Week 3- Realising your dream

This week we started off with the first team presenting their facilitation peace to the class, it was on realising your dream. It was great and got me thinking about how well this is following to what I previously noted as great take always. In order to have a dream you must know what you want and a wise lecturer once said “a man who knows what he wants gets it” and balancing it with substance and form will get you there and keep you there. I have always been very clear about what I want, even though the path is not always clear, I still get there. Now it feels like I am being equipped with tools to expedite the process and how much better now that i know i need to add the substance to this overflowing form that I have. These sessions are bringing a lot of clarity for me. I feel like i am moving from good to great!! haha that’s our topic to facilitate this week whoooo hooooo….so exited. Cant wait to learn some more.

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