Seeing through new eyes

In today’s class we got split into groups and each group was given a culture to discuss and speak about the truths, opinions and falsehoods about the different cultures. During the group discussion, i could not really add much to the conversation as I embarrassingly knew very little if anything about the culture i was allocated to. i did however enjoy hearing the conversation from my group and gained some new knowledge on a different culture. When the teams then gave feedback it was great to hear all the stories about the different culture and how different each actually is. Diversity is not just race and gender, but certainly so much more. i think we all need to take some time out and learn more about the cultures around us, the cultures we work with and the cultures we engage with in a daily basis. Maybe this way we will all get to understand each other better and be way more tolerant with others…..

Something i really did not appreciate was two totally inappropriate and out of place comments from one of our class mates. What frustrated me and many of the people around me, was that it was not addressed, or clarified by the presenting group nor the course facilitator. He did speak about it and gave advice on what not to do, the problem is there are still people that are quite irritated by the comments. And maybe it was said with a different intended meaning, but that was never given… so many of us are left to our assumptions….

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