Week 11: Facilitating Decisions

Making decisions is a perpetual task we constantly need to be engaged in in our daily lives. It is important that our process or methods of coming to those conclusions or decisions is coherent, well thought out and all encompassing.

The presenting group shared with us the PEST factors that influence our decision-making process: Politics, Economics, Social factors and Technological factors. All these elements affect the choices we ultimately come to- they are the constraints that limit or direct our possible course of action.

When you have to decide on something- are you calm and patient or are you impulsive and stressed out? This is what the exercise was about- the tangled rope signified a challenge and all the decisions and options that come with resolving it. The lesson was really the fact that our decisions either build us or destroy us. It is all up to you at the end of the day.

A motto I have in my life that helps me when it comes to making decisions that I learnt from Oprah Winfrey: You either make the right decision or you make your decision right. What this means is that you have the power to direct your own path: either you make the right decision the first time, or you have the option of living with the bad decision and making it right by doing damage control, either way- you still have the power and have the potential to be your best.

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