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Draft Essay Due

It was quite daunting at first that I had to submit an essay with 1000 words and adding referencing. Reason being I did it late Friday night when my uninvited visitors decided to leave at 21:15. I was extremely annoyed they did not get any hints that I dropped about my essay that is due. I have learned to be more assertive and not to leave my essay for the night before it is due.(However that is when my creative juices flow when I am under pressure).

When I started writing it became easier with the research that I have incorporated, the theory in my work book as well as my experience inside and outside the classroom and lastly the blogs I wrote weekly aided me immensely. I was quite pleased with my piece and I have actually went over my required words. I managed to finish at 24:40, I was just too happy that I managed to complete my essay and that I could go to bed peacefully, needless to say I did not have any strength to read through my essay. Therefore, unsurprisingly my essay had a few spelling errors from the feedback that I received. Both markers gave me a good mark apart from the spelling errors. Furthermore Ros gave us a few more tips for our final submission. I think I am better equipped to write my final essay and I will definitely not write it late the night before. We are striving for that A’s.

Story telling

It was our week to present, damn and was it stressful. I must say I had the best group to work with everyone played their part and we executed our task at hand. In my opinion we set the president for the groups following we incorporated the triple loop learning through the Johari window amongst others.

We have done different writing techniques by writing to different people. I found it easier to write to my best friend as I felt free to express myself which I just had to incorporate it with academic writing when creating my draft essay. Overall I had a great week it was stressful but well worth it!!!

Honouring diversity

Well done to group 3, they carried a powerful message without speaking,  there was power in the silence. Great respect was displayed when the different religions were displayed by folding the previous religion’s attire neatly and placing it in the box, that was a great metaphors. We were divided in groups and we discussed the diversity in cultures and religions with regards to birth, death, marriage which was interesting and insightful.

In class we uncovered the Johari Window. This is relevant in the work place,  as I can identify the transparent area, people know the basics of one another. The blind spot area is where all the office gossip transpires from, it is information known (whether factual or not) by others but not the person. The hidden area we all possess, it is known by self but unknown by others.  Furthermore I can relate to the SCARF Model as well in my personal and my professional life, at times it is good to feel that I am important, I love the certainty I don’t want to feel as if I don’t know what is going on, I love the sense of control and to be given authority to make my own decisions. I love the sense of belonging and to be treated fairly.

If nothing goes right Go Left

Well done to group 2, they were well prepared and it was refreshing and it felt relevant. They used real life examples which the audience could relate to. The personal stories from the audience made a huge impact.

Our class activity on right and left brain was very interesting. I have learned a lot about myself furthermore I have learned to be more aware of how other people think and how to deal with it. The debate we had was eye opening, and tools where shared how  to communicate in the person’s mode. The exercise thought me where I need to grow in parts where I was not strong in. The assessment allowed me to see where I and others fit in the bigger picture. Thus far I could quickly assess and see where my co-workers fit in and I now  have a sort of contingency plan in place to use certain techniques when I need to get work done 🙂


Tools gained through active and experiential learning

Group 1 had their facilitation week and I had fun, I felt engaged. The Delta method was introduced in week 1 and only in week 2 I realised the true function of it. In my profession I need to provide people with constant feedback and I have learned through the Delta method a more constructive way of giving feedback for example instead of saying ” you could have done better, you can say what you could have done it differently by……”. Through the Delta method it was interesting to see how our brain filters, the Delta -,  was a lot more than Delta +.  Furthermore, we had group discussions regarding the stories we had to read and it was interesting to see the different perspectives and interpretation of one story, once again I had a worthwhile EXPERIENCE.

Pleasantly surprised

To be extremely honest I took up Facilitation for the 18 credits, so the course chose me essentially. When I walked into class it was quite daunting at first it had an exam look and feel to it everyone was seated in rows and dead quiet staring ahead of them, and I thought O hell no I should have slept in.  When class started  Ros commanded us to get rid of our desks and sit in a circle , for a moment I was confused and not sure what was about to transpire. Sitting in a circle was more intimate and we had group discussions, what I took away from week one is that you come across people for a reason, it allowed me to think deeper and borrowing from other people’s life experiences, which I am able to apply to everyday life. I was only aiming to obtain the credits and I have gained so much more.