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Showing Gratitude -Week 10

Today was a very nostalgic moment for me as I reflect on where this course started. The topic of today couldn’t have been more apt. I reflect back on the first day turning the first page of the facilitation course pack and reading:

What If what unites us is more than we realise…… and what divides us is less then we fear? 

Today I stand amongst my fellow colleagues and in my heart, I salute each and every one of them. Today I am grateful for the mark that each and everyone has made on my heart. For the impression that each person has made and for allowing themselves to be vulnerable and for sharing openly. Today I am grateful for the ability to see my own flaws and my own imperfections and most importantly, I am grateful for the demons that I have managed to identify within myself. Today I am gratefull for being able to identify that I too am weak ……..

Aluta Continua…………. may my journey of gratitude take flight and soar



Building Shared Understanding – Week 9

This week was for me the most fascinating and thought-provoking with such a poignant  topic of discussion – building shared value . As a person, it became abundantly clear that if I want to establish a leadership position I will need to establish some basic fundamentals in order to establish relationships and in the process build trust. Today was about building relationships in teams as well as fostering a teamwork culture whilst setting clear ground rules.

I found most profound the timelines that each of the colleagues including myself had to draw whilst reflecting on the highs and lows within our lives. This was probably the most difficult task especially as I had to delve deep into history and allow myself to be vulnerable. Whilst this course has allowed this vulnerability to be exposed in a safe space…. it did not make it easier

We looked at the Johari Windo, developed by Joseph Loft and Harry Ingam looking at how we give and receive information. This was mindblowing especially as I reminded myself that sometimes it easier to give feedback than to receive it.

Aluta Continua – the struggle continues



Learning From Life – Week 8

Today’s facilitation allowed me to delve within my own pain, my own experiences and my own pain. Ho personal stories of pain can allow one to dig deep into ones owns soul and … (chocking) reflect and think back on that very day, hour, minute, second. When that pain was so real when in the now it still real that you are almost able to touch it.

This session has left me shaken and with a sense of indescribable feelings. The rope exercise taught me the value of guidance from those people closest to you. In the moment when you feel that you cannot….guidance from those closest to you allows you a different option, a different path.



We closed the session with reflection on group formation…….. forming, storming, norming , performing and adjourning

Aluta Continua ……This struggle is real!


Facilitating Change – Week 7

This was our first week back after the break and required us to ease into the class, but alas like all other classes there was no room for taking it easy and we got straight into it – TIME MANAGEMENT. It almost appeared as a paradox of two different worlds. What is this time management they were talking about?

This topic really got me thinking about even how efficient we are as people with our own time and whether we allow ourselves to be efficient . What do I do with my time…… (Question still to be answered) I suppose that in itself shows that theire is much to be done in optimising my own time.


The rest was spent looking at essays …..




Aluta Continua…..This struggle needs a break….. again


Honouring the Difference – Week 4

What a poignant topic “Honouring the difference” …. a bit deep for a Saturday morning I thought …… I couldn’t resist feeling a bit emotional as people shared stories of stigma…..African Hair, Gay and not accepted……. being Coloured……. how could the world be so cruel I proclaimed to my self. I couldn’t help but recall my favourite poem by Carl Jung:

“Emotion is the moment when steel meets flint and a spark is struck forth, for emotion is the chief source of consciousness. There is no change from darkness to lights or from inertia to movement without emotion. Consciousness can only exist through a continual recognition of unconsciousness just as everything that lives must pass through many deaths.”


Facilitation Introduction -Week 1

Its the turning of the first page that really grabbed my attention……how profound – “What if what unites us is more than we realise ……and what divides us is less than we fear”. My start to the facilitation course was filled with anxiety as I was going into the unknown….. and how unknown it was lol. No tables, chairs in a circle…. this is chaos I proclaimed to myself and to top it all off … we are probably gonna have to talk about feelings…

I had to remind myself of what my intention was for attending this course. This is it for me I thought….. I want to connect with people and use the opportunity of learning from other peoples experiences, share their thoughts …. suddenly I felt a certain level of anxiety because as much as I want to learn from other people… I am sure other people would want to hear my story too…… OMG I thought…”Am I ready to be vulnerable” . I quickly reminded myself that if I was to get the most out of this experience I will need to embrace the opportunity and give unconditionally .

Occasionally one comes across an idea or theory that changes one’s heart and mind…towards the end of the session, this is how I felt. It was clear for me that towards the end of this course I am due to experience a paradigm shift. We all have a worldview and sometimes pay so much attention to the doors that are closing behind us that we fail to see and experience the ones that are opening. What an Aha moment for me as I reflected on the day. I soon realised that my view of the world will determine my intent and consequently my attention ……. and that will manifest itself in all my relationships. “The power in everything we do lies in how authentic and believable we are ……… ” I said this out aloud to remind myself

Looking forward to this journey,


Aluta Continua………my journey has just begun!


All the best Peeps






We all have a story to tell – Week 3

Today had been very profound for me in that I have learnt a great lesson – we all have a story to tell! My aha! moment cm very early when I realised its not what story we tell but , how we tell that story that will allow us to show up on purpose. Our daily lives, our ongoing learning, and leadership roles in society are what will allow us the opportunity to tell our stories and either switch people on or switch them off, draw them towards us or push them away. Although we are all socialized differently it’s through our own personal journey’s and stories that we work towards enhancing the quality of lives of all around us and our own in return. It’s this conscious journey that allows us to tell our stories with confidence and be unapologetic about them.

Our team had so much fun as we facilitated our piece on “storytelling”. On reflection on the outcomes of the day, I realised that even though the delta feedback we were able to learn. For me this was invaluable given how generous the rest of the group had been with their feedback. I was able to stand back and reflect ….” we didn’t look at it that way….. perhaps we should have considered that” I guess this taught me a valuable lesson sometimes in life we are to quick to respond to feedback, sometimes as a result of our own fears and insecurities.  Reminder to self……..” pause and listen …….you’ll be surprised at what you can learn”

I had today learned the value about appreciating the value of participating openly,  letting go of my inhibitions and appreciate the opportunity that allowing yourself to be vulnerable and participating openly offers. Effecting change is always difficult – and at the best of times almost seems impossible – however embracing each opportunity as it presents itself has for me been invaluable in this journey. I have learned today through other people’s stories that we should enjoy life and the journey of life…… and as Alan Watts a philosopher reminds us…..” learning and life doesn’t have a destination”


Aluta Continua – the struggle continues

Remember: Your story matters


Till next time Peeps

Shifting into gear Communicating via Social Media ….Week 2

I have had one week to reflect on this course and remind myself of my objectives and also do introspection. What will it take for me to get the most value out of my Saturdays? I had to get my mindset right ……. then suddenly it dawned on me… I need to develop an appreciation to seize the opportunity and realise the value that participating openly offers. I understood that gaining the full value of this course will require me letting go of my EGO. I have over many years learnt that when EGO dominates nobody learns. I need to keep an open mind to learning something new, something meaningful. Today was that day and I was ready for it…… today I will learn about ” communication via social media”……or so I thought…..

Today I have learnt a much more valuable lesson ….today I have learnt to appreciate the effort that people put into it is that they do. That people learn differently and that to learn something new takes time and effort. today I have learnt that by learning a new skill or approach you add another dimension to who you are and as a result everybody benefits. Today I have learnt that in order to learn I will need to be present, I will need to reflect and do introspection because where I am going will require a long-term commitment. Today I have been reminded that what I have learnt I can’t unlearn…I may choose not to apply it but it is never lost.

Today as I reflect on the day I remind myself that some are inspired to change immediately; others change later when they have had time to reflect and internalise what they have learnt…… a few though never make the change..


Today was about “communicating via social media”…… alas it has been so much more.

I love the Power of a check in…….


Aluta continua! Being present is a real thing ….. Reminder to self ….”Don’t lose time in Ego