Osunlade & Divine Essence – My Reflection

Geeee Reflection , a touchy subject if you take into consideration that it is a form of actually taking accountability for your actions and decisions. I personally know prior to this class or lecture that this was something I would not do on a regular basis.

It is during this class I had discovered self reflection allows you to remove yourself from situations and for you to be able to assess your position and you short comings by using the SWOT Analysis TOOL, which stands for :

  • S – Strength
  • W– Weakness
  • O – Opportunity
  • T – Threat

After the class I had discovered my weakness and certainly aimed to work towards eradication them and allowing them to become strengths. There is indeed plenty of opportunities out there for us to grab however they may never come in the form of Gold . I Watched a video Interview with Bishop TD Jakes and Steven Furtick , where the Bishop explains to Steven what God Gives is up to us what we make of it , ” God Gave you a tree, its up to you what you make out of it , you could make a chair , you could make a table “

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