Facilitating Change

We all know that change is inevitable. We often go through change in many aspects of our lives and grow from it. Change can certainly be positive or negative depending on the root cause of that particular change.

Earlier this year I had no choice but to close my business, it was a major change in my life, which changed most things around me. It was hard to come to terms with it but at a certain point, after several push backs, I became honest and realistic with myself. The change was a ripple effect and I had to be kind enough to myself to know when to change a few things. I didn’t allow the change to deter me hence I find myself writing this blog…

I realised I had to press the reset button and allow myself to have a clean, fresh start and learn from my mistakes. I speak from a safe place today, knowing that I needed professional intervention. I was highly aware of my resistance to change but I couldn’t sit and not initiate anything. I knew what I needed to do, when to do it and how to do it in order to deal with my business failure. I also taught myself to look for good even in a bad or awkward situation. My long-term memory is filled with valuable lessons I learned in and out of business. A few months after my therapy sessions, I am studying, rejuvenated, enthusiastic, undergoing more change and looking over from the balcony. Change is part of life, as it is I am moving houses which means I have to build new memories at the new house and my intention is to ensure that every member of my family is content, embraces the change, continue to grow and learn from any change that occurs.

A colleague once left me with these words, ” Signs are always there, we just choose to ignore them”. Like the story told in the book…” Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson. We have to learn to cope positively with change at any given time and it is well known that the only thing that remains the same its change.

“The quicker you let go of the old cheese, the sooner you will find new cheese” – Spencer Johnson

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  1. Inspiring staff girl, very courageous of you. This piece inspired me so much. Push on, greater things are ahead of you.

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