Working in teams

As much we have so much in in our lives, It is important to observe everything or anything that we do because as much as one came in for credits . Now i am seeing facilitation with a different eye. Now i have learned to blog, I am not a social media person doing only whatsup and sms (lol!!) I must try to explore and be open to new things.

I missed out on the presentation done by the Group. I arrived late however i managed to catch up after break because the activities done were very interesting. That is why they saying you be always on time so that you won’t miss out when presenting. My AHA moment was when we learned about Defining the below words:

Facilitation , Coaching, Teaching, Lecturing , Presenting and Gardening. The all have relationship and similarities and what i have learned is the Gardening part one look at nurturing the flower and you start by ploughing the seed and make sure you water the flower and take care of it.

With the other words mentioned above they have collaboration because any information learned you will nurture and apply it. It shows that team work is important some of the things are not done on our own we need each as a TEAM.

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