Week 3 – Realising My Dreams

Today’s session started with a facilitation piece on “realising your dreams” presented by the 1st group.

This session somehow took my back to my Vision Board. After a long time, I remembered my Vision Board that I took my time to create, posting all my hopes and dreams.
Much to my surprise, most of my goals are still in line with what I’m doing today, I’ve clearly just taken a totally different route, encountered a few detours and changed plans slighty, while growing in the process.

Our facilitators did an exercise where we tore up pieces of paper while our eyes were closed. After tearing this paper, we looked at the shapes and sizes we all ended up with and not one was the same, even though we were all given the same instruction.

Lesson learnt: No two dreams are the same. While we may have similar goals and dreams, our means of reaching them are all different.

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