Week 3 Working In Teams

Without sounding like a broken telephone, Teamwork makes the Dream-work! But Ive also had my fare share where teamwork was a real nightmare!

This weeks facilitation was on working in teams, a task sometimes all too easy when working in teams where there is mutual respect, participation, collaboration and a willingness to listen to each other.

Teams exist in the workplace, school and in many pf our personal lives, it therefore is important to know how to be a team player and understand that each person in a team has a role to play. When team members understand each others strengths and weaknesses they are able to support each other without having to fall apart.

This session reminds me about Bruce Tuckman’s model on how teams go through many stages of changes before they settle, how they form, storm, norm and finally perform.

This weeks facilitation highlighted the importance of being able to adjust to working in teams and how to be a player. It made me understand that we all have roles in teams and that all contributions matter. And this what I’m taking with me to the workplace,family and church that every team I’m apart of will hear, see and feel my contribution.


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