Week 4: Functional Story Telling

I came across an amazing TedxTalk on YouTube this week. It had all the Aha moments!! I came across it while doing some research for our group presentation, which will be on Story Telling.

It can be accessed here:

This TedxTalk goes into the science of how story telling works. It explains the hormones involved, and what kind of mental states they bring about. I was blown away by the fact that there’s an actual science behind the emotional states caused by stories- it now makes sense how social media, electronic marketing and marketing in general are able to make us want things, make us want to do things. I hope it’s as eye-opening for others as it was for me. When someone tells me a story now, or even if I listen to a song or see an advert, I’m conscious of what strategy might be at play and what the motive may be for the way it’s portrayed.

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