Week 3 – Working in Teams

As the third week comes by I’m feeling a little better about the expectations about what the facilitation presentation should look like… As I walked into the room it was easy to see the team who’s presenting – they were all wearing black.

I was part of the group that was so confused about the check – in game…LOL. The game 24 was a math game, turned competition. Part of my confusion was because my understanding of working in a team means leveraging on each other and this was more about who in the team are quick thinkers to answer first. I thought the aim of the presentation was to work in teams? …

Games aside, the best thing that came out of the presentation was an acronym which I will never forget is T.E.A.M. • T – together • E – Everyone • A- Achieves • M – More.  

During the lesson we were given an opportunity of read a few short stories and my favorite was about the Bent back ladies of Chaung Dong. It really reminded me about a lot of things we do out of habit and sometimes people don’t like to rock the boat and just continue with life as is, and it takes a complete stranger to shake things up.

  • T – together
  • E – Everyone
  • A- Achieves
  • M – More

Quite profound, and I think the most of all was the thought that in a team we are all diverse, nobody is perfect, we all have our strengths and shortfalls – I’ve learnt to leverage

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