Week 4: Learning from Life

Now this was my week to present…and i mean me and my team!

Awesome! A bunch of strong personalities, coming together to produce a great presentation was a job and a half… and again, here I am writing about it because it was an awesome presentation.

Besides learning from the concept of learning from life and a subsection on balancing life, I think I am still looking into doing that, and im not sure if I have quite grasped it. Life is an encyclopidia on its own and I am learning to be calm in all circumstances and to deal with what is at hand, and at hand, and at hand at each time. At the end of the day, what is important is you bringing yourself to the occasion and giving your best and learning from whatever outcome. Another aspect I have learned as a member of this group is that, you constantly need to balance yourself as much as you balance life

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