Personal Reflection

What is personal reflection?

(1) Personal means one’s own. (2) Reflection means thought, consideration or meditation.

I believe that in life… experience is the best teacher. I have learned and realised so much about my self over the past years and my journey to self development is constant work in progress. I recall all my adversities and thankful because I grew and gained strength from my experiences. At times, when I go through trying times, I fail to look beyond the furnace but in hindsight, the furnace forces me to grow and look at my situation from a different angle. With maturity, I have learned to step outside, measure and observe the person that I am deeply, with positive or negative criticism. In so many instances it’s easier to find someone else to blame but when I take the time to be alone, reflect and reach deep inside my soul, the results are rewarding.

Being a person who is always in touch with my soul and emotions, after I closed down my franchise business I went through a disturbing period where I felt all sorts of confusing emotions. Not only did I close the business but my relationship with the franchisor went on a negative path where I was demeaned, exposed to endless verbal abuse and blamed for my failure. I remember feeling helpless and stagnant. I felt like the whole business failure blew up in my face because I didn’t go into business to fail but with an intent to be successful. I lost a great deal of money and my world was slowly turning upside down and I knew this because it started affecting my family. This was my turning point, I was weak but highly aware of changes that were happening, I was losing myself and immediately went into a self correction mode because I refused to stay in a dark pit. This was when I had a revelation and became true to myself. I sought professional help and had the opportunity to dig deep into my core finding myself again.

My psychologist assigned different tasks that helped me reflect and meditate deeply in order to find my light again and at this point I was reminded of the importance and benefits of self – reflection. I regained my strength and zest, faced all my challenges and pulled myself out of the pit .

Being out of the pit meant putting myself first, claiming back the confidence that I had lost, always speaking my truth, being truthful to myself and not being a slave to fear anymore. My reflective moments led to my revival and in each and every situation or challenge that I am faced with, I resort to stepping out of my bubble, analysing, criticising and observing myself because I know myself better than anyone and the journey to self-development continues.

My self – awareness has improved and I have learned to be present in my moments in life. I take a break from suffocating challenging experiences, calm myself, perceive it differently and look for positivity and this turns it around. Through it all…when I look into my mirror, I love seeing the person that is staring back at me. I fall in love with who I am everyday through personal reflection.

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