Week 3: Realising your dreams

I just realised that no matter how big or small, difficult or easily attainable ones hopes and visions might be…a dream-is a dream- is a dream!!

On so many occasions I have put off or dismissed a certain goal or vision about where I saw myself in the future. I did this only because society has taught me that, oh yea sure I can aim high but not too high as I can end up missing and lose even the little that I had to start with.

But it just dawned on me during the class discussion that, it’s crucial to dream. The scarier the dream the better because then in my quest of trying to realise that dream, I also discover ME and what I’m capable of.

So I continue to dream…

I dream crazy! I dream scary! I dream colourful! I just dream and use that as my guiding compass…

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