Facilitating Decisions

Week 13 12 October 2019

The weekend our group facilitated, decisions. It went extremely well. I liked my group because we all accommodated each, we chose tasks according to everyone’s strength. What I have learned during this facilitation is that decisions are to be taken, analysing and concluding what might be the result prohibit people from taking decisions. The build up to this Saturday was a nightmare for me, I was overthinking my part in facilitation, thinking of the worst that could happen tripping and falling in front of class.

Feedback session

Roslyn made a point by saying that we tend to make wrong assumptions and end up believing them. She also touched on a very sensitive reality the Amygdala hijack I go through that but lately i can take control and be aware of the action to myself and others. I have built a strong relationship with my group mates; I totally respect. I will forever be grateful to the opportunity of being part of the class.

#Facilitating Decisions

Thank you, Roslyn and Telfer everything happens for reason. Finally, my group (Facilitating Decisions) presented and everything went according to plan. We all where in form and had substance on our topic. What I took from this presentation is gut decision are always right. Since class I have started small as using my gut feeling of avoiding routes that lead to traffic and I have been right with making those decisions. Rosyln touched on Adrian’s incident and she explained how the human brain function and what might have lead Ms. Adrian to utter unpleasant words to the class. To Adrians’ defense, students where irresponsible by not respecting her while she spoke in from the class. They expect to be respected but they don’t show respect to others.

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