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Freeing your mind

Its another week of a full day class, I was exhausted last week. The morning and evening classed are totally different and fusing them was a bit too much for me. I am here again today because in as much as I was exhausted I really enjoyed our interactions.

Ros kudos to you, I do not know how you are able to five so much of yourself after seeing this morning bunch. I am sure you are also relieved that this is the last full day session.

I did my points tapping exercise and feel ready for an eventful day.

Resolving Conflict

Imagine how you would feel if a your manager came and threw papers on your desk in a rage. That is what happened to me last week, I was very upset, I did not exchange any words with her gave her a dirty look. I think that unraveled her and she had an angry outburst about how she was the only one pulling her weight, I could her her voice was chocking so I went after her and hugged her and told her I was sorry. She also then apologized and explained how it was not just me but that she was overloaded. I offered her a some water which she refused. I left her and went to my office.

The director came to the her office and she carried on with here rant of how she is taking work home every night and how she is taking sleeping pills to sleep at night. The director told her to take a holiday and left not seeing the seriousness of the situation. I then went into her office and offered to help so she won’t need to take work home. She told me she can’t share that work as it was confidential. I asked her if she couldn’t find a temp to assist just to lessen her workload. She said no but two days later a lady we had worked with on our skills development plan was in the office to assist her. It’s now been three days and I can see she is much more relaxed.

All is well that ends well and even though she did not acknowledge I had something to do with her inviting Lesego to assist I am glad she is getting the help she needs.

Facilitation Change in Me

Today Fiona went in deeper on the topic we presented on last week. I had read these pages a few times in preparation for our presentation which we did last week. But my eyes were opened more this week, but like Ros said what happened is the only thing that happened because it happened….I fully understood this statement today in your absence.
Telfer made me go to those corners in my being I don’t often visit, by making us draw our life line and the ups and downs that go with each of us. You made me deal with some demons today and I realize that I am now equipped with tools to shine on the lows and take lessons from there. I am now fully in the present and learning from my past depressions.
Really enjoyed today’s lessons my consciousness was touched.

Facilitation Presentation

The day is finally here, I was so nervous I could have easily left without saying good bye to anyone…..words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth and I forgot all I had prepared. Thanks to my group members, they executed their parts with great ease and our colleagues were generous with their participation in our presentation. I am glad this day is behind me, I did the impossible to stand in-front of a group of people and not shake life leaf. Like I said during the presentation I wish I had registered for this course long ago when I could have applied the knowledge to to my daily life.

Thanks to group five members, we did it.

Last Day

Today was very emotional. The presentation was very good, so great that Karen decided to go with the mood of the class instead of what she had planned for us.
The ladies did a great job putting us in touch with our feelings of gratitude. The end of the presentation where they handed a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to Telfer and Karen had me teary, and I was sad that Roslyn missed this very precious moment.
I am truly grateful to have journeyed with the afternoon class, you all are great human beings. I have no words for Ross and Telfer, your are superhuman and very generous to the core. How I wish I could have experienced mot of your Karen and Fiona made me go to those dark places I was not sure I was ready to revisit.
I will miss this class and wish every one all the best in life, I am glad we have one last time to meet and share and we have all these Saturdays.

Unconscious Bias

I believed I was a very fair person until this class showed me my real face. I am mindful of others feelings, that’s probably why no one sees through my bias. I can say the most brutal thing in the nicest of way. This to be was assertiveness, but the truth is that I was very judge-mental and thought I was the only person anywhere at any time with the most awake brain. Don’t get me wrong I respect everyone regardless of their social standing but I am very judge-mental. With the help of this class I am learning and listening more to others, collaborating with them in finding solutions to their problems without thinking I have the best resolution…and often that tends to help in coming up with the best result.

The Dance

This was a favourite hobby of mine, engaging in the dance. Frustrating myself and others and not seeing any other way for a full seven years. I was scared of failure and not confirming to social norms, so I engaged in the dance telling myself that I was working on it and going to resolve all the issues by constant engagement.

Seven years later when God’s grace put me on the balcony I realized that it was not up to me. I had to accept that it was over and no amount of dancing would remedy the relationship. It was an out of body experience that made me realize that the dance was changing me to the core and not for the better. I had to let go of the relationship I had valuable, and start a new one with myself….finding myself again….and again.

This class is now helping me to re-enter the dance over and over again with new positive thinking and understanding that my way is not always right, and accepting others perspectives. From time to time I stand on the balcony and then re-enter the dance with new insights.

Facilitation Skills

I finally got onto the blogging site, thanks to Telfer.

Can’t believe it has already been 5 weeks,  I can clearly remember the day I was late for the first class as I turned back at the door with the intention to de-register Facilitation skills.  Thanks to Kelebogile who came after me and said I should give a it chance. Today I am glad I had that push and decided to stay.

I was lost of the rest of that first day but by the second week saw merit in being in the class. The second week there was the Social Media communication presentation, I learned how to giving positive says a lot about a person. And learned that we should strive to give critical (constructively positive) feed back rather than criticizing others. I have been applying this in my daily inter actions.

In short I am glad I stayed and enjoy the invaluable life lessons we are equipped with.