Week 8: Story Telling

Finally!!! Our Week!

A lot of planning and preparation went into making today come together. The experience has been a great one overall,, with minor hiccups here and there.

My group was wonderful in terms of cooperation and engagement- apart from one original member who only ever attended class once and never joined the group. Another challenge we had was misinterpretation of ideas- we constantly found ourselves having to explain and re-explain over and over again to ensure everyone was on the same page about our approach. In the end, none of that matters because we executed our mission successfully and it was excellently received.

I learnt a great deal from all the work we put in- about working in a team, cooperating, about facilitating, about story telling itself- It was all invaluable information I will cherish forever.

my favourite bit of information from the session (which I shared):

” Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. “

~Robert McAfee Brown

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