Learning from Life

Wow ,now this had an interesting sub-topic (balancing life). This was a very insightful and relevant piece of facilitation,the topic spoke to me as young working and schooling mom and wife.

It is not easy to find balance in our everyday lives, I myself have a very complicated week and i realized that it is because i am not a very organized person that is why i cant balance my life. but this presentation made me realize that it is important to manage and balance your life.

On the positive though,the topic itself is LEARNING FROM LIFE so that is my lesson from the whole presentation,the fact that we learn from life everyday and we are able to grow from fixing our wrongs. When one of the guys was explaining the how we can use our hours/time,i found it unrealistic but it made me realize that i do have a lot of time on my hands but i’m not using it accordingly.

Some how i realized that all the topics that Ros gave to us do connect,so I need to have SMART GOALS for me to be able to balance my life. I have to allocate time to my everyday goals according to their importance so time management is as important when one wants to grow….

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