Week 6: Honouring Difference

This topic was very pertinent to our context. We live in a majorly diverse country and so difference is everywhere. The message was to honour the differences we see in society. In order to this, we need to seek to understand one another instead of tolerating each other.

When we tolerate each other without understanding the things that make us different, it becomes hard to appreciate the things which we have in common. The group presenting was adorned in their traditional garb, it was absolutely stunning.

The way the group explained their topic resonated deeply with my understanding of diversity and living in a city filled with so much difference. It is indeed important to interrogate our own biases and stereotypes we gold close- we need to constantly unlearn the urge to other people or groups that are different or do things differently from us.

I really appreciated the session- it was in line with my own ideas and outlook.

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