciation for what I have, it may not be much, but it is a whole lot more than some of our people out on the street.

The take-away lesson from the class was about perceptions, how everyone has them and how quickly they are acquired.
More interesting was the realisation that most if not all perceptions come from a place of current personal frame of mind, self-understanding or upbringing and although expressed to be about you, is only seen from the eyes of the originator.
It is therefore very important to know WHO you are, your values and what you believe in, if this can be improved on it is a decision you would need to make, not based on the perceptions of others but simply for your personal growth and well-being.

being different

I have learned that in life we are all unique and different and that is okay. before I wanted people to look at the world with my eyes and point of views which made me to be very judgmental.

now I am seeing the world in another point of view from the balcony, I can say now I understand that not all will think like me and do things like me. I have learned to now reserve my judgements and have an open mind to things.

this is what I am taking with me.

Seeing with news eyes

In the past, I have been hesitant toward the homeless, I was one of those people who wondered if “they” were just addicts who cared less about being clean, or perhaps lazy people with no desire to find work. I even believed homeless people were weak and couldn’t endure through tough times. At a traffic light my husband often gives the homeless money, I would often ask him “Why do you always give them money? They are probably just going to use it for drugs or alcohol”.

Group 7 did a stellar job at educating us about homelessness through factual content and storytelling. I learned how easily one could become homeless, the group presenting posed a question: “Do you know that many people are one pay cheque away from homelessness.” This hit me quite hard; my privilege had for the longest time removed me from even the slightest thought of ever becoming homeless. I have a better and compassionate understanding of homelessness and its causes, I have a better out look on the homeless, it is not my place to judge, it is by the grace of God that I have a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep at night.

The facilitation also highlighted how easily a perception can create biasness. The story of the girl and sailor was a perfect example of this;  while we were reading this story, we made a lot of assumptions in evaluating each character. Our beliefs and values affect our perceptions towards the characters too. Different people rank the five characters differently because we have different values which are formed through our experiences and education.

After the day’s facilitation class, I truly began to see with different eyes.




New set of eyes

This was quite a long and emotional day for me because we had a family funeral.

I might have not been able to make it to the class  but I can share my experiences on what was talked about.

Walking in someone else’s shoes:

The exercise of walking in someone else’s shoes reminds me of how my Mom used to get my family to help the needy families. She would not let us have dinner without checking if others had anything to eat or to wear. Sometimes we would have to spend the night with them and truly appreciate spending the night in a shack. Another experience is from the 8 years I worked at (N.G.O), where we used to help the needy. The experience really humbled me, it was never the same all the time we visited them. The overall experience is truly humbling and from then on wards, one will be forced to view life with a completely different eye.

The lessons I learned from all these experiences is to try to always put others first. I should never assume that everyone has basic needs and that I should always look for opportunities to lend a helping hand. When I am involved in a charity projects, it is then when I feel like I am a part of something significant, I feel involved, alive, energized, and enthusiastic about my contributions.

What do you believe “they” say about us? (Perception):

I am happy that I was taught very early in my life that how people perceive me is totally out of my control. I think perception is a personal opinion, which is usually influenced by different things such as how people feel about us, what they have heard about us, how we appeared / how they received us. Sometimes it’s even the state of mind they are in.

So, I believe some people think of me as “an angel” :-), some think I am the worst and all this depends on the state I was in when they interacted with me.

My responsibility is to always try to present myself in an acceptable manner.




Freeing your Mind

According to one of the many searches done on Google, there are endless methods how one can free they mind. Either mediate, take a vacation (for the lucky), smile and laugh, watch movies etc. Endless of ways one can decide to free ones mind.

What I found interesting is this group, decided on teaching us a method that can be used any time any place on how to relax and distress by freeing your mind.

This was the 1st group that had a dress code, all WHITE. That created a clean space, without any clutter, which already placed me in a trance.

The speaker telling us, that she drove through a red traffic light, because she had so much on her mind. Git me thinking just how much baggage I carry day in and day out. How many traffic lights to I go through unaware in life?

How stressed am I? I rated myself as a 7. Shocking number, all this baggage I’m carrying.  I never realize how stressed I am.

Sometimes, 1 has to leave the dance of life and stand at the balcony and reflect. Go often to that happy place, let my hair loose and enjoy being present in the present.

Ntombi Dhlamini



Seeing With New Eyes

I have one word for this week, ‘EXHAUSTING’! Attending  class from 8:00 until 16:30 was not easy at all and we had two groups facilitating. There was quite a lot to take in from this week.

The first group asked us to bring an old pair of shoes and everyone was curious as to why we needed to bring the shoes, but the facilitating group did not give anything away. At the start of the facilitation we were asked to put our shoes in a basket, and to our surprise we were asked to take a pair that was not our own and wear the shoes. You can imagine everyone’s reactions (o_O )!! A lot of people did not wear the shoes for various reasons, they were either big or small,  or for hygiene purposes. I personally chose not to wear them because they were big and I felt uncomfortable.

Their purpose for doing this was so that we understand how homeless people feel because they have nothing and whatever is given to them , they accept it because of the situations they are in. Having done research on homelessness for Researching Social Life module, I was able to see and understand why they ended up where they are. We often tend to judge homeless people because we always think that they might have done something wrong to end up where they are. But the reality is that anyone can wake up the next morning and find themselves homeless.

What also stood out for me this week was the “The Girl and The Sailor” story. It was really funny and eye opening how we all assumed that the sailor was a man , simply because the sailor asked the girl to spend the night. It was quite eye opening how one can be biased without even realizing it. We tend to make judgments quickly without even realizing it. Everyone has unconscious biases because of the beliefs that we hold, but it’s also important that we become open to growth and change by reassessing the beliefs/views we hold.

Seeing with new eyes and Freeing your mind

I was not feeling well at all this day, however I  dragged myself to class because of the fear of missing out on the entire day’s teaching.

I’ve learned that the way we think and behave within our environment is based on our perception of reality and not on reality itself and that everyone makes assumptions all the time, it is part of being human.

We also discussed about unconscious bias and the different types and how our bias are influenced by either,culture, beliefs, values and personal experiences.

Week 5 ( part 1)

“Walk a mile in my shoes” is easy to say but putting it to test is a different story. You never know the struggles people go through until you go through them yourself. It definitely makes me appreciate my life more because there are people who go through the worst and sometimes people tend to turn a blind eye to it. I know that if I want to see some kind of change then it would have to start with me. By simple means of being more kind, generous, grateful, thoughtful, hopeful and happy. If my actions add to another persons value of life then it will be worth doing.

Week 5 – Clear Thinking

Today we did a piece on beliefs, decisions and took a deep dive into biases. I enjoyed the “The Girl and the Sailor” story. I thought I was aware of my biases and to some point I guess I am but when I did the story I could see how easily they can stay hidden. But the thing that really got my attention was the comment on the deepest unconscious beliefs with regards to deserving, e.g. if you deserve a big piece of cake then you’ll take it. In other words you get what you deserve. Still so much to ponder on that one.

seeing with new eyes

our experiences,cultures and personal desires act as lenses through which we see what lies before us.we view things not only from different sides but different eyes as a result we have no wish to find them alike .we see what we want to see and are  blind to what we do not want to see . and although things and people  around us might look the same the thing is we are constantly changing,always moving ,always different like our thoughts and feelings.

this is the same as looking with different eyes ,our ideas ,projections ,judgement or conceptions we are looking through the lens of our habitual patterns and prejudices. imagine you have never been here before so that everything is completely new to you,unknown waiting to be explored and discovered .whether is brushing your teeth,washing the dishes one can see through different eyes.all you have to do to do is be aware, pay attention and look without labels or preconceived ideas and expectations.

being aware extends us beyond ourselves ,it takes us out of the ego ,out of the fixed way we believe things should be out of self contentedness and into awareness of the connections in our relationships with everything and everyone. when we see with new eyes the world becomes the greatest gift of all.

Seeing with different eyes Week 5

  1. It was a full day class, 2 classes combined together. It was chaos as we all had to bring old shoes and put them in 2 baskets. We were asked to pick up a pair of shoes and try them on. To my surprise most of the people including myself refused as it will be uncomfortable to put on someone’s shoes. The lesson was how you feel to be homeless. If you are homeless you accept anything given to you. The facilitation group didn’t introduce themselves as well as the topic. I thought the topic was Homelessness instead of Seeing with different eyes. It was more of the presentation, awareness than facilitation. I was impressed with the comprehensive research on homelessness. I have learnt that if you see homeless people in the street don’t judge them. The group didn’t intract with the audience that much but we have learnt a lot, like that there are more homeless males than females. Respect, assist them in anyway possible. Now when I see homeless people I have more understanding to their situation. I empathize with them and I am prepared to assist more than before especially those that are around my area. We are all still learning but we must try our best to do a proper research on how to facilitate. Second session we formed groups of 4 each group. Each person has to talk for 5 minutes about ” Recall a time when you felt part of something significant, a time you felt alive “. We shared this topic but my group didn’t understand the instructions they all went to bathroom when they came the time was almost over. 4 of us we had to share like 10 minutes. Instead of talking they Started writing down what they are going  to say. The lesson is to listen to instructions and ask if you didn’t get them clearly. We also learnt to listen without interruptions or asking questions.  The next session was about wheel learning. The learning was to prepare people’s mind of thinking before facilitating.  I have also learnt that there are many truths. Double clicking was also another interesting lesson. In double clicking we have discovered different meaning of words. We look at things differently as human beings. Any question’s answer depend on the  content, history or background, environment and time. All the words carry meaning and be careful as our views are different. After lunch the two groups were divided up again. Facilitation group for afternoon took over. They were dressed smart in uniform. The room set up was done well . The introduction of the topic and members was done well. I felt that the group or its members  have facilitated before. The interaction was good , they were experts. They have taught us about EFT,  EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES, which is the excellent exercise. We have learnt the difference between perception and assumption. Perceptions are influenced by motivations, expectations, culture, emotions, attitude and believes. People perceive different things in different ways. We are build to make assumptions, translate assumptions into reality. Human beings are wise to assumptions, we make means of the world. Assumptions are healthy if no criticism as per Roslyn. Unconscious bias, attribution bias make certain assumptions, conformity bias, convey by majority, similarity bias, similar to me. Contrast effect when someone is different. Beauty bias, appearance, gender bias male and female, ethnicity bias racial bias, in/out group bias. I was a bit confused until we had an exercise. The last one was iceberg, tell a story inside outside about information we have selected and we a decision. The day was long and tiring but I have learnt  a lot and I had fun.


#Before conflict comes difference

Sitting in today’s class, was the astounding realization.  Christall Kay, from The Real Housewives of Joburg, in fact, many of us, including myself, do not always embrace our differences enough or take stock of our own bias / and or triggers to catch ourselves before we create conflict – simply because we do not keep a conscious mind about our differences.

It was interesting to see the Group Facilitation piece this morning, pointedly invoke feelings of unease by using the words “you people”, now made famous by Christall in episode 2.  It’s the Law of Reciprocity.  Her use of this language is insulting to many stemming from the “us and them” construct of our past dispensation.  And such, use of this language resulted in a backlash and negative feedback from the other housewives.  

It was an interesting workshop today, in which we were able to learn that in order to move out of a “part of protection” (Christall building a wall between “us and them”) we must take responsibility for the meaning of our communication.  Rather, move into a path of growth.  Ask enquiry questions, i.e  What made you think that?  What happened to you?  What were you thinking?

If Christall applies this more in her narrative, I think that there will be much less conflict between herself and the other housewives.

But again, its easy to spot the problem in others.

Moving to a personal viewpoint, I was most inspired by the class to put this into action.  It lasted all of 4 hours before an innocent conversation turned into a sticky mess.  And I found myself withdrawing from the other party….  I’m guessing that I have a lot more work to do in order to communicate intelligently than 1 workshop.


Chat soon 




Week 5: Seeing with new eyes & Freeing your mind

This was one very looong lesson.  Both the morning and afternoon class were present from 8am to 4:30pm, but by noon I was totally exhausted and my flu was not making life easier. We moved around the room so many times and sat through 2 facilitation pieces. Both groups did well though.

We had to bring an old pair of shoes, place them in a basket and then choose a pair that was not our own and wear that foreign pair. As you can imagine, the idea of taking off your shoes among strangers – on a cold morning – and then having to wear a stranger’s shoes is not a very welcome one. A lot of people chose not to, for reasons including hygiene and discomfort. I couldn’t do it either. The point of the exercise was to help us understand how displaced and homeless people feel. They have to accept whatever they get because they have no choice. They sleep in strange beds, strange places and accept clothing donations from complete strangers because they have nowhere else to go.

We often choose not to see homeless people and they are treated as if they are invisible. We sometimes even look at them as if they have done something terribly wrong in order to end up where they are. It was eye opening to hear the stories behind how some people end up homeless. It showed me that it really can happen to anyone. I could wake up tomorrow with absolutely nothing and find myself on the street too. It’s a scary thought, but it’s the reality of many who live on the streets of South Africa.

We dived into discussions about how we can see a situation through different lenses based on our own experiences, the context and our backgrounds. We explored unconscious bias – how we can be biased without even realizing it because the bias was imprinted in us from a young age or by people we love and respect like our mothers. Examples include Similarity bias – selecting people who are more like us for a job position or to be friends with and Gender bias which was illustrated by all of us assuming that a sailor in a story must be a man. We learned that it’s natural for human beings to make assumptions, but these assumptions need to be more conscious.

Free your Mind

When we first got our topic “FREE YOUR MIND”, the team and I where a bit confused, and when we started doing our research and we came across the EFT technique, then we realised that actually this topic is very interesting, and we started to enjoy doing our research.

Its all about clearing the cluster in your life and how individuals react to stress related problems and how they overcome them.The section I really enjoyed is when we introduced the common practices to clearing the cluster, I prefer listening to music.

Big ups to the team ,we really tried our best!!

Seeing with new eyes- Presentation

This was the first of the two full-day workshops scheduled for this course. The day was long but, worthwhile, and informative. The presentations that were done on the day were well researched ( Seeing with new eyes and Freeing your mind) and facilitated well. The one that focussed on “homelessness” was too close to home and depressing. It invigorated feelings of empathy and seeing things from an angle of being nonjudgemental. It was touching and depressing, to note that life can be unpredictable, and the worst can strike at any point, in anyone’s life. The Freeing your mind equipped me with techniques for handling emotional stress, how to overcome an overwhelming situation. They demonstrated a great exercise which has since become helpful for me. We had lessons in clear thinking which were so mind-blowing for me, real-life lessons. I got to understand the different types of biases that are there, which we incorporate into our daily lives, unconsciously at times. The decision Iceberg was so informative, little did l know l follow such processes to make a decision. I also learnt about the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is very relevant as l tend to experience it most of the time when I fixate my mind on something I want. These lessons for me, are so important and powerful. I am grateful to have enrolled for this course. Thank you Ros.

Week 5: If the shoe fits – Perception and Unconscious Bias …

Today’s facilitation session was like my alarm that rings at 5.45 in the morning – a shock to the system and a real eye opener.  I learned so much from the morning facilitation session, I will certainly have new eyes when I see homeless people, the invisible people.  The eye opener was the shoes… Walking in someone else’s shoes has a whole new meaning!

The day was long, longer than I thought it would be, It felt like a six day week but as always, there was my usual introspection and lessons learned before we left class.  Learning again about bias made me realise that this is a subject we need to revisit often, often enough for people to remember how easily we can be unconsciously biased. Assumptions about people become unhealthy when they become discriminatory (Thanks for this Ros, I will never forget this phrase of yours)… While we all remember when someone has discriminated against us for some reason or the other, we should be just as aware when we are being discriminatory against another, both are hurtful.

My other learning was that context matters, more so than we realise.  Setting the right context can change the perception, it can create a different outcome. This is something we could use in our professional and personal lives, it can affect the results from the team that you manage in a professional setting and it can also affect the kind of relationships you build and maintain with friends and family. My reflection was more about how I could set the tone and environment for my HR team to be successful, to be inspired and to reach their true potential.

This made me think that I an responsible for setting the right context for my own success too… The power lies within…. Till next week!

The Early Bird Gets the Old Pair of Shoes:)

Really bummed that I was late and missed the facilitation on ‘seeing with new eyes’ – and of course the shoe exercise that had everyone talking. Based on comments from the feedback session it was very interesting!

The exercise on unconscious bias was an eye-opener and call for reflection for me personally. Working in Talent Acquisition, it’s relatively easy for unconscious bias to slip into the recruitment and selection process- despite objective recruitment metrics and competency based interviews.

It helped me realize that its necessary to constantly check myself and be aware of my own ‘lens’ as well as the context that informs that of the candidate.

Challenge for this week: Try to be more aware of personal bias or at the very least try to see things through the other person’s eyes



Seeing with New Eyes

It was a very interesting topic because we were presenting about homelessness. Homelessness is not only about being poor. You can have a job but leaving in a shelter. There are types of homelessness which is chronic refers to people who are on the streets as a result of chronic mental health or substance abuse problems, second one is transitional refers to people who are forced into homelessness because of uncontrollable circumstances such as losing a job, important material lost or loss of main breadwinner (father, husband, wife) etc…last one is episodic refers to people who are repeatedly falls in and out of homelessness. This often happens with drug addicts and with people experiencing mental health issues. We must help one another especially the homelessness by donating food and clothes and visit shelters twice in a year.

I wish I knew better before embarking on this journey!

I believe there’s a reason for everything that comes my way and perhaps this is one of them. Right now I’m remembering how I used to struggle when writing essays in the beginning of my first year at Wits. I wish I knew back then what the benefits of reflective writing were… it made sense to start writing in the style you are comfortable style in and then translate it into a proper academic style. Thank you Ros, oh how I wish I met you before!

Reflective Writing

So, one of the activities of the day was to write about the experience that I had in this class so far using for different styles. We needed to write automatically, write to ourselves, write to a good friend and lastly writing to the lecturer. I found writing to myself easy out of the four styles. I learned that when writing to myself , there was no need to use any filters and you use the language that I use in my daily thoughts. Therefore the style that I would use writing my blogs is writing to myself.

let the imagination wonder

reflective essay draft time !!!!!!!!

this was a good and a bad time. well for me at least. it was atime where you could either let your mid wonder too far into the abiss of your essay or where you are too scared of that so you restrict your mind to an overly simplistic path of thinking.

it was also difficult in the sense that we had only completed half of our course so we were limited in the sense of content from our lectures.

in the end i feel i was able to free my mind to an extent and complete a reflection of what i have experienced and learnt within the 4 walls of the classroom and how i have grown as a facilitator and how i have braved the group discussions and become familiar with my classmates.

Reflective Writting – Reflective Essay

So, we wrote a draft of our final assignment and from the feedback we received I had completely and utterly misunderstood what I was expected to write. So, the draft helped me in knowing and understanding what I am meant to write or bring to the table and I guess as much as I was questioning its importance it became apparent that I really needed it in order to know and understand how I should be writing my final essay as it counts towards my final mark. Tank you Ross, you never seize to amaze every week.

Write, Write, Write……………

My aha moment was discovering that I can actually write:-)

We got the opportunity to write in four different styles and it was really interesting to discover my choice of writing or my own voice so to speak.

I did not connect to the automatic writing, nor to writing to myself and writing to the lecturer was the most difficult one for me. I could write about so many things to my good friend and could not stop telling him about all the happenings in my life and all the good changes that is happening for me. About my excitement for meeting so many people in one place.

Group four really went all out with their story telling facilitation session, from the entrance until the end of their session was awesome. All of us were really entertained, movie ticket, popcorn, etc. Stories can be told in many different ways and seeing the bigger picture this week was an eye opener.

LEARNING FROM LIFE …. oh boy not another life lesson

Rise and Shine…another morning another blessed day another chance to live out your plans…

Team 5 lets facilitating on the topic of LEARNING THROUGH LIFE

all team members in bright yellow. hmmm okay nice. we’ve been split into 3 sections so i had a sit on the far end with very few members. we waited patiently for us to start and eventually we did. first exercise was about us in our divided groups to draw a hand using the paint they had provided for us with our hands. we could draw it any how we want to. so we did. once that was done we given a different exercise to do and so on….i liked the effort they put into their outfits however i felt like their exercises were dragging. they were too long and that made me drift off and lost the meaning or worth of the experience and lessons to be learnt. i thought they probably didn’t prepare in time or it felt as though perhaps they just didn’t agree on much and because of that it showed through their work. we’ve seen much better but we will commend them for the efforts put in. i’m sure it wasn’t easy so therefore they also had a lot to learn from

we learnt on reflective writing today…this to me sounds more like the dear diary situation….

to help with the reflective essay we had to some questions Ros wrote for us to answer. and through these questions i took away how much my thinking had changed. how my level of maturity had advanced and how considerate i had become. its funny how this course especially this class has a way of infecting knowledge with oneself without writing much but through listening . once something is instilled in you it is easier to relay the knowledge to someone else.

i learnt a technique of when your experiencing writers block you should take a blank paper and just start writing. first write to the in the voice your comfortable with whether it be yours, a friend, teacher or whomever. this helps you to get into the comfort of speaking to that voice in relation to the topic and more but expressing yourself greater. once this is done you then are able to change it and write academically …this will come in very handy with my reflective writing essay


what a day. let me get some ressst…ciao


Reflective Writing _Week 5

So now I decided to label my headings verbatim as per the lesson. I find it time consuming trying to figure out which lesson the blogger is refereeing to. So this is me making life easier for you my readers, Time is precious 🙂

Reflective writing, Lucky for me this is my second go at it this year. I must admit I loved it! It is like a psychologist at the tip of your pen! There is no right or wrong just the pen between you and the paper.

My reflection on the course so far was somewhat misleading. Where would I begin! Our time is precious especially to part time students that have a life beyond work and studies. Yes we have children that are demanding, yes we have a demanding husbands, yes we have hobbies, yes we have family and church. Not to mention cooking, cleaning and shopping which is crammed in there somewhere. So taking up 4 hours of our Saturday mornings, one needs to ask the question. how do you balance life with so little time in the day?

I am a stickler for not leaving a digital footprint! But I am forced to for the sake of a mark. I was not aware that our blogs are published and open to the public.

There is such value to be taught in this class. Information that I never thought I could learn at Wits.  Real life changing information!

learning from life

I remember very well on this day , I was very late for group presentation of learning from life. I remember very well looking through the window, and the group members looking bright in yellow. there’s nothing to tell as I was not part of the other fellow students. after break we then marked our draft essays. I was puzzled as to how would I moderate my peers assignment and what criteria would I used as I never marked anyone’s paper. I was even more surprised when received my feedback with 60% and 55% whereas the comments are positive. I drafted the essay a day before submission, and I did not print the copy on that day as requested. So during the break I was busy running around wits just for the printer because we were requested to come with the draft. Other peers complained of have to be marked by first year whereas they are doing third year but for me, it was like please give consider other people’s input because it is not like Ros is going to consider their feedback anyway. the class was then dismissed so not much was done anyway.

The text in me

In this module we had to express our feelings with the pen for it is critical for academic writing and for one to be able to reflect using the skills and understanding the different modes of writing. For one I have never taken myself to be a good writer, this was a confidence issues and I would like to thank the facilitation course and team for affording me the opportunity to write in a form of a reflection.

The pen is mightier than the sword and the sound of my own words are too glorious to digest upon inking them on the white paper. I will continue with my blog post the course and will write reflectively like we did when we wrote to our good friends, to our lecture and to ourselves. I will write to my wife after we have had a good or a bad experience, my memories will live on as they will find themselves in a space of achieve through the might of the pen.


Reflecting on the Reflective Essay of mine

If you have been following my previous blogs, you will realize that a lot has been going on with me that has had a major impact on my studies. As a result I have not been able to submit the draft of my reflective essay as yet. I am not proud of this however I should be able to make a plan by the end of this week as I need to get myself on par with all my other peers on this course.

Before my encounter with this course I had not blogged ever, starting this exercise here was daunting for me and was to a certain degree scary. I did my first blog which was a few words reflecting on my experience of the first class.  I look back on this piece and I fringe, not because it is bad but mostly because I remember the state I was in when I wrote it. lol…

I look back now and realize that I have come a long way and my blogging has improved immensely and I have found my feet, highly confident in the way I express my thoughts and experiences now. Possibly what has influenced this is the fact that I read a lot now and as a result my scope of reasoning is wider that before.

As I continue with my reflective essay, I am confident that I am on the right path….

I write what I like

If there is one thing I like about this course is free styling, the manner in which this course is designed it makes learning very exciting. On the 26 August we were taught how to write for different people. I am one of those few if not many who hate writing with passion, I hate every minute of it. Roslyn introduced this technique of which I wonder if it has a name. She said to us write as if you are to yourself, then as if you are writing to your friend and lastly as if you are writing to a lecturer.

I realised that sometimes I limit myself because of the conscious mind. When I was writing to myself it was very easy and I didn’t worry that much because I was speaking my mind. When I have to write for my friend it was the easiest thing because almost everyday I write to my friend. I don’t worry that much what my friend is going to say about my writing, I would write what I like and tell him my story to my best abilities.

One thing I found very difficult and challenging was when i had to write to a lecturer. There were so many issues that worried me, for instance what the lecturer is going to say about my writing, does my writing carry any weight, the marks and my reputation. It is one of those things that make many students to deviate from writing their own story and speaking their minds.  I was worried more about the lecturer than telling my story. This remains my greatest challenge when writing an essay.

This module was an eye opener when it comes to writing and addressing the issues that I face as a student. From today moving forward I’m going to stay true to myself hence I acknowledge the fact that academic writing requires a certain discipline.

Learning from life

Learning from life is one of those topics that cannot possibly separate human beings. No matter the race, environment, circumstances and especially age, one will always learn from life situations. The reason I stated especially age is because I believe we learn more from life as we grow older.

We learn and acquire knowledge through life experiences. Through this facilitation course students are actually learning more about fellow students and their life experiences. Some students are keen on sharing and exposing their life experiences and others remain introverts and prefer not to divulge their life experiences. In this way we learn to respect others and their opinions.

The group that facilitated this topic emphasized on “secrets”. At first I couldn’t understand why so much emphasis was put on secrets or why this was the topic of discussion. Then I realized, it was to think of something that has occurred in our lives and learn from such an experience and move on from it. I guess it depicts the story that no matter what happens in life, positive or negative we always learn from experiences in life.

I am developing into a Story Teller

I really enjoyed this module.

I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my initial perceptions and the resultant actual experience of the facilitation course, thus far. I was able to share my journey of Facilitation with a colleague as well as listen to my colleague’s experience (Vernice), which was refreshing. Together, Vernice, and I unpacked certain themes and areas of development which we had both uncovered since having joined the first class. The overall investigative and information sharing process was great.

We then moved on to the writing exercises. The automatic writing exercise allowed me to vent and express whatever predominant thoughts were occupying my mind at the time. The writing exercises required us to create and address an essay to either a friend, to yourself, or to a lecturer.

I found it much easier to write to myself or to my Mom. The words seemed to flow without reservation. The exercise took on a different tone though when I had to address the essay to a lecturer. The presentation of my thoughts on paper needed to reflect some form of cognitive engagement, it had to make sense, and I had to think more as opposed to just writing from the heart.

Through these writing skills exercises, I am developing techniques to overcome some of the forms of “writer’s block” which I had struggled with to construct the first word, the first sentence of an essay. If I apply the approach of writing to myself or to a family member it may become easier.

I am recognising that in the past, I may have underestimated the amount of time needed to draft an essay. I recognise that I had opted to jump straight in and complete an essay in one sitting. This may not be the best way to produce a masterpiece.

As mentioned earlier, I am developing into a Story Teller.

Facilitation Skills Class

I received a video, I could’nt connect it to the next ‘story telling’ topic but remain curious and encouraged to make sure I arrive on time so I am not locked outside.

Greeted by small green mats which I was still unable to link to the topic at hand. Caught by the scent of popcorn being popped which did not make sense as I felt it was still too early for popcorns, I turned around the corner towards our class then I got impressed by the effort shown on the movie setup done by the team. One could not miss the role players as they all had the same uniform. Reluctant but still curious, I agreed to participate and took my gold pebble. To my surprise that was another improvement for me done by this facilitation class. I am engaging to the unknown, wow!

Even though I felt like the team went off topic but I appreciated being kept intrigued which brought patience I do not have when distracted by the unexpected. The team really paid attention to details. I was kept curious from the movie clip sent prior the day of their presentation. From their green carpet, during their presentation and up to the hand exercise of going pass my initial standing point. I was actually able to change my mindset and reflect to the message the team tried to send across beyond my expectations!

Story telling

It was our week to present, damn and was it stressful. I must say I had the best group to work with everyone played their part and we executed our task at hand. In my opinion we set the president for the groups following we incorporated the triple loop learning through the Johari window amongst others.

We have done different writing techniques by writing to different people. I found it easier to write to my best friend as I felt free to express myself which I just had to incorporate it with academic writing when creating my draft essay. Overall I had a great week it was stressful but well worth it!!!

Writing a reflective essay to myself

I have always struggled to put my thoughts on paper in a manner that is coherent and academically correct, so you can only imagine how I felt when Ros suggested that we do the writing exercise. My first thought was NO, I’m not in my zone and as if Ros had heard my inner groans she then suggested that we write as though we were writing to ourselves/to a good friends or to a lecturer and I thought, “Whew, now that’s not too bad I enjoy writing to myself”.

This exercise made me realise how choosing who I was writing to was just as important as what I was writing , it really  helped in getting my creative juices flowing. I was more comfortable with writing to myself because I do this every other day in my journal. At the end of every week I make time for some “TeaLC”(tea lovers will relate) and reflect on the week that was, this is when I also make notes of what I’m grateful for, what I learnt and which activities filled up/depleted my “tank”. I’ve noticed that through writing blogs and now a reflective essay I am starting to learn how to express myself more in my written work. I’m learning how to formulate my own ideas and support them with my experience and the work of others. This journey has enabled me to embrace my vulnerability whilst learning and to be comfortable with the complexity of my learning journey.

Every aspect of this workshop has focused on me gaining the skills to critically reflect on my learning thus far, my life experience and my learning from other sources and that is exactly  how I approached my essay. For instance one of my greatest AHA moments was after my group presentation on facilitating change as this is when I began to identify skills that I could integrate into my work and personal life. This is when I really began to reflect on my learning and experience, at the same time my perceptions shifted and my understanding began to deepen in a way that has allowed me to challenge the status quo. There are a few other critical insights and learnings which I mention in my essay that have assisted me in increasing my confidence, improving my communication techniques and being more receptive to other people’s ideas (extra, extra, read all about it). I am now more intentional about my learning journey; I show up, tell the truth, pay attention and remain open to the outcome. My reflective learning and writing continues to improve as I make more discoveries about myself,my ideas and my future plans.

Nicola Sturgeon once said, ‘Stand up for what you believe in. Always with conviction, with passion and integrity. Don’t let ideology blind you, but remain true to what guides you. And speak in your own voice, in your own words, in a way that makes sense to you and that could not be from anyone else.’


Reflection week



I was a bunch of nerves last Saturday as our first essay was due, what if I was completely off the mark? It was that dreaded feeling of been back at school and waiting for exams/ results. We were meant to bring in two copies of our assignment and all of them were placed on two desk in the front of the class. We had to than take one or two and mark and comment on them. It was an interesting exercise as I had never marked anyone’s work previously. I did enjoy reading the two copies I took, both were so different from what I had written but it gave a new perspective to read a colleague work and see how they were experiencing the class. I finally found my two copies and I was pleasantly surprised with my results 🙂  . one of my assignments was marked three times and I thought all of them provided constructive feedback, overall it was a good day so all that stress was for no reason! Anyway it good to constantly be on your toes.

And then there were secrets

After a crazy week at work I was actually looking forward to a fun and insightful facilitation class. I walked in chirpy and happy. Unfortunately my mood changed quite quickly…

The facilitation group for the week was doing “Learning from life” and had chosen “secrets” as a subtopic to explain the main one. Well that’s how I understood it anyway. They divided the class into 3 groups and introduced the activities they were going to do with us and for some reason I just became annoyed that I was being forced to participate. I wasn’t being given an option like before.

What was striking for me though was the comment made early on in the facilitation, “forget what hurt you and move on”. It resonated with me because life has not been easy. Having an unbreakable exterior doesn’t mean that I am unbreakable inside. For many years a let things linger, constantly feeling the pain until I was shown otherwise.

Going back to my changing mood… the fact that my group became a dictatorship during the first house building activity made things worse and I shut down.

Looking back on that experience, I can now see that I was simply projecting my insecurity for the peer review of my reflective essay. Why you may ask… well because I wasn’t happy with what I produced. And then guess what? It wasn’t even reviewed by anyone.

Listening to comments when people finally got their essays back, made me realize that there is such a fine line between constructive criticism and ignorance. I had the impression that if I closed my eyes and forgot that these people were adults, I’d actually be transported back to a class full of children in high school. Note that I am not insulting anyone, this was a mere observation where I am also included. It highlighted how difficult it is to deal with human beings and reminded me to be cautious at work when working with my teams.

So the secret of the day for me was that we often project what we knowingly or unknowingly feel when interacting with people. Our responses are more often than not, a reflection of ourselves and not a consequence of an action or question.

Lets get writting everyone…

Finally my dreaded part…writting an essay. Didnt they say we just need to show up for class, blog and we will collect 18 points?? Well clearly they omitted this part of the puzzle. Now i must get on with it. Reflective writting. Where do i begin? I really have learnt a lot from this course in the few weeks i have been attending. Am slowly warming up to the idea of working in a group, embracing different personalities and knowing that it is okay to be different. The guilt of putting myself first is no longer as intense,ooooh yes am loving this blogging business,it sure is a lot of fun!!!

I hate essays!

Shooo! So this week we are submitting a draft for our essay, i hate essays with passion LOL!
I Want to make it in this academic life so what choice do I have? right.The essay is a reflective essay. We practiced writting this essay in 4 different styles. What i found intereating is that i write best when i write to myself, i am such a closed book! No body knows me better than me shem! As cliche this may sound kodwa its sooo true! What was funny was when i ran out of things to write during subconcious writing…the things i wrote! 😂😂😂😂🙈🙈

I loved the group presentation, A Saturday morning movie. I was hooked from the moment i stepped in the building. I loved their delivery and i really did realize the bigger picture. every week these presentations keep getting better!

what stood out for me on this lecture was when we had to team up and write up about our experience in class and how we have applied this outside class. Hearing what the next person has to say was actually fun. okay, i better finish up the essay draft now…


Let me see… I really am trying to think back and hard about my lived experiences, whether as a child or as an adult and can’t remember penning anything that was reflective. I have never! I always told stories without reflecting, at least not consciously. LOL!

I always thought that I had my lived experience’s answers at my fingertips. My thoughts, my opinions, my lessons, I thought all of that was at my fingertips. This Saturday taught me otherwise… I realized just how much I had to pause and think about it before writing. Or maybe I can tell my story in an interview style setup but just never knew that I could write my experience as an interpretation of what is going on between my learning and thinking.

Although this Module is short, I had so much to learn.  Before Saturday’s workshop, the only reflection that I really could describe was the mirror reflection. You know, that obvious “What you see is what is looking right back at you”? I think that , if ever there were moments where I would reflect on my experience, those moments would most probably been triggered by heightened emotions , more than just telling my story from a deep but calm place.

Trying to unpack the term reflection, I learnt that it is a mental process, a contemplation or a long consideration of some sort. The thoughts and opinions that come to you while you are reflecting on your experience are called reflections.

It is like rewinding your life to a past event and then thinking about how it has affected your life, what you could have done differently to change the outcome, or what came out of the experience or event.

You ask what my point is or where I am going with this and I will tell you that as new as “Reflective Writing” is to me, I am finding it fascinating.  It has opened my eyes into realizing that anyone can be a writer. All of us… We just need to find the writer in one of our voices.

The writing exercises that we did during the workshop where we had to test ourselves on four different writing styles, really helped in trying to find my voice. When I did the automatic writing, I wrote really slowly, almost like my thoughts were suddenly on hold and though I was meant to be free-styling, I had long pauses between sentences and managed to write one lousy paragraph. Imagine!

After that first exercise I thought to myself that maybe writing is not for me and I got nervous thinking about future writing exercises that I might be expected to do. What future exercise? *Rolling my Eyes* Immediately after that exercise, we had to write to our best friend. Well, I suddenly relaxed as I wrote to him, I found myself smiling through it.  Guess what… Yeah, I was confused. How could I have hated the first writing exercise and less than 10 minutes later feel comfortable? I mean, I was still doing the same thing, right? I was writing. The exercise went on and I wrote to myself and to my lecturer.

The problem with being left brain dominant is that we want sequence, details, order and clearly expressed communication and free-styling showed me flames on Saturday. I am still traumatized.

Writing to myself was more like punishment and writing to lecturer was a bit slower, but unlike free-styling, I was forced to think deep about my experience, the words I chose, logic and structure of my essay. I enjoyed it too. So, my voice is lying somewhere between my best friend and my lecturer. I just need to find the balance.

Then there was Group four who facilitated on storytelling. The facilitation was light and fun and showed that telling stories does not have a fixed way of being delivered.

My highlight for the day was discovering that I actually can write and that I had a unique voice in which I tell my story. The activities that were introduced by group four showing that we all can achieve beyond our expectations if we put our minds to it. I really loved the picture frame exercise which really told a story about our personalities, it was really fascinating and interesting how or why they came up with that activity. All I can say is that I was never ready for the revelations.


In the next few days, I plan writing to a stranger, a matric student preparing for university and my colleagues to try and see if I will feel comfortable or not. I am just going to practice, practice, practice!

So far, we have facilitated change to honour difference in telling our stories and I am looking forward to learning from life.

It’s time to write my reflective essay, see you on the flip side!



I knew a saying that is used daily that says we learn every day, but I never knew that I can learn soo much helpful information from this FACILITATION SKILLS CLASS.

This past week I learned the different ways of writing and how interesting and helpful they were to me. The Reflective Writing was an eye opener to me. I found a way of getting useful information out without cracking my mind and taking for ever to finish two paragraphs by writing to a friend.  My definition of reflective writing is deep emotional writing or the truthful writing.

After the presentation we got a chance to write in 4 different ways which were an automatic writing, writing to your best friend, writing to your  lecture and writing to yourself. All the 4 ways of writing are so different, but the writing to my best friend one was soo amazing and I could get more useful information out.

Team 4 did their research well and the welcoming was great. They actually brought Nu Metro to Wits. Well Done…

I don’t have a good relationship with my supervisor we always fight and when he start the fight he will start with the jokes, because I never knew the ways of provoking an individual I would just ignore him until we end up fighting . After the facilitation  class of Human Dynamic I could read amongst his lines that he is going to use  The Resistance Barometer tool, I knew exactly where he was going, I was so proud of myself because I managed to stop him before it could be the war zone.

Iyoo then Ross told us that we have to submit the 1000 plus words essay next week…. my nerves and stress started because I never knew that we were suppose to write essays so quick and it clicked that this is Wits University time to pull up my socks have to start with the real professional school work. iyoo

I am looking forward to my next class.

Reflective Writing – Story Telling

Reflective writing for me personally, is something that I did not really do too often prior to taking the facilitation course. However, the course has helped me to use reflective writing on a weekly basis, and it has also learned me how the express some thoughts and opinions.

With regards to the presentation that was presented by group 4, I feel that there were a lot of positives that I took from the presentation. I liked all of their exercises. The circle one especially. The exercise where the stone had to be placed within the frame, was unique and I took a lot from it.

Something that I think that the group could’ve improved on, was the time of the presentation. And also I do feel that maybe a better explanation could’ve been given prior to the start of the presentation with regards to the main topic and goals.

Over all though, good presentation, well done guys.

r~fl~tive Rrr-Ting

[don’t mind the spelling, it’s reflecting it’s writing]

While we wait for our topic to reflect back on the experience gained with knowledge received – Let’s reflect on what I have learned last week and today’s Group 3’s presentation.

  • Aha moment – was mostly the tools learnt within the workbook.
  • Group 3’s presentation used religion to portray honouring difference last week.

Today, Group 4 presented with a Bang : THE BIGGER PICTURE under story telling topic. Lights, camera action was for sure portrayed and quite to the point. Auduence was captured and we could reflect on what was shared. My expectations werent met, however, changed. A framework for learning was created. I really enjoyed the group activity of how Group 4 on how they reflected on the previous weeks group based on the Johari Window. We were engaged and enjoyed it. I would of liked more story telling though my DELTA.

Reflective Writing – [oh, welcome back in the proper spelling. Here we dont judge – it’s a blog go free].

Automatic writing looked like this:

This is where my slang of pessimistic talk in the most sarcastic way came into play through writing. (I will share a link at the end of my blog to what I actually wrote during the writing exercises).

Writing to Friend – looked like this:

So pretty – I thought. How my writing became honest in a more respective manner. An overview of the course was given and what is expected of me – is to write a reflective essay. Moreso, I explained the tools learnt. I did emphasise my ICE-BREAKER- Check in and Check out attitude only because I am so fascinated that something so over-rated always work. I found myself speaking about my goals based on perceptions of people towards me and my own towards them in class.

Writing to Self – looked like this:

“Ok, so this is getting BORING!”. Oops! another to honest comment from pessimistic self or should I rather express my honesty here? reflective writing is not so enjoyable because I am not used to it, however, expressing my experiences is more enjoyable. We all know why? The extrovert has now spoken while deligentlyfollowing instruction in being an introvert for the purpose of this course.

I carried on writing with the motivation of Group 4’s Bigger Picture concept. Then I found myself in a deeper form of thought to why the class was difficult. I expressed it as pockets of stimulation not as a bad thing but good thing. This shifted another way of participation – I got to see our introverts come out and this warmed my heart – That was one example of a pocket of stimulation. Just as side note – 3 years in academic and your mind waits for that heavy academic dumbell to hit your stimulation juices – now all of a sudden lets change the flavour of the juice. BANG!

Writing to a lecturer – Looks like this:

Ag this is so neat and in order – Just what the leacturer would want. My tone of voice changed and even my handwriting became more upright and respectful. I must admit this was the hardest to write and only got 6 lines in writing. I used words like ‘enhancing experience’ , ‘academic tools’ and ‘workplace effectiveness’.

The bottom line is that the Facilitation course is academic and as much as it is reflective, the writing guidlines are essential to get a 80%  – Which is my goal.

Closing off – I wish everyone best of luck with their reflective draft essays due for next week.

Attached is the link to read my reflective writing to different persons:

Refective exercises