Week 1

Today, my first day of this Facilitation Course and it is totally not what I expected. Somehow, I had this picture in my head that this would be your normal formal lecture, probably boring me to sleep, but it was a totally different, thought provoking and unexpected. This session was based on open group discussions, where ideas, thoughts and experiences were welcomed and shared freely.

The class was made up of a diverse group of 9 ladies, from totally different fields of employment, each lady bringing their own uniqueness to the group. It did not take long before everyone got comfortable with each other making it so much easier to communicate.

Ross, our facilitator was totally unexpected. I somewhat imagined this lecturer standing in front of us belting out lessons while I tried to stay awake, this was not so. She encouraged us to think out the box, write our thoughts down and express ourselves.

From what I’ve summarised from today’s session, these classes are going to be very interactive, going to require my full participation and lots of writing. Strangely enough, this time around I do not fear the writing, as we were told to write as we feel, or as we would talk to our friends and this shouldn’t be too difficult at all.

I am definitely excited to see what the next session holds. Least I know now that I do not need to be armed with an energy drink for fear of falling asleep during some monotonous lecture.

Week 1: First Class

Today I came for my first Facilitation class. I had no slightest clue what to expect because I didn’t really choose this but it chose me in a way, and oh boy, am I glad we found each other!

Except from meeting a group of amazing & very smart ladies, a new world was introduced to me today, a door was unlocked. A self-discovery door…

In the few hours that I’ve been here, I’ve already been pushed to think out of the box. I’ve been challenged to dive deep into thyself and start asking questions.

There’s still many weeks to go and a lot of material to be explored but I’m excited about this fresh perspective and new way of thinking!

Week 1 first class

I’ve learned that nothing is impossible we all can do something that we hope for in different ways and forms, now I know the difference between teaching, training, leading, coaching and facilitating and also that being a facilitator does not mean that you are the expert in the room you can still learn from others, and also understand that every person is able you just need to nature their skills

Week 1

Today was a very calming and interesting day. Anxiety believes itself to be the most welcome feeling in new situation – as luck would have it though, today was a very calming day.

I am glad I came today. I am glad to be on course with these wonderful, strong women.

I believe we are making genuine connections that will enable us to learn more about ourselves and how best to develop our facilitation skills, how to better manage our internal conversations – even if it means writing our thoughts to allay them, and how to lean on each other when necessary as will be seen when we facilitate in teams.

We will nurture and draw out from each other the teachers, counselors and leaders we endeavour to be.

I came to learn how to facilitate, yet I am convinced that this class is a life lesson in motherhood, partnership, women-power and genuine networking with no strings attached. We are free to learn as much as we want to learn.

I will leave this classroom able to engage my audience in the topic at hand and able to guide them to achieve their pre-set objectives with ease.

I will leave this classroom an aspiring master of facilitation, who is able to provoke delegates to an elevated level of thinking that draws out the answers they are looking for from within themselves.

I will leave this class an expert in continual learning – whether it be learning who I am, who my clients are and what they hope to achieve with my help or helping others learn who they are and how best to harness what they possess within them are all paints on the canvas, we shall await the masterpiece.

Week 1: First Class

Wow! Definitely not what I expected…did I just hear the lecturer, Ros say make the circle bigger!! and wait…what…she wants to set us up for success!

Never before have I felt so aligned with my life purpose. I am in the right place at the right time surrounded by brilliant woman about to do amazing things.

Until I was told to start blogging!!!!

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But here goes….lets see how this journey unfolds 🙂