Working in Teams

Today we ware talking about working in teams and I must say this topic was just confirming things I was not sure about when it comes to myself – some of them I knew them but I just did not want to accept and embrace them. This was just truly a life changing experience. Another thing I was able to get constructive feedback from complete strangers whom I met in this facilitation class and having to do the same in return. I was really in awe. After the presentation, Ros threw 2 questions to us a facilitators.

  1. What makes you great in my eyes?
  2. What would make you even greater in my eyes?

She asked us to discuss in our group and give feedback to one another based on these two questions. O boy! It was mind blowing because for most of us never knew each other before. It was really tricky.

Things got exciting as were giving each other feedback – To me it felt like I am young kid in a candy shop 🙂 I learned a lot about myself and somehow it felt like the universe responding to my questions I have had about myself for a long time and have to learn common things we shared with some people in my group.

This is the feedback from the first question: What makes you great in my eyes, the team responded by saying:

  • I am easy going,
  • I am funny,
  • A joker to bring peace,
  • I am approachable,
  • I am humble,
  • I am a good leader,
  • I am reserved but mere,
  • I am caring,
  • I am friendly
  • I am intimidating if you meet me for the first time,

Feedback to second question: What would make me even greater in their eyes, the team responded by saying:

  • I need to take it serious to work on myself to become a leader
  • I need to work my concentration because I tend to lose focus easily.

I am glad I got this feedback, it will help me a lot in shaping myself.

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