Setting Goals

I arrived late in class, The doors were locked up and I missed out on a lot in class. What a bad experience this is, I missed on seeing what a presentation looks like and how its done. When the group was done presenting, doors were opened and I had to assess the group based on the feedback given by other colleagues. When we were done with assessments, we then moved onto the facilitation session with Rosslyn.

I learned that If other group members and the class as a whole can make it on time for class, then I can also make it on time. They always say that arriving late for any event shows disrespect to other members who arrived early. This is an important lesson I learnt as being late had become a habit and I couldn’t get rid of this habit.

We were then given exercises to learn how to blog and were told to be in groups which were made up of three participants. I met two women and we were later joined by an additional member. Our group was then made up of four members. The fourth member who joined us was Natasha, she taught us how important it was to remember peoples names. This was due to the fact that as a group of four, when addressing each other, we just went spoke to each other without calling a person by their name.

Natasha stressed how important and personal this was to her because in her line of work, all clients felt special and respected when addressed by their names. In short, my two lessons learnt are: 1) Time Management and 2) Learning to address a person by their name.

I’m all smiles…hello journey to learning more each week…

Push…Let’s go

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