It’s a new day, yah! Today’s topic is an interesting one. I’m ready to hear all about it. In my group we were presenting the Va Venda culture. The facilitating group unpacked the different culture based on the truth, opinion and mindset.

It is so amazing how cultures differs. I’m a Tsonga speaking person and I’ve learnt that my culture differs from other cultures, however, I thought the Va Venda culture was almost the same as mine, to my surprise they differ completely. Also learned about royal families in the bloodline where they would marry a family member.

My wow moment is that Venda was an Independent country not part of South Africa. This is new to me. I did my research on this and found that Venda was not recognised as an Independent country by the rest of the world. Venda applied to become a part of South Africa in 1991. The Homeland policy was dissolved in 1994 and all the Homeland in the Country were absorbed in South Africa.

The lesson is that we have different cultures with different beliefs and different ways of doing things . It is similar to the previous topic” story telling”.

What you see is not what you get…kikiki(laughing). I now see things in a different perspective.

We were then sitted according to our original groups and we played a game called 30 seconds. I always play this game with my kids, it was interesting playing with different people. I’ve learned that we might think we know other things however, is the opposite. Also discussed on the team cohesion process, the life cycle of a team being: Forming, storming, norming performing and adjourning.

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