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I am employed at Wits Business School for 10 years 9 months as a Programme Coordinator. I work with students / look after students while they attend courses at WBS. My job entails doing all the administrative work on in-company and public programmes and to make sure all the programmes run smoothly from start to finish.

It can be broken but sometimes it can be fixed or not

Yeah! our group facilitated and the nerves are over. Well done team:-)

Building relationships as we all might have experienced it, is not always easy. Having constructive conflict is the best medicine to building stronger relationships. Some conflict matters will always need a mediator and some can be worked out on it’s own. No person on this earth  will survive without any form of relationship, whether it is with people, with animals as pets, etc. You will just not survive alone.

For the first time someone sat next to me and listened with intent while I was doing all the talking for a few minutes or so. She did not interrupt me and did not finish my sentences, she was just listening to me, me, me. I also got a chance to listen to her afterwards and it made more sense now. It is best to listen to someone speaking and just spilling all their thoughts without interruptions. I could hear more detail and understood the story better. This was my aha moment

Freeing our time ……my mind

I have learned so much over these past weeks and today was just an add on.

Forgiveness, exercise and meditation is but  a few of the things on my to do list. This will not only assist my body & mind to be stress free but also lead to better decision making going forward. Thank you group 7.

We left early on this day and I was so grateful, my son turned 18 yrs and our family members came to visit us to celebrate with him. I had enough time to prepare for the visitors and everything went well.



Not easily perceived

I can meet people for the first time and just connect to them without any prejudice. I always try to motivate others to give people a chance to proof themselves and not to be judgmental because of perceptions.

I must admit sometimes my perceptions of people are way off because human beings can change as day and night changes. That still does not sway me to give people first, second or third chances.

Group 6, your facilitation session was spot on because most people judge before they have really seen. Seeing with new eyes killed most of the perceptions some of us or most of the group had of felt. Your session was well planned and executed. Thumps up!


The secret is out

Group 5 had us all in awe, they requested one secret no one else knew about each other and placed it in a container. The secret that got pulled out afterwards was read aloud in class and I must say most of us are getting fearless in this class. Some of the secrets that were read, was very personal and the people whom had shared in my opinion was very brave.

The broken telephone demonstrated how a person can hear one thing and change the message into something else to suit their understanding. Listening skills is one of the ‘biggies’ when learning from life and this was my aha moment.

When it came to marking the 4 different essays, I was wondering how am I going to tackle this? In the first place I did not know if I was on the right track with my own essay. Surprisingly it worked out very well, the marking gave me a chance to see where I need to make improvements and what to cut out. Getting the feedback from other markers on my essay will assist greatly in my final submission.

Thank you

Write, Write, Write……………

My aha moment was discovering that I can actually write:-)

We got the opportunity to write in four different styles and it was really interesting to discover my choice of writing or my own voice so to speak.

I did not connect to the automatic writing, nor to writing to myself and writing to the lecturer was the most difficult one for me. I could write about so many things to my good friend and could not stop telling him about all the happenings in my life and all the good changes that is happening for me. About my excitement for meeting so many people in one place.

Group four really went all out with their story telling facilitation session, from the entrance until the end of their session was awesome. All of us were really entertained, movie ticket, popcorn, etc. Stories can be told in many different ways and seeing the bigger picture this week was an eye opener.

There is no need for BRAIN stress, yeah right…….

So I tell myself

Shoo! Each week the groups are getting better and better at facilitating their topics, a lot of pressure some of us may think and feel for the upcoming weeks.

The Johari window is very interesting, I discovered what is required for building effective relationships. It will not happen over night but it will definitely happen because this session transformed our thinking and our perceptions about people and a lot of things we were not aware of.

Going through the change process. Starting my journey as a reborn student is tough but also exciting. When I did my self-examination, it left me disheartened because I have to let go of my family visits weekends, stop watching my soapies so often as I used to (I am a television freak):-(

I have placed a self-expectation on myself, I need to get more knowledgeable to be able to reach my goals and cutting my time short with family & the television will hopefully get me there.

I have decided that this is what I need to do to exceed and excell so I am self-directing my life. I am still working on broadening my perceptions as I am not an out going person and only visits family on weekends or they visit us. At work I am also a loner.

My self realization came when I started attending my two classes, one on a Tuesday evening and the other on Saturday mornings. Answer to myself, “you got this, you can do this”

We go through “triple loop learning” where I am slowly but surely discovering myself.


Identified my own learning styles

Guess who’s back?

It has been a rough couple of weeks but we are surviving and thriving:-)

Module 3 was very insightful and I’ve learned something new about myself, I am a left brainer, detailed person, my motivational style is internal, my sensory preference is kinaesthetic and my learning style is investigative. This was my Aha moment in the session.

I have discovered that we as human beings are not all the same in the way we learn and communicate with each other. Some are operators, some are investigators like myself, some are theorist and others are initiators.   With Kolb’s experiential learning cycle, it is clear that no matter what style we each fall under, we will best perform in our personal, work and study life if we acquire all four learning modes.

I do often listen attentively but need to brush up on my listening skills, I need to ask more questions, I need to add more ideas & my knowledge and lastly I need to start exploring with new ideas and the outcomes.

All of the above will improve me as a person.

Signing out



High Substance, High Form

This is what I am aiming for since my last session in class last week Saturday. I am one of the lucky ones whom always get a compliment for a job well done, for me this mean Substance…. What I’ve worked on this week was my dress code, I am always in a pair of soft pants, jeans, pumps or flat shoes – all the comfortable stuff you know.  Well! this week I had on a pair of heels and a dress for a change, everyone was shocked including me:-)

I know now that Substance and Form go hand in hand, looking good is just as important as knowledge and your passion for whatever you do in life.

The first group facilitated the first part of the morning session and they blew us out of the water, they did an excellent job. We all learned a lot and they’ve managed to make us more curious about communicating via social media and which one is more practical. Thank you group 1!

The articles we had to read at home was very interesting and it made me think hard and long on whom the facilitator/s are, I never thought that there will be more than 1 facilitator in some of the stories. This was an eye opener for reals.

I enjoyed the fact that we get to meet new faces every week, thank you Ros for asking us to split into new groups for discussion work.

Looking forward to Saturday!



Welcome to BLOGGING & Learning

My listening skills and patience got tested big time…. I got to class on Saturday morning, having no expectations what so ever because I’ve read the course pack but it didn’t make sense at all. Wow! what I’ve experienced was a totally different story altogether, I have never ever been in a disruptive situation as on that day, it made me feel a bit lost in the beginning but as the session progressed it all started falling into place.

The fish bowl experience was the first for me and I know now it is an awesome tool or technique to be using when you want your spectators to be involved by asking questions etc. and for the team in the fish bowl to get to the best solutions or for everyone to be on the same page. I however feel it will be best to use a cordless microphone or something to project the sound effectively, specially when the groups are so huge because not hearing what the conversation is all about can make a person feel like getting lost in your own thoughts & not concentrating so well as expected in class.

I have learned that the check-in technique works very well when conducting meetings or group conversations, this is what I’ve introduced in our department this week. My experience was that not everyone is completely comfortable to speak about their feelings or their concerns in an open forum and they’ve asked to be passed when it was their turn to say something. Well, this was the beginning for many check-ins to be conducted at our meetings until everyone is comfortable enough to speak up or just be present:-)