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Building Relationships

I have discovered that relationships are very important because of our mental,emotional being and survival. Relationship its all about love, support and encouragement. Relationship help people live longer and deal with stress better. I have learnt that we need respect,honesty,trust and communication to have healthy relationship. Imagine a family where they is no peace? A business where they is no peace? Academic where they is no peace? It was going to be difficult to live in those environment because without peace life become miserable. In this course we learn a lot things; its not a matter of getting points only,we are being groomed so that we can go out there and face the world so that we become better people in life. I now understand the importance of building relationship is the same as building a house. Tanveer Nager said ” Building relationship is about more than understanding others and its making people feel understood”.

Seeing with new eyes.

I have discovered that we all see things differently.However the group was teaching us how to change perception in our life. I have learnt about the values of some cultures in South Africa,we learnt about thier truth,opinion and mindsets.People from different cultures tend to perceive the same thing differently. I have learnt that no one is perfect and we see thing differently and what we need to do is respecting one another and to understand that we are different. The group did activity where people were given the same instruction but the result were different because perceptions vary from person to person? I have also learn not judge people and to criticise them more especially from our workplace;everyone deserve a fair treatement,it dosent matter the background you are coming from,i have learnt how to see things differently and my perception was changed emmediately. They is more to learn from facilitation course,its not a matter of getting points only.

Story Telling

I have discovered that we all of have story to tell in life.The group did elaborated the following question before they can go deeper with what was suppose to be presented for a day. I was actually impressed they way they explained it becasue i didnt know that telling a story its so important,when i grow up my sisters used to read stories to us before we sleep, it was done everyday,i didnt know its so vital to tell a story but after the group facilitate to us thats were i understood the importance of story telling. I then realise why people are making alot of money after writting books,poem or drama. We were sitting in groups of 7, we had different topics and pictures that relate to the topic,it was easy for the groups to participate and tell a story by just looking at pictures provided.

  • What is story telling?
  • Why story telling?
  • Whom to tell a story?
  • When to tell a story?
  • How to tell a story?
  • Where to tell a story?

The above questions were answered by one of the facilitator,she explain everything,she explain that story telling means interpreting experiences,can be used as method to teach ethics,values and cultural norms and differences. I have learnt that even companies can markert thier products through story telling. For example,Clientele insurance they markert thier funeral policy through story telling,i only found out after the group facilitated. Humans are emotional creatures my impression is that story telling allows us to digest information more easily becasue it connects that information to emotions,i have also realize that it is effective at teaching in a way that people can easily remember and at helping people relate to one another. I am so happy becasue of the information i have aquired from facilitation course,it will definetly help me in future. I will make sure that i help those who have talent in writting.

Facilitating Change

Time change,season change,our body change, in actual fact everything change in life. Change is an act or process through which something become different. A lot of people are failing to cope when things change in their life. The group did presentation which elaborated further on the process and solution on how to deal with changes in our life. The topic was very relevant because we experience a lot of changes in our life. One of the facilitator said “change require action”, It reminded me of how we have been taught about goal setting. I have learned that for us to deal with changes we need to understand the tools,what may happen or go wrong,what can we do to prevent changes. The following topic was discussed in our groups.

  • Physical change
  • Family Change
  • Financial Change
  • Education Change
  • Relationship Change
  • Social Change
  • Development Change
  • Technology Change
  • Organization Change
  • Career Change

As human being we are failing to deal with changes in our life,we have tedency of not letting go of things that are taking our happiness which can affect us physcological and emotionally,once we are torn apart, it will be difficult for us to make progress in our life generally.For example,they are people who are in abusive relationship they cant go out because of they have fear of change,others are also falling to change thier career because of they are afarid. The group really help us by unpacking the solution of how to deal with changes in our life. It really help me alot becasue the topic that were discussed in groups were very relevant. I remember that we were once taught about the principle of detachment whereby we have to let things go,when we are detached,we are able to calmly observe our reaction to situation and not get pulled into an emotional position.

Learning from life

The topic was very relevant to me because we learnt how to balance life which was very vital. We are living a very busy life whereby someone is a student,mother,wife and employee,all this duties they need time,we end up having headache,depression and anxiety because we are failing to balance life. The group taught us how to balance life by making priorities and how to start with main goal,they demonstrated that by using 2 baskets,the other one was having small balls and the other one was having big balls,the one that get full first was the one with big ball. I have realize that on my side the problem was time,i was unable to allocate time correctly,i end up not meeting deadline at work and school , after being taught how to balance life things are now simple to me and my family because i can manage to balance life and still have time to for myself.

Self Reflection

On the agenda they was a question which said “When last did you reflect on yourself? The question really blown my mind because i didn’t take issue of self refection seriously,the group even gave us mirror so that we can see our self through mirror. When the group go deeper with their presentation that’s were i realize that self reflection is very important,because is actually teaches you of being honest with yourself,you notice behavior patterns,consider whats important to you and evaluate whether you are leaving those values . In actual fact that’s we i realize that self reflection its all about loving yourself,respecting yourself and leaving according to the values. I have learnt about the benefit of self reflection because it give us the ability to understand our emotions,strength,goal and values. Feed back from the groups they highlighted the benefit of self reflection as well,which they said its self correction,Self development,Self review and measure yourself.

When the presentation was done we gave feedback to the team and it was actual not good. So we were taught about the principle of engagement and how to give feed back to people without not hurting people. We learnt about detachment meaning we deeply care from an objective place. The problem about about being attached to people we end up owning them and which is very wrong . So were taught about balcony principle,which say that stand in a balcony and take care of people from distance. We did feed back practically within our groups ,we were given 2 question which said 1. What makes you great in my eyes? The exercise was very good because they way you see yourself sometimes people can see you differently,we did participate to our groups giving them feedback,question number 2. What would make you even greater in my eyes? We got different opinion from our group mate and it was good. I realize that feedback is very important because it can motivate us,it promotes personal and professional growth.

Working in teams

I discover a lot of things in week 3,light was shinning and darkness was going away.I didn’t know that working in team it so important. I have learnt that working in teams increase collaboration,we can complete task faster due to many minds intertwined,working in teams also teaches us how to understand people ‘s weakness and strength. Group that work together can achieve much more than individual working on their own. When you work in teams you need to have respect,love and commutation skills because you are going to deal with a lot of people who might be different from,so you need to be patient.

The learning was relevant to me,because we have been struggling to achieve a lot of thing at work, when we are given a task we were working individually and it was hard for us to complete certain task because of too much debate. People preferred to work alone and it was not fair,when one person fail the whole team was failing. I am so exited that everything i have learned from facilitation class its working,i really appreciate the teams who worked together to give us all the strategies, I am applying this knowledge in my life and at work believe me its working. Me and my colleague we manage to set goal for our department and we are now working in teams no one is working individually because i told them the advantage of working in teams ,we have a project that needs to be done,since we started working in teams we are doing great things.

Goal Setting

People always talk about goals and most of us don’t even achieve them???? The first group did their presentation about goal setting,i have really learned a lot from that presentation,I started enjoying facilitation a lot,i even changed the way i think about the course,I am no longer looking for credit only i want to learn more, and my expectation are very high.

One thing that i will never forget in my in life is S.M.A.R.T goal setting. If you follow S.M.A.R.T goal setting you will never go wrong in life. You will achieve everything you desire. I cant wait to see other groups presenting because we are going to learn a lot.


My first day was very hectic, I was confused i didn’t know what to expect in class. I was hoping to see 20 people;but all of a sudden boom we are 100. While i was confused we were asked to find people in my age,i started being confused worse,we were placed in groups,we were given a topic to do so that we can we do presentation. I was among people who actually wanted to do facilitation for the sake of getting credit for my degree. When i heard that they is no exam we only submit assignment it confused me a lot.