Working in teams

Woke up in the morning and felt a bit bleak to have to go to class and was not in a great mood to be honest. The team that did the presentation had great levels of energy but some of the exercises did not match the topic and i struggled with connection. Some of the groups tasks were not really team related but more individual.

i think because of the mood i was in, i gave the team some harsh feedback in a way that was probably not very constructive… I am typically someone that can give good or bad feedback in a very respectful and calming way but for some reason, i didnt do it that way this time around. It was not fair of me…and to make a worse, one of our class mates actually called me out on it and said you were a bit harsh.

Ross then actually spent a considerable amount of time teaching us how to give feedback… on reflection i realized that no matter how irritable one is, take a step back and think first… even though i am typically quite good at giving feedback, this experience has taught me to be even more mindful when dealing with giving feedback.

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