Working in teams

It’s very important to learn to work in teams or with individuals who are goal driven. At work, we work in an environment that requires constant interaction with customers, contractors and the public at large. With the past complaints we have had in one area of our building, we kept receiving complaints about this and that not working, and as such are one of those individuals who don’t want to be at risk of losing our loyal visitors in our building. We strive to succeed, even though we cannot win always, we keep trying till we make it work.

At Wits, I am part of a community of those who are goal driven. We are all here for a reason, we want to get those qualifications so bad it like a bad heat rash. Working in teams has been a challenge for the past 3 semesters in this institution. This semester, I enrolled for a class in Facilitation and unexpectedly so, I have been placed within a group of 11 members. Our topic that we must present for in the next two weeks is “Learning from Life”. I knew we were set up to learn a lot from ourselves and from each other as different individuals. We were excited, afraid, some showed traces of maturity, in our group we have young and old students.

We are still learning or should I say trying to figure out what it is we will be doing to make our presentation meaningful and deliver food for thought for other groups to feed in, while we also take lesson from it. I guess we have to be creative as well _ I thought to myself. After class, we met as group to discuss a few pointers and because we were all over the place and had no direction. Matthew came to the rescue, the young man took off a lot of weight from our shoulders and he asked that we trust him to go and do some research while we also look for materials to use to add onto our preparation for the presentation.

We brain stormed a little further, but decided to meet up on Friday 09th Aug (Yes, a holiday), this was a sacrifice worth taking. These Saturday’s really can drain the leaving hell out of you, especially because we are used to being home…

Till we meet again on this spot… Push let’s go!!

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