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Facilitating Change

A case study of Electrical and Lighting manufacturing company was a great topic that gave me the different perspective about change management skills. The whole concept of domains of disclosure has helped me to keep in mind whenever I need facilitate change that public (known) Private(hidden) unconscious (blind spots and unaware) are critical for my change facilitation. What I have taken away is that change needs to be approached inclusively with open minded approach. Get to listen and have understanding of the perspective of others in order to have a desired result even the when the end results don’t favor others.

Learning from Life

It all happened in my absence when the group facilitated about learning from life topic and pain was central to their facilitation a word from my colleague. Pain is a topic that resonates with many of us in different ways. As human beings we are often caught up in a moment of sorrow experiencing emotional pain or experiencing physical pain, often we are told time will help us to heal. It is the healing process that helps us to ease the pain in a turbulent journey. I believe this is how it’s supposed to happen so that we can learn from life. Our learning will be through the same journey of healing as without going through the difficult process of healing chances are the learning may not be possible and we might be prone to the same situation especially when dealing with pain of personal choices we make different from natural causes beyond our control.

Story Telling

The group facilitated very well and enlighten that story telling is one of the best tools or method of communication. Story telling is skill that will stay with us for long time to come. In my view it triggers analytic knowledge of analysis without giving away the details. It is another way of resolving complex confusing, frustration. If you tell or listen to the story relevant to the situation, sometimes answers to such situations can come from the story. Story telling can also help with mind relaxation especially in kids when we try to put them to bed. The African Dress story was also interesting because it showed us that you can change perceptions by action without voicing your intentions.

Free your mind and see with new eyes

Wow this facilitation and the topic has really opened my eyes. Often we are very judgemental about other people situation and environment. The idea of shoes has triggered my sense of seeing life with different eyes because should the table turn around regarding our privileges and be in a situation similar to those in the streets, how would one survive? The homeless in the streets survive by receiving what has been offered not by choice or anything. Appreciation in one’s position is the most important thing and be able to apply humour and respect of others when they need you the most. I am moved by this topic and learning from life doesn’t stop.

Honouring Difference

I am learning everytime as I get into the class. Splendid to the group facilitated on the topic. I was impressed with the group’s idea of culture. Life would have been different if were consciously able to honour differences in a sense that it wouldn’t matter whether you are green, red, black or white but the fact is that you are human but different.
Imagine how diverse South Africa is today with different demographics around ethnicity, culture and race. How we can rally around the flag and embrace these differences and be patriotic about our beloved county? I believe honouring our differences would make the Ubuntu idea to be celebrated and honoured even beyond our borders. Thanks to the group from an interesting facilitation. I had a lot to take home and would be able to apply your ideas in my social life.

Expressing Gratitude

Last week facilitation on the topic expressing gratitude has been quite a great facilitation given the topic. The group have actually summed the whole journey with their approach on life experiences. One has really learned to reflect and express gratitude on whatever situation. I have really learned that one should appreciate even the little things. Good work to the team that facilitated and taking a posture of appreciation, humility and gratitude. As I express my own gratitude, I would like to say THANK YOU for the afternoon class and the lectures for meeting you and affording me the opportunity to learn from you.

Conflict Resolution

As human beings we are prone to get into conflict with one another because of our different views and understanding of situations. Everyone has their own story to tell, their own views and at times expectations. Once their views are different from ours, or the so called public knowledge or expectations, conflict start to surface. I have learned that conflict in inevitable and we need to embrace is in order to find a common ground. What is key for me would be how we resolve the conflict and keeping in mind that we are different as people. Respect another person’s view if we cannot reach a common ground with an understanding that we may be coming from a different school of thoughts.
Quite a nice topic.


A week later after introduction to the facilitation skills, my syndicate group had to facilitate on week2 on the topic communication via social media. With literally a week, we had to pull workable strings to make it happen. The challenge was that being the first group to facilitate with no full understanding of facilitation approach and framework, we had to rely on research and the reading provided. The day came and indeed we gave it our all, and there were deltas and plus from our audience which we have taken seriously. Should one turn the clock, the approach would be very different. In my view we have done what we could with the capacity and resources at our disposal. It was indeed a great day.

Introduction to Facilitation Skills

Day one of the facilitation skills was one interesting day, having walked in a class with no idea what to expect or rather presumed that facilitation class was going to be like a traditional formal lecture class but to my surprise I found the complete opposite. We had to know each other by introduction with a person or group next to you. The next thing as I was expecting a lecture, we were asked to move tables around to open the floor. On the other hand, the facilitator is writing the program for the term on the board which I really didn’t understand why the facilitator don’t just send the program via email or post it on Sakai to safe time but later understood that the facilitator prefers not to utilize technology as part of the program. Given the size of the class, the facilitator had to divide the class into two groups for morning and afternoon. Later created syndicate groups which will be maintained for the rest of the course and assigned facilitation topic which each group will have to facilitate. I was so overwhelmed to know that my syndicate group will be doing facilitation the next week on the interesting topic with the tittle named communication via social media.