*Groan* I watched a TedTalks video by Susan Cain on the power of introverts. In this, she says there is a bias where our education systems (desks arranged in pods) and work places (open work spaces) are designed for extroverts and for the extroverts need for high stimulation.

The group think. I found her rant against the push for group work was spot on!  I have never been a fan of this type of work and here I was on a course where I lived and died on the success of the group. Again *groan*. So, I immersed myself in Susan’s call to “stop the madness for constant group work. Just stop it.” My most educational experiences were of a personal nature. Despite my aversion to it, the teamwork and close-knit interaction of my family members during the difficult times experienced with my grandmothers passing was the greatest lesson in teamwork possible. Understanding, tolerance and patience being at the forefront of the lessons learnt and actions put into practice. 

I unplugged from all the stimuli from work, social media and friends and worked to separate the idea of working together and the negative association with being over stimulated and I balanced that with my need to work by myself. I suppose the measure of this goal is how many times I feel like fleeing to my house, my sanctuary after a class, workday or flight. To be seen.

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  1. You write very well Nandi, it is amazing how I recognized your voice in this text, before I could finish reading I scrawled up to check and yeah! its definitely Nandi. 😉

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