Realizing your dreams

I was significantly moved by this facilitation piece by Sana and Lebo. While their approach was very simple, the topic was addressed considerably well. It is clear that research was conducted as they were able to outline the steps to be taken for one to realize their dreams. Lebo did most of the talking as the natural leader of the team and represented the team very well, however, this could be perceived as overpowering the less vocal Sana. For the objective of the learning experience, I would have preferred if both of them accommodated each other to achieve a mutually inclusive facilitation piece where the polar personalities would be more balanced. This represented a delta moment for me. The Aha moment was when we did the exercise with the piece of paper individually. How we each received the same size, type of paper and same set of instructions but skillfully displaying through all the different interpretations that our individual perspectives and backgrounds do produce different results under the same circumstances.
The learning has opened my eyes to different perspectives, has helped me understand people better and is helping me to be more accepting of differences.

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