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Week 11: Facilitating Decision

Last week’s group presentation was very exceptional and enjoyable. They present about facilitating decisions and since attending the presentation I am now conscious of the decision that I will take as long as it positively or negatively impacts other people. I was impressed to see how we had different views as a group and some of us changed their minds because some people convinced us to change our minds based on the experience they have on the game. The most important thing is that decisions can either build us or it can destroy us if we are not careful with the decisions we are taking. In life, we make decisions based on Political factors, Social factors, Technological factors, and Economical factors. A practical example of taking bad decision is when that was taken by the government to appoint Mr. Jabu Mabuza on the chairperson of the Eskom board and at the same time acted as Chief Excretive Officer was a bad decision and unfortunately affect the citizen in a negative way.

Week 10: Building Relationship

  • What I like in life is to build a relationship with anyone who believes in working together. I am constantly building relationships with my family especially my lovely daughter Lerato. With maturity, I have learned to build solid valuable relationships. I managed to filter out bad relationships and retain only good ones. I have learned the art of elimination and prefer quality relations over quantity.

Week 9 : Seeing with different eyes

  • The topic of the day was interesting and was about different things that everybody can see either with the naked eyes. The interesting part of it was that each group was given the opportunity to raise their opinion and mindset that they generally have towards that thing. The group presented very well even though they were unable to give direction to the audience but the topic was well-researched and the tool they have used was also wonderful. My worry was about challenges that occur in blended families but the truth is everything in life has its own challenges
  • I am always engaged with my friends especially from the church about the challenges they have encountered on a daily basis and always give me a positive result the always seeing things positive. On the day, the class was fun and I personally enjoy it.

Week 8: Story Telling

  • The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller and the story sets the vision, values, and the agenda of an entire generation to come. What I have picked it up if every human being has a story to tell either good or bad. As an individual, I can tell the story of my life experience because life is like a contract and a journey that comes with the story you experience along the journey.
  • The topic of storytelling was quite relevant and everybody can easily relate to the journey that was traveled by the individual and better understand why the story materials and be shared with other people. We always learned life by listening to the story (around the fire) especially from the grandparents. Those stories around different cultures, sometimes it can make you to afraid of going outside the house especially it is at night.

Week 7: Facilitating Change

  • I have realized that most of the people are afraid of change but doesn’t understand that is unavoidable, I have attended facilitating change and find that the group was plan the topic very well and I believe that all of us young and old need to make sure change is evitable whether we are ready or not ready for it.
  • Through help especially from the group that facilitates change, I learned that whether the good or bad change will come to me as a human being and I should be able to accept. The team on that day was able to control facilitation change and try to accommodate those who did not understand how to change. The team has proved in different phases in our day-to-day lives about how we can facilitate change.
  • I must confess that, I was one of the people who were afraid of change and sometimes very shy to speak my opinion in front of my colleagues but since attending facilitation change I develop the courage to change, thanks to the team for make me realized that I can bring change to my life. Now I took the decision to carry on with my studies for a career change and being a different person after finishing my degree in 4 years to come.

Week 6: Honouring Differences

  • I was amazed by the group that was facilitating on the day. Their topic was well planned as they were able to incorporate the different traditional cultures where I now understand how culture differs. It was pleasing to see the combined effect and teamwork amongst the Honouring Differences team.
  • Another exciting thing is when I see each of them wearing traditional clothes from different cultural groups and try to demonstrate those cultures even though each of them espoused the other culture. It was such a wonderful experience and open-minded practical topic. I was very much happy and excited that all South African recognized culture was well represented and how they also explained the attitude and behavior. Unfortunately, it was bad for South Africa to remains as diverse as a nation hence we are called ourselves the “rainbow nation”. It was a well-researched and presented topic.
  •  I think as responsible parents we need to make sure that our children be allowed to attend government gatherings such as Heritage day in order to learn the different cultures and felt proud of their own history as a nation…and a rich dissimilar culture and heritage we carry.

Week 5 : Learning From Life


As I walked into the class I realised that we were arranged in group and each group has boxes that was placed on the desk. I was attracted by the way learning from life group was organised. The facilitation class taught me that in life I am not alone, as a family, husband and father who has to juggle family life, social and school. I must able to manage out my time and learn to prioritise the important things and making sure that family life doesn’t suffer. I learn that we are all different and unique, as a facilitator one need to work with diverse individual and have the ability to accommodate other people.

  • Cooperation and Teamwork – As a facilitator one must strive to increase communication within the group. You must strive to get the group together and to be familiar with each other and more comfortable trusting one another.
  • Learning and Interpreting – Listening to the group and interpreting their body language helps the facilitator to become more aware participants’ uneasiness even they are not vocalizing their feelings.
  • Problem Solving – Facilitator must often do problem-solving to determine the best tactics for a group. As a facilitator must put time and effort in coming up with the best group to achieve its goal.

Week 4: Personal Reflection


Personal reflection is a response to a particular stimulus. Often it is written by an individual to explore personal experiences, feelings, and events. I think as a human being it very important for an individual to look himself in the mirror just to understand the person in reflecting in the mirror. My understanding is that life is much more than an individual and wealth. It is important to make a difference in life even if it can be small but it will make a difference to another person.      A personal reflection is an opportunity to reconsider events, thoughts, and feelings from a fresh perspective. Personal Reflection is a deeper form of learning that allows people to retain every aspect of any experience, be it personal or professional.

Personal reflection one can think of emanating from facilitation embraces the following:

  • Interpersonal relationship – how do I as a facilitator interrelate with members of the group especially during the facilitation processes, and also how do they relate to one another. Who does what to whom during the process? As a facilitator, one should be able to capture both body and non-body language.
  • Effective Listening – more listening than talking. Must always take into cognizance that you own the process and not the content. Meaning the participants during the facilitation process should own the content by dominating in talking.
  • Paraphrasing – being able to express the meaning of something spoken using different words specially to achieve greater clarity. The ideas and meaning of the original source must be maintained, the main ideas need to come through, but the wording has to be your own.

Week 3: Working in Teams


On that week I was unable to attend the class due to unforeseen circumstances but one of my colleague (Mandy) share the information with me and I appreciate because it was so relevant to the advantage of working with team due to the fact that  I already enjoyed in the first week and it was easy for me to work successfully through teamwork. To work in a team-taught me that every human process is a key factor and it is very important to understand that people formed an organisation to accomplish the task to be performed by an individual and everyone will continue to be a challenge as long as people work together.  It is encouraging that when you are a facilitator, one should always embrace the following when working or facilitating a team:

  • Honour the wisdom of a group.
  • Encouraging trust in the capacity and experience of others.
  • Maintain neutrality during the facilitation process.
  • Practice self-assessment and self-awareness
  • Maintain an objective, non-defensive, non-judgemental stance
  • Act with integrity
  • Trust the process.

Week 2: Setting Goals


My second week was very important when we start to discuss facilitation in the group, I learn that for an individual or group to be successful the first thing is to set the smart goal and then I start to panic.  The facilitator doesn’t own the content but the process. Meaning has become the role of the facilitator to ensure that he or she owns the process and the participants become the owner’s content. This also involves setting goals. The participants should own the setting of goals and take ownership of them. The facilitator should guide the group in reaching the goals of the group. Subsequently, it becomes the role of the facilitator to ensure that the group amicably reach consensus in all the aspects discussed and this can be done by managing the conflict. Being part of the last group that will be facilitating gave us the advantage to make sure that we become one of the best groups.

Week 1 : Introduction



My first day in the class was the most experience thing in the history of my life and the intention of attending the class to accumulate the credit but only to find that my association with other peers and listen carefully to the lecture make me to change the mind of attending the class for credit but to experience the new thing. What I enjoy most was the fact that I find different ideas amongst the group. I realized that the facilitator should recognize that conflict amongst the group members is natural as long as it’s expressed politely, does not need to suppress the ideas that came from the group.