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Seeing with new eyes

I think seeing with new eyes basically means, looking at things in a different perspective. As people we tend to judge people based on how they look or what they are saying without really trying to understand where they come from. I am one person who is very guilty of that. I remember there was a lady in class that i thought was forward. I felt like she wanted unnecessary attention until i actually set down with her and realized thst she is an amazing woman. It is that thing of the balcony and the dance floor. Try and see things from all angles and it will make sense…


Wow…This was a beautiful piece of facilitation, every team member was present and they seemed to enjoy what they were doing.I loved how they did the check-in, different from what we are used to. It was well put together…

We were reminded that we make decisions all the time even though others we make unaware, we make decisions based on our emotions,pressure or experience. What i have learned from the activities we did is that you have to make time to evaluate something before you can make any decisions.Another thing is we should not judge people’s decisions without evaluating or try to understand maybe via communication why a person will make such a decision.

Saw this quote on the wall “not making a decision is actually a decision. It is a decision to stay the same” by Lysa Terkeurst .I believe that attending the FACILITATION class is one of the best decisions i have made…


Change is mostly painful and uncomfortable but necessary. In life we experience change regularly,planned or unplanned,positive or negative and all that affect our daily lives somehow. During this facilitation class i was in a group where we discussed development change,we focused on puberty stage;the difficulties teenagers go through and what are the solutions to making that change easy for them.

When i made a decision to go back to school, i knew this change will affect my finances,my family relationship and my social life and yes it is somehow uncomfortable but because i have set goals for myself i am learning to live without certain thing allocate my time accordingly for work,school and my family.

The team came up with the TARP method that can be used to facilitate a process of change,which i found very all in all this was a great facilitation and very educational…

Story Telling

This facilitation piece made me realize that it is OK to share your story with others and that there are a lot of ways to tell a story.Your story might change a lot of people’s life or how they write their life stories.

I am one person who find it hard to share my stories with people so i prefer writing them down. When i found out i was pregnant, i started writing about my experience throughout my pregnancy and i found it helping so i continued to write about being a mother. I write about everything i find interesting or draining about being a parent. I believe that i need to start posting or blogging everything that i have written because it might help someone who is going through what i went through and it will also help me knowing how other people deal with challenges of being parents.

Building Relationships

This week’s topic is something I never had a problem with, i consider myself a very friendly person and i think what makes it easier is the fact that I work with people on a daily basis. I meet a new patient everyday, either for counseling or a procedure. Problem i have is retraining those relationships, be it friendships, relationships with colleagues or any social relationships.

I am not the one to follow up on how a person is doing unless its one of my patients, but i got my AHA moments when we we doing the activities with Telfer and the facilitator we had on side. The activity with Telfer proved that it is easy to build a relationship where the other other activity shown that to have a successful relationship you have to have constant communication with the people or the person you are in a relationship with.


Firstly the team looked amazing,this was a great facilitation piece considering everything that is happening in our country at the moment. Even though the team focused more on gender stereotype i think the topic carries more weight regarding what is happening in SA NOW. People discriminate other people because they are from other countries, criminology should be dealt with accordingly without checking where the person is from,or whether they are black or white.

We should learn to honour our differences and remember that we can learn a lot form other people and fix our country without looking down on women or other african people….Remember together we can do more.

Learning from Life

Wow ,now this had an interesting sub-topic (balancing life). This was a very insightful and relevant piece of facilitation,the topic spoke to me as young working and schooling mom and wife.

It is not easy to find balance in our everyday lives, I myself have a very complicated week and i realized that it is because i am not a very organized person that is why i cant balance my life. but this presentation made me realize that it is important to manage and balance your life.

On the positive though,the topic itself is LEARNING FROM LIFE so that is my lesson from the whole presentation,the fact that we learn from life everyday and we are able to grow from fixing our wrongs. When one of the guys was explaining the how we can use our hours/time,i found it unrealistic but it made me realize that i do have a lot of time on my hands but i’m not using it accordingly.

Some how i realized that all the topics that Ros gave to us do connect,so I need to have SMART GOALS for me to be able to balance my life. I have to allocate time to my everyday goals according to their importance so time management is as important when one wants to grow….

working in Teams /Facilitation

In my head i thought facilitation is the same thing as presentation,so i thought i was here to work on my presentation skills because i am one person who can not stand in front of a crowd and present a topic without panicking.But i learned that facilitation is way more than just standing in front of people and presenting a topic.

I got my Aha moment when we were discussing the topic facilitation in class. When we had to define or differentiate:teaching,couching,presenting,mentoring and facilitation. I was so amazed to discover that facilitation is all that combined. A good facilitator needs a wide range of skills to make sure that the audience understands the concept and that there is participation and engagement from the audience.

And we had to read the stories,what got me is the fact we are facilitators in our everyday lives. From those stories i realized that a good facilitator does not impose their ideas but they make sure that the needs of other people are met and those people understand how those needs were met.

This topic about facilitation helped me to be patient with different people because we are all different characters. i also learned that feedback is very important,i should not always assume that people understand the same way….

Setting Goals

A friend of mine told me how interesting facilitation class was, so I couldn’t wait to experience that myself. Then I got to be on the first group to facilitate, I totally panicked but when I looked at the people around me, half of them were very happy to be the first group and I couldn’t understand because clearly my confidence level was not the same as everyone else. But because of positive attitude from my group members I managed to get on board.

Some how I felt the topic was talking to me because I realized that my goals are not as SMART as they should be, so because of the goal setting topic I had to sit down and fix a few things to make sure that my goals are clear and achievable. This was really an eye opener because I managed tosee what I am doing wrong and I am busy fixing it at the moment…