Puzzle pieces falling in place

When I first met Ros in 2019 for a work engagement, she shared passionately and with great conviction about the facilitation skills course. We met again at the beginning of the year and my boss was sold and asked if I’d be keen to do the course and my immediate answer was “of course “.

On the 21st of February I found out that the course was beginning the following day and Ros said to me “come and check it out and if you like it you can stay”. So, on the 22nd of February, I woke up and made my way to the first class. I got lost a bit but finally found Ros after navigation through phone calls. The other participants had also started arriving.

We started off with an introduction from Ros about the course and she facilitated a process where we had to discuss the differences between facilitation, training, gardening and coaching. We then had another round with different group members to discuss the differences between the same variables and weaving.

I sat in the room the whole day in awe of how my facilitation journey has been so in line with what we were doing without any training. It so happened that 2 years ago to the day I had facilitated my pilot workshop for my masters and I had reflected on the day and how I had been humbled by my supervisor’s comment on how I’m a natural facilitator. The first day of the course was a great reminder that I should stop playing small with the things that I am passionate about and good in.

My greatest take away was that each facilitation session requires you to show up for that specific moment as if it’s your first ever and self awareness makes this possible. As a facilitator one needs to be able to gauge the atmosphere in the room and be able to navigate it such that the participants show up authentically. I got to facilitate assessment centres that I am self aware and kind.

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