Honouring Differences

It is so amazing how perception can go viral instead of facts.  Differences do exist, differences in age, race, traditions,, qualifications etc. But what strike my mind is when we were performing a group discussion about our cultures, Marriage, Birth, initiation and death. In our group we had an Indian lady, Zulu, Pedi, Xhosa and Tsonga guy. What I found in common is that we all do more or less same rituals of some sort and I have learned a lot about Indian culture which is similar to most of African cultures. Through this exercise I have learned that through sharing, seeking information and listen than precepting cultures of other people will make us a better nations. #I’mStaying In RSA. 


The story of life is quicker than a wink of an eye, when the power of difference will overcome the difference of power. It takes a century to understand the difference between power and control. Honour is a great respect and difference is the distinction between two or more things. Honouring difference is the distinction of respecting the greatness of things. I have learned that you can earn respect from other people only if you respect them. Tribalism, religions and gender are the factors that influences the power of honouring difference. After learning I practised to involve myself in activities that involves different people from different tribes with different cultures and races. After interacting, the profound aspect is that we are common, humanity drives each and every aspect of uniting and working as a family. I appreciated to get involved in activities that involves different people. I learned that Dr Martin Luther king jnr uttered a statement which is 100% true and correct when he said ” I HAVE A DREAM THAT MY FOUR CHILDREN WOULD LIVE IN A NATION WHERE THEY ARE NOT JUDGE BY THE COLOUR OF THEIR SKIN BUT THE CONTENT OD THEIR CHARACTER “. These turned to be a weapon of destructing racism and stereotypes. In Latin they say VENI,VICI,VIDI which means I saw ,I came , I conquered. That is the vital milestone I learned in honouring difference.

Honouring Difference

Week 7 31 August 2019

Wow! What a presentation. The group that presented the topic – honouring differences was colourful, displaying all cultures in our country. The introduction was excellent; they had the plan and the objective was well received.

They made us aware of the gender stereotypes that exists as well as our own unconscious prejudices. What I have learned is that we create our own stereotypes and we end up accepting as true. Also, the issue of colour Roslyn mention white people don’t see the colour of the skin, but black people do because of our history made to see colour.

In conclusion, I need to learn from others, respect other cultures and stereotypes are not always true. Start at the grass roots – the next generation. Also fix culture biases or stereotypes.


We were presenting on Learning from Life.
Working in groups can sometimes be frustrating, however we decide to put our differences aside and work together to achieve our goal. We prepared a play that demonstrate the stress or pressure we encounter in our daily lives. The play was about a woman with multiple roles in her life, for example: wife, mother, colleague, church member, sports player, community leader, or friend. She is expected to do her duties and balance her life too.

There were activities that the audience had to participate on in their different groups

The first activity was the ice breaker – each person in the group was expected to picking a question and discuss among themselves to know each other

Nail activity – this activity was to demonstrate that it is not easy to balance life but it is possible.
Balls activity – this activity was about having more and less priorities. Basically in our lives we need to get rid of priorities that are not important and concentrate on the important ones.

The lesson from the play was that there are boundaries between work and home, however work is likely to invade our personal lives and maintaining work life balance is not a simple task.
Now you have a visual representation of your current life balance and your ideal life balance. Where are the gaps? These are the areas of your life that need attention. There are certainly areas that are not getting as much attention as you’d like. However, there may also be areas where you’re putting in more effort than you’d ideally like.
Once you have identified the areas that need attention, it’s time to plan the actions needed to work on regaining balance. Starting with the neglected areas, what things do you need to start doing to regain balance? In the areas that currently sap your energy and time, what can you stop doing or reprioritize or delegate to someone else? Make a commitment to these actions.

In conclusion the team found the way forward to learn from life and balancing life. This is where we came up with the GROW model. The model below is showing the process to be followed when balancing life.`

We were engaged in an exercise, basically the exercise was to show that people are different. For an example you might find that you are a left brain person when you are the opposite depending on where you are. You can be a facilitator but actually you are an operator hence, we find ourselves thrown is situations.

Learning from Life

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it…” Really? How must I make time if I am a mother, wife, shepherd at church, manager, running a master rebuild centre in a male dominated industry? This type of questioning is time consuming….

I just loved the activities that the group presented on how to BALANCE LIFE. It was so relevant and had a symbolic meaning on each of them for me. The one where you need to balance the nails on one nail AND they are not allowed the touch the ground, that was just on the point for me on how we can use that in our lives. Its possible. You just need the prefect balance. The other activity was filling the bucket with balls, where the biggest balls represented the stuff most important in your life that your need to prioritize, and the small balls the not so important. Even though we were a bit confused on what they need to do, I could relate to the balls.

We also did this test, where we could see whether we were left or right brain dominant, do we like details or see the bigger picture. This was relevant to me as we grouped together with each person having a different trait. Some were investigators as they tend to do more research and want to see the details and making sure they have all the facts, but this was also developed because of the experience they had to go through. Where other are operators and other initiators. This was so profound to me, as the ladies were talking on why they are operators they like to do things themselves, get the ball rolling. Sometimes doing things themselves because they trust on how they do it then anyone else. And it got me thinking, I was like that. I was an operator but because of my experience and the way I had to develop and grow myself, I am now an initiator. I had to learn to let go and delegate and to me the initiator does not really have to be the go-getter, they just need to lead and drive the team to be the go-getters and making sure the task is done.

How funny on how we think life just happens. It is good to get a little perspective on why you do certain things and how you do it. And the end, as you develop and grow, you change on how you would operate and thus changes the way the were and see what you can become. But balancing life is ongoing, you not going to get it right the first time and think oh this is it. Balancing life and learning from life is inevitable… XoXo

Self Reflection

“Self-reflection is like looking into a mirror and describing what you see. It is a way of assessing yourself, your ways of working and how you study. To put it simply “reflection” means to think about something…” I think I had it wrong all along. To me it was looking in the mirror and telling yourself you are beautiful, you are strong, you are courageous, God loves me, I love me… BUT the meaning to self-reflection is much clearer now.

I must admit, I feel bad about my delta feedback to this group. The intend of their choice on how they chose to facilitate had a deeper meaning which I now understand. Self-reflection is now always a popular topic for some people. Sometimes you need to force people to do this because life takes way and you tend to forget the important things, what drives and motivates you. If you forget this, your life looses meaning. Deep ne?

It reminded me of a couple that we were shepherding a few years ago. Young, popular cell group leaders. The lead cell for the younger twentyz congregation. These groups like to socialize and always have plans together and still studies and parties and having fun. They were almost caught up in this as they started to drift away from one another (still dating at that time). They changed and were no longer intuitive with one another. We had to make a call and invited them for dinner at our house. So, we prepared the dinner, created a romantic feel and when they arrived, we left them there. Till this date they cannot thank us enough as we created that a-ha moment for them to just stop life and reflect. Reflect on their relationship, what was going on, where do they want it to go.

Best decision ever, they are married today, and my friend still says, if it was not for us, they wouldn’t be together today. It might be a stupid example, but that stood out for me on how important it is to reflect and how it can impact your life good or bad. So, insist on reflecting on yourself ever so often, more often than you use to, make self-reflection inevitable… XoXo

Working in Teams

I cannot believe the vibe this team has, its vibrant, looked so organized with the colour coded dress codes and playing music. They portrayed the qualities of good teamwork. They themselves seemed so confident and how the processed flow was really captivating for me. But apart from the great look and the perception they created, I did not really see how the game of Math 24 really brought out any qualities of how you need to work in a team. The game was about giving 4 numbers and when the 4th number was giving you needed to explain how using the 4 numbers you get to the number 24. This you can do by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. What was interesting though is that the first few rounds were easy, me not being a math enthusiast still had to count on my fingers while the others already had the answers, so we did not collaborate as a group together to work out the answers. But the harder it became, the more we started to seek help from one another to try and figure out how we can get to this number 24.

There was this great way how to outline what TEAM represented, Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). And this was exactly how the exercise was represented.

We further had the topics of what we think the following meant to us:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Teaching
  • Lecturing
  • Presenting
  • Gardening

I though to myself, what does gardening have to do with this? But as it was explained, gardening was the sum up of all of them. Just think how you would start off with gardening. Your plant the seed, keep it nice and cozy in the ground, you give it water and nutrients, you give it sunlight but also not so much to avoid total damage. Sometimes you help it along but giving it a stick to grow onto, caring for it, nurturing it and at the end you have helped developed it into this beautiful flower. Or if it was a fruit tree just imagine how proud you must be if started to bear fruit and you enjoy the juicy and fresh taste of it.

I am a picture person, I can visualize how am I being that little seed and with the right help and guidance, I can bear that fruit that could be well, juicy and fresh. You just need to have a little bit of imagination.

Once again, change is inevitable, especially on how we need to start looking at things differently to bring a little perspective… XoXo

Setting Goals

One a upon a time, in a big city full of dreams, there was a beautiful woman whose life was changed. Although she always had this goal to better herself in life and at work through the challenges she has faced every day, never had she thought that one day she would become the thing she never thought she will ever get to be, a student…

And that is how I would like to start my first blog, dramatic, unexpected and confusing to me, anyway. I was excited the day I get to hold my student card for the first time and bragging to everyone that I have officially become a student at the age of 30eish. Don’t say it can never be done. But to top it all, arriving late at your first day of facilitation class was not really the best way to start it off though. I have missed the first class of introductions due to previous commitments. Can I just add how quickly all this happened, one day and I am applying for my BA degree with an institute that finally meets my needs as a part time student, and within 2 weeks, voila your enrolled and now attending class. Talk about big changes and how I need to adapt to these new short-term commitments. Moving along swiftly…

I quickly caught up with the topic of Goal Setting as we were given the word HEALTH to discuss within our little late comers group. One of the ways you can ensure to validate your goals is to use the concept of SMART. This easy to use tool is also a great way to outline the requirements within a project. I already new how it worked as I have seen it at my company when I did the fundamentals training on Six Sigma. What I never thought is how you can use this tool in your every day life. Because isn’t every day a project on its own when you have to wake up, get the kids ready, drop them off, go to work, manage not to loose it because of all of the workload, leave work, pick up the kids, make dinner, get the kids to eat the dinner, bath time, book reading time and then they go off to bed. Then you still need to manage to find the time you and your husband can spend quality time together and keep it sane at the same time because everyone wants your attention, but are you paying attention to yourself. So why not use this tool in your personal life. Use the everyday tasks as little goals and use SMART as your checklist, is it Specific, can your Measure it, is it Achievable, is it Realistic and have you applied timing to your goal.

So even though my first observations of this class were not that great, I figured that I need to look at this with an open mind. Balancing life with health, family and work is not easy, but we shouldn’t let it get us down. Use the resources that could prepare you for what’s to come so it doesn’t take you by surprise.

And she lived happily ever after… Are you kidding me, I can’t wait to see the next presentation for the following week.  So, I will close off my blogs with my favourite quote from “The Avengers” … I am inevitable… XoXo

Learning from Life

Wow ,now this had an interesting sub-topic (balancing life). This was a very insightful and relevant piece of facilitation,the topic spoke to me as young working and schooling mom and wife.

It is not easy to find balance in our everyday lives, I myself have a very complicated week and i realized that it is because i am not a very organized person that is why i cant balance my life. but this presentation made me realize that it is important to manage and balance your life.

On the positive though,the topic itself is LEARNING FROM LIFE so that is my lesson from the whole presentation,the fact that we learn from life everyday and we are able to grow from fixing our wrongs. When one of the guys was explaining the how we can use our hours/time,i found it unrealistic but it made me realize that i do have a lot of time on my hands but i’m not using it accordingly.

Some how i realized that all the topics that Ros gave to us do connect,so I need to have SMART GOALS for me to be able to balance my life. I have to allocate time to my everyday goals according to their importance so time management is as important when one wants to grow….

working in Teams /Facilitation

In my head i thought facilitation is the same thing as presentation,so i thought i was here to work on my presentation skills because i am one person who can not stand in front of a crowd and present a topic without panicking.But i learned that facilitation is way more than just standing in front of people and presenting a topic.

I got my Aha moment when we were discussing the topic facilitation in class. When we had to define or differentiate:teaching,couching,presenting,mentoring and facilitation. I was so amazed to discover that facilitation is all that combined. A good facilitator needs a wide range of skills to make sure that the audience understands the concept and that there is participation and engagement from the audience.

And we had to read the stories,what got me is the fact we are facilitators in our everyday lives. From those stories i realized that a good facilitator does not impose their ideas but they make sure that the needs of other people are met and those people understand how those needs were met.

This topic about facilitation helped me to be patient with different people because we are all different characters. i also learned that feedback is very important,i should not always assume that people understand the same way….

Learning from life

This was a very interesting topic. The group presented it very well by creating a little drama showing the real life for women with multiple roles go through. Most women in the class could relate the woman in the drama who had pressure of being a mom who is studying, an employee with deadlines to meet, a wife to a husband who is not working, an  active church member and a sales lady. We are often faced with a lot of responsibilities as women and find it hard to find a balance .  The group that presented  gave us a very challenging activity of balancing 10 nails on one nail. It seemed impossible  and stressful in the beginning but with guidance we managed to get it right. The game taught me patience and tolerance. It only when I stopped stressing and focused that I managed to the trick right together with the group I was working with .

The interesting thing that we did which I really enjoyed was the assessment on brain dominance , sensory preference, information sorting styles and learning style. This activity helped me understand myself and what I need from other people in order to be the best I can be. I have leaned that I am 89% left brain which  means that I am sequential, time orientated and logical . I am more auditory than visual. I prefer detail over big picture. My  learning style are more of operator and investigator and less of initiator and Theorist.   

Learning from Life :)

For our group facilitation session we managed to explore the causes of stress and the various ways that might have been used to manage its impact. To promote the discussion and reflection on responses to stress we presented tools to build awareness and enabled conversations about stress with the audience.

For ice breakers we used the following to keep the 7 groups (involving the audience) 1) Stress Management – addressed the causes of stress and ways to manage it, 2) Diversity – shared experiences of feeling excluded and explored ways to build healthy communities, 3) Shaped By Our Past – discussed past experiences that shaped who they were today and 4) Getting to Know You – we had probing questions that helped get to their phobias, wishes and favorite moments of their lives and shared these with their groups. We got Physical, Built Relationships within groups we made, Improved Team Dynamics and most of all we had Fun!

The group continued with other activities and covered the most crucial areas of the topic being “Learning from Life _Balancing work and social life”. Life is a continuous learning experience. Throughout our lives we keep rising and falling, picking up important lessons along the way. Some of these lessons come from experience, yet there are others that we learn watching others, our children and from reading books. No matter how much we learn from the books there is a significant difference between practical and theoretical experience. Furthermore, there are many life lessons that we simply cannot learn until we face certain situations in our life. Most people would say that there are some lessons that come too late, catching us off-guard and unprepared.

Life balance seems is a topic on everyone’s mind lately. During the class discussion and presentation we discovered that “maintaining a healthy life balance in a not so perfect world is essential for happiness and well-being that it can boost a persons productivity and career success as well“. A well-balanced person has a far greater ability to focus their attention and energy on attaining their goals, taking productive actions and moving forward in a meaningful way.

The big question was, What does a life balance really mean? What would a balanced life look like to any of us? And most importantly, how do we go about achieving it in the midst of our crazy schedules? I learnt that there were steps that I can take to change what wasn’t working and get back some control and balance my hectic life. The key is not to try to change everything at once, but to make small adjustments over time to determine what works for me. Eventually I think I will have a whole new set of positive life habits …

The Saturday we were all waiting for came… and we did our best and achieved our goal… Yey!!!

Push lets go!!

Personal Reflection

Hello 🙂

This week’s class was a bit of an eye opener, the topic, “Personal Reflection” is quite unique as I kept asking myself the following question: What is self reflection?

The groups presentation and the facilitation afterwards covered my areas of concern in this manner: Self reflection is like looking into a mirror and describing what you see. It is a way of assessing yourself, your ways of working and how you study. To put it simply ‘reflection’ means to think about something. Even though the assessment section was rather painful as the group members were crucified by us observers and it a hard pill to swallow.

One of the most important things that the class missed was the fact that the group had an insightful topic and we all missed that because we were all looking for a perfect illustration. I for one, reflecting on myself for instance helps me to develop my personal skills and to review their effectiveness, rather than just carry on doing things the way I have always been doing them. It is about questioning the inner soul, in a positive way, what I do and why I do it and then deciding whether there is a better, or more efficient, way of doing it in the future.

In general, when we learn we can become stuck in a routine that may not be working effectively for us as individuals. Thinking about my own skills can help me identify changes that I might need to make. Although self reflection seems difficult at first and it is to be honest embarrassing to do, because it does not come naturally. I will keep on trying and hopefully with practice I will find it easier and I’m hoping that the end result would be a happier and get to meet an efficient ME.

The following weekend its our turn as a group to be on the hot seat!!!

Push …let’s go!!

Working in teams

It’s very important to learn to work in teams or with individuals who are goal driven. At work, we work in an environment that requires constant interaction with customers, contractors and the public at large. With the past complaints we have had in one area of our building, we kept receiving complaints about this and that not working, and as such are one of those individuals who don’t want to be at risk of losing our loyal visitors in our building. We strive to succeed, even though we cannot win always, we keep trying till we make it work.

At Wits, I am part of a community of those who are goal driven. We are all here for a reason, we want to get those qualifications so bad it like a bad heat rash. Working in teams has been a challenge for the past 3 semesters in this institution. This semester, I enrolled for a class in Facilitation and unexpectedly so, I have been placed within a group of 11 members. Our topic that we must present for in the next two weeks is “Learning from Life”. I knew we were set up to learn a lot from ourselves and from each other as different individuals. We were excited, afraid, some showed traces of maturity, in our group we have young and old students.

We are still learning or should I say trying to figure out what it is we will be doing to make our presentation meaningful and deliver food for thought for other groups to feed in, while we also take lesson from it. I guess we have to be creative as well _ I thought to myself. After class, we met as group to discuss a few pointers and because we were all over the place and had no direction. Matthew came to the rescue, the young man took off a lot of weight from our shoulders and he asked that we trust him to go and do some research while we also look for materials to use to add onto our preparation for the presentation.

We brain stormed a little further, but decided to meet up on Friday 09th Aug (Yes, a holiday), this was a sacrifice worth taking. These Saturday’s really can drain the leaving hell out of you, especially because we are used to being home…

Till we meet again on this spot… Push let’s go!!

Learning from Life: Week 6

I arrived late after the presentation was finished, and according to the manual week 6.  Presentation was about “Learning from Life” However  from the chalk board I saw “ Balancing life “ assuming they chose to write about Balancing life anyway, I have learned so many great lessons in life. We all have the list with some of the important lessons that had a great impact in our lives. There are more to come and I am ready, opened to them because if we do not accept that is why we end up having depression and all these sickness that we are scared to talk about them.

It is good to experience and accept all the challenges that come through. There are no mistakes, only lessons we need to master (Last class I learned and liked the statement “saying that things happened for us not the other way that we always say it happened to me. Lol!!).

If you learn from everything that happened for you, you will discover that there is no such thing as mistakes, only lessons to be learned. I have also learned “Forgiveness” is a gift that you give it to yourself, to be at peace, to be happy and to be able to sleep at night. You don’t forgive because you are weak but because you are strong enough to realize that only by giving up on bitterness will you be happy. If you hold on to poisonous thoughts like hate, anger, and resentment toward someone, you will end up poisoning yourself more than you poison the other person, and you will be very unhappy. In life you need to believe in yourself, nobody will. Don’t expect others to see gold where you can only see dust. If you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t believe that you are capable, a worthy human being, chances are that nobody will. You will act on that belief and people will treat you based on what you think about yourself, based on how you treat yourself and based on how you act and behave in the world.

Past weeks I was angry ,and had few challenges and felt that I need to go see the psychologist, and later I told myself you know what I am not going to the psychologist I will make sure that every day before leaving my home.  I am dressed up nice and beautiful. Guess what it is working for me because the beautiful outside is easy to influence the inner spirit. I am still continuing and I am happy till today.

Another lesson learned when I drive to work to work every day there is this guy who sells newspaper he stand in the middle of the road and everyday he will wave his hands up to greet and when I respond back I noticed that I wave my hand with a smile on my face. Lessoned learn is that everyone is important he is a stranger, however still makes me smile when I wave back at him.


Learning from Life- Week 5

I have always heard about a work- life balance but I personally am not good at this. The presenting group gave us a presentation focusing on balancing life. We live in such a fast paced society and all have such busy lives which was illustrated in one of the skits. As a mother, wife and student i could identify with this because it is the reality for many women. In our groups we were given 10 nails that had to be balance which i thought was an impossible task but alas we were able to and the point of this was to illustrate that we can achieve some sort of balance in our lives. The other illustration was done with ball- some were bigger(soccer) some were smaller( tennis). Two participants were asked to fill the two buckets with balls – as people we usually don’t have our priorities in check and take to take the small things and turn them into our main focus . There is so much can do with 24 hours but because we dont structure our days accordingly and waste time on things that dont matter

Learning from life

Try them all. If something doesn’t make sense in a book, try a video. If that doesn’t work, ask a friend. Keep exploring until you find what works.

Learning is like a muscle, if you don’t use it it becomes weak. And like building muscle, the secret is pushing it to failure. If you strain the muscle it becomes stronger. Over time, learning becomes easy.

I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” Success is a result of what you can learn, not what you know.

Let me explain. Technology and the world around is changing faster than ever. Something I KNOW today, may be irrelevant tomorrow. But as a lifelong learner, I can adapt to what comes

That’s what i learned after attending facilitation class.

Setting goals

Setting goals is the most important thing you can do in your life. Without goal’s you are going to have no direction, no ambition to be successful, no drive to stay in school, and trouble finding a career that will provide for you. Without these three things, achieving your goals is going to be one of the toughest tasks in the years to come. When setting direction to success you must make good choices on the path you are going to choose. The wrong path will put you somewhere that is going to take you off track from your goals. This path can lead to partying too much, getting lazy, and not going back to school. Not doing schoolwork is getting lazy. You must stay on top of schoolwork and not fall behind.

That”s what i learned in our facilitation class that setting goals is very important.

self reflection- Week 4

The mood is somewhat somber as you enter the room. We are placed in groups and find mirrors on our tables – whats up with that? i thought but as the presentation went on the significance of the mirror became more apparent and the mirror was no longer the mirror to just admire yourself and a look at the person starring back at you :-(. Having to face the hard truth of self reflection was a difficult experience because i had to ask myself difficult questions and answer them honestly, I was never ready but it had to be done. The fact that the presenting team even achieved a certain mood in the room was amazing and brought into the room the importance of the presentation- well done to the group . What stood out for me though was when the class was asked to give their opinion on the positives and negatives of the presentation. What happened after gave changed a whole new perspective on how to give critique- instead of saying what you were not happy about you let the person what would have made something even better!!!!!

Learning From Life

it was a good presentation although i felt like they could have done much more better in terms of being brainstorming and being whiled because the is a lot that you can actually learn from life and we have learnt a lot that could actually last us life time already. one thing that i enjoyed the most is when they spoke about family,career,studies and social life how they can affect my life and how i can learn from them.

it was one of those topics that require a deep thinking and self introspection in terms of what i have experienced,and did i learn from my experience? what lessons did my past experience teach me and i how did i use the learning experience going forward? i have also learnt that one of the principles of adult learning is that adult have a store of knowledge and experience that they bring to any learning situation.

Week 4: Personal Reflection

This week’s lecture was very deep and really made me emotional. The topic was Personal Reflection, which we’ve got different ways that we reflect. The group that was presenting had a nice set up of mirrors that really drew my attention when i entered the class, i started visualising what we would do with the mirrors since the topic goes hand-in-hand with them. The group then starter their presenting with an activity where we had to raise our hands with the questions they were asking us, one was “Who wants to be a millioner” I mean no one doesnt want that , we all rose our hands in the class (Lol). The aha moment for me was the moment when our Lecture thought his phone was ringing and she went to her bag only to find out that it was a ‘false alarm’ she then mentioned that his boyfriend has been calling her and then started to blush (lol) the class started laughing and it was a really nice moment to see her blush.

The second session got too deep where Ros (the Lecture) asked us to sit in our groups and do an activity which was about 1. What makes your greater and 2. what can make you even greater.The team mate had to answer these 2 questions about each one in the group and my God the activity really touched me cus when my team mates started mentioning those things about me, i got so emoional because alot of the things are thing that i have been told and have been hiding or not wanting to change (the things that would make me even greater). I swear we all asked ourselves if this was really Facilitation skills class (lol). I can link this to the detachment part where as a facilitator you need to care from an objective place, not be emotional attached. I need to create an open space and let go of being weary of people’s perception of me. We all need to follow the one law that says ‘there is a time to talk or a time to walk’ know your place.

Week 3: Working in Teams

This week has been a stressfull one, i have two classes on saturday that are clashing, so to my mind i would attend Facilitation class for the first 2 hours then move to the other class for the last hours. So i got late to class again (sad face) and then decided to go to the other class because  Facilitation class doors were locked.

As i was in the Economics class my mind was all over thinking about what is happening in the other class because i was missing the group presenting on Working in teams. I then went to Facilitation Skill class at about 11:30 and as i was entering class all eyes was on me, im sure people were wondering why is this lady so late, lol i was so embarrassed.

Moving right along, as i sat down i asked the lady next to me what they were doing and she told me we have to read stories that are in our course pack. i then started reading, im one person that enjoys reading but only want to read nice stories, so here i was checking for the nicest story. then boom i came across “The Dress Story” which caught my heart and i started reading it. This story was very relevent since it is August: Womens Month. I got motivated by our former First Lady “Zanele Dlamini Mbeki” who wanted to wear the same attire that the other guest speaker were going to wear(Voortrekker dress). this showed just how humble and down to earth she was, she did not allow fame and money change who she is.

The second story that i found interesting was the “‘The Bent Backs of Chang Dong’‘The Bent Backs of Chang Dong’. This story is about a woman(Emma) who had moved to a new place and noticed that all old people there walk bending, she tried asking them but the response would be that ‘it is just that old people become bent’ or that ‘the old people of Southern Sarkhan have always had bent backs’. This made Emma ask herself a lot of question, she then decided to get long reeds and started sweeping with it whiles the people were watching her. This made the old people to want the long reed that she was using,  This to me showed just how the saying “Action speaks louder than words” has an impact in our everyday life.

Personal reflection…

I don’t quite get the concept or if it really has that much of an impact in our daily lives…

But I guess, there is value in looking yourself in the mirror and asking yourself questions like

  1. What did you do yesterday, last week, last month or even last year?
  2. What did you learn from that experience?
  3. If given another opportunity, what would I have done differently?
  4. What am I doing today?
  5. How will it add value?
  6. How will I add value?

looking back from the first day to now…

Well, at fist it was all about the credits… things suddenly changed when i got exposed to the content of the course, the approach to the course and the class engagements..

The content is very rich and different compared to other courses. its a breath of fresh air. There’s a lot of interaction among ourselves as students and also we get to learn from each others experiences.

what interests me the most is when ones gets to facilitate a conversation, an activity and getting feedback from others on that particular task.

Week 6: Learning from life

Life is very interesting, challenging and enjoyable. The facilitation class this week touched on a topic that has been a major concern for me. I always thought that I was struggling to fit everything in my day because I lack time management skills. This class has set me free because I have learned and accepted that a day is not enough for someone like me who is working full-time, have a family, studying at Wits, trying to keep fit spiritually, physically and mentally. I do know what needs to be done to have a perfect life balance. I have accepted that I do not have a typical day and will never have routine activities. I keep a daily plan and continuously scratch out the activities that I have completed. Work-life balance does not exist, I believe in the theory of compensating for the time lost or stolen either at work or home. I have decided to make family time more meaningful and enjoyable. At work I leave my work station to work in an area where there’s colleague’s whom I don’t know. There’s no destructions and I manage to get a lot done. I wish the company that I work for can implement working from home policy, this will save me more time (2 hrs per day for traveling and 10 hrs per week which is 40 hrs per month that I spend on the road.


Week 5: Self reflection

I learned that self reflection is a powerful tool that one can use to hold an internal meeting within, looking at any situation that might be of concern and reflect on their actions, their emotions and what to do. I learned that a person grow emotionally by continuously doing an introspection and having positive self talk. The session that I enjoyed the most was giving each other a positive feedback (what makes you a great person in my eyes) in class and I tought my family to give each other a positive feedback continuously.

Learning from life

A group of special people this team had!!! I had an honor to be in the team with such unique and special abilities. At first the task given seemed impossible, the team consisted of a large number of people and we kept having opposing ideas on how we should approach the assigned topic. There were instances where i personally thought of giving up, “giving up can never be an option” the team kept reminding me. We struggled a bit with group dynamics, there were a few storming session wich were close to fist fights, one of the team members kept threatening to walk out should we not find ways to deal with our issues. Time keeping was a sore issue, i personally felt disrespected by those coming late for our meetings, a team member kept reminding of how not a big deal that was and that we must focus on the end goal “Now that everyone is here you maybe need to chill” i was told. The assigned topic challenged the group in so many ways, first we thought of sharing individual experiences but then we realised this will probably invoke emotions that are not safe for this space. The team ended up deciding on work and life balances and creative minds began to flow, what an experience this exercise was!!! I think i fell in love, for the lack of a better word, i truly fell in love with how we managed to put the content together to facilitate in class. I am truly humbled to have been part of this team!

Week 2: Setting Goals

So here I am sitting in this class not knowing or having an idea of what’s happening, since it is my first time attending, I missed last weeks class so I am feeling so lost and having so many questions. What is even worse the lecture locks the door for late comers and I happened to be one of them (lol) like who expects part-time students to have class on a Saturday at 8:30.

As the door was opened for us to enter, we were told to sit at the back of the class and form our own group. the lecturer then explained why she locks the door during facilitation sessions (made sense now) moving right along the class proceeded I was still lost because the pace they were moving on (OMG) really got me feeling like I’m in the wrong place, class continued until it was break time. The first group was presenting on SETTING GOAL, (that i mostly struggle to do, more expecially on time) the presentation was not so bad since it was the first group and it really taught mer alot. Looking at the stress level i am in currently, with School, Work and personal life, i really have to set goals for my life hey.

During our break time I had the opportunity to meet one of the students who had attended the last week class and she started to explain what had happened and how she is doing Facilitation skills to get her 18 points and graduate, I really envied her because I still have a long way to go (lol).  The class was very nice as we continued, it started to make sense and make me understand. So now i know what exactly does Facilitation Skills course do and what is expected from us in order to pass the module. i think i took it light because i just thought we will be sitting and just listening to the lecturer, whereas there is so many to do hey. First Day of class was not that bad after all hey.


Life is the greatest test we will ever have to write……….

In my years on earth I have already learnt so much and written so many chapter in my book. I have written a chapter on loss and the pain of losing someone, how to get used to never hearing their voice, laughter again. I have written a chapter on overcoming adversity, such as losing everything you materially own and starting afresh. I could write my favourite chapter, the chapter of finding love that finally makes sense.

this week I reflect that a life that is fully lived is a life that is complete. By fully living, one has to appreciate the good and the bad that life throws at you because every second is interconnected, it teaches us something.

A chaotic life is also counterproductive, what I took away from this class was the value of balancing my life to maximise my time and truly be present in every moment. this can require some detachment, using the 4 principles of detachment are great tools and the key to enjoying life to its full potential.

Life is Life, it comes with challenges in all spheres of our lives, but the true test of character is how we deal with the challenges.

Learning from Life

Well, it is a particular and most enjoyable phenomena that one can do for them-self. Learning from every encounter that I have had could possibly have had lead me to greater and finer places in life. Each and every day you are having experiences, and you choose what to do with them.
The wisest people are the ones who see every experience as an opportunity to learn. Smart people can transform even the smallest experiences into lessons that drive them to become better at everything they undertake in the future. The group facilitators taught me why it is important to balance life in a busy environment that we are constantly living in. It is a wonderful thing to balance life and learn from the experiences that we find ourselves in.

Week 5: Learning from life

This past week’s presentation and facilitation was especially welcome, I think everybody could relate in their own way. Balancing life’s demands is what will separate those who are great and those who are mediocre.

I struggle with the balancing act myself, there’s just so much going on, particularly this period, submissions on submissions! It helps to have a schedule and to plan time according to what needs my attention- prioritizing is key, as stated by our presenting group. Luckily for me, I’m not as busy as some, who might have families of their own or spouses, or pets- all commitments that cannot be ignored… Even so, I am under a lot of pressure to perform well, graduate, and move along to greatness…

Reflecting back on the presentation and going through what I’m going through with all the deadlines and demands from life, my aha moment came when I just felt so overwhelmed by everything that I decided to step back and watch an episode of The Throne *shocked monkey emoji* OOOPS lol. Anyways, I realized that I was investing too much energy in what the possible outcomes of my limited time would be. Instead of stressing and worsening my anxieties, I decided to step back and clear my mind with an enjoyable activity- while I don’t promote procrastinating, I do suggest taking some time out to just breathe, good mental health is important for staying on top of your game. Staying on top of my game requires me to be in a good space and for me, a part of that is doing things I enjoy once in a while..

Week 6 Learning from Life

Sometimes we all get so busy that we forget the important things in life. Between work, studies and gym, it doesn’t leave much time for much else. Work alone takes up most of my time and its extremely difficult to find a good balance in life.

But having some sort of balance in life is really important. Recently I’ve learnt to take a step back, relax and take it easy. It’s been an extremely stressful 3months with a lot going on but I’ve learnt not to put so much pressure on myself and others for the aim of perfection. As more of an operator, I tend to take over due to impatience and trust issues. I’ve noticed that taking a step back, delegating and allowing others to do things differently also makes my life easier and improves their growth opportunities. Everyday is a learning curve, one never stops learning no matter how old they are

Week 4: Functional Story Telling

I came across an amazing TedxTalk on YouTube this week. It had all the Aha moments!! I came across it while doing some research for our group presentation, which will be on Story Telling.

It can be accessed here:

This TedxTalk goes into the science of how story telling works. It explains the hormones involved, and what kind of mental states they bring about. I was blown away by the fact that there’s an actual science behind the emotional states caused by stories- it now makes sense how social media, electronic marketing and marketing in general are able to make us want things, make us want to do things. I hope it’s as eye-opening for others as it was for me. When someone tells me a story now, or even if I listen to a song or see an advert, I’m conscious of what strategy might be at play and what the motive may be for the way it’s portrayed.

Week 3: Gardening

So my biggest take away from the last study-session this past week is that gardening is a beautiful analogy for teaching. We were discussing the difference between facilitating, coaching, mentoring, teaching, lecturing, presenting and gardening in groups. It clicked in our little discussion that gardening is actually a great analogy for the process involved in education people, regardless of the method used. When gardening, you first prepare the soil, then you plant the seeds, then you water them, tend to them, fertilize, make sure they get sunshine, make sure weeds don’t colonize, then you reap the produce of all this work. It’s very much like any form of educational process- the ‘student’ needs to be prepared, a foundation given, developed, nurtured on the path and guided toward the desired outcomes.

Another great takeaway from the lesson was a challenge. the challenge is to keep a journal and to judge others by their intent and judge myself by behaviour- not the other way (which is the default). We judge others by their behaviour and judge ourselves by intent- the aim of the challenge is to afford others the same leniency and kindness we have for ourselves and to hold ourselves to a higher standard of behaviour. I’m excited to see how it goes. I’m reminded of this every time I interact with someone and find myself let down or upset- since the lesson, I now try to be more kind to others and hold myself more accountable. generally, people mean well- generally not always, life just gets in the way sometimes, things get lost in translation- many  things happen to take away from the original intent but I’m hopeful that looking for the best out of people will lead to better experiences 🙂

Week 2: Taking Charge

So its not really week 2 but I need to compensate for the missed session right? here goes..
I’ve been doing a little reflecting and I’ve realized from interacting with the course-pack, seeing how the Facilitation Skills course is organized, that I have been fairly passive for most of my academic career. While I have earned the credits for the respective modules and progressed from level to level and course to course- I haven’t fully taken charge of my development as a student in the way that I’d like or perhaps in the way that I think I should have. I have sort of allowed the journey to consume me and drag me along, when its me who should be directing the tide, calling the shots so to speak..
themes I associate with my academics and academics in general are shame, performance anxiety, pressure (to know it all), time constraints…
This week has been an eye opener, this semester is jam packed and has required that I put in extra effort to finish my degree than I ever have..
I’m using apps, reminders, daily revision, extra reading, lecturer consultations and communication, participation and involvement in class, preparation all collectively in an effort to be better academically speaking.
the Aha Moment was on Tuesday evening when I was looking at my calendar for August. Seeing all my commitments, upcoming submissions and my time schedule for completing everything- It clicked that I’m in control- more so than I’ve ever been…

Week 1: Embarking on this journey

Right now I feel ambivalent. One the one hand, I’m pleasantly surprised by the openness of the space in the class and the way the session is being conducted. I’ve been here for all of 20 minutes just by the way.. – so, I like the general energy so far. On the other hand however, I’m concerned  about missing the first session, which was held last week. Registration and admin delayed me and my access to information regarding the logistics of the class. Anywhooo, I’m really excited to be a part of this, its super interactive and you’re sort of forced to participate authentically- it should be enriching for everyone. Yay!
Interesting- I think this is one of the most diverse classes I’ve been a part of at wits, class, race, ethnicity, AGE, outlook etc. Of course the fact that its’s a Wits Plus class means that the students will generally be older but I guess I hadn’t really prepared for it- it’s a bit of a culture shock interacting with the rest of the class so intimately, its something we don’t generally do in other courses. We hardly share personal experiences in the way I think we will here.
Aha moment: Be open. to the experience, to learning, to doing things differently. Its very apparent that I will be pushed to execute the course differently from any other academic course I’ve done..which is AMAZING!

Learning From Life

Week 5- Learning from Life

Life is unpredictable, with a ll the plans on the pipe line, I so excited driving to JHB Wits ME? unexpected hindrance, coughing sneezing, feeling cold and hot at the same time. I became so discouraged when looking at my face Oh my God my mouth! I cant come out of the the room unless I want to upset every one on my way.

There I miss a class which I never thought I would till the end of the semester. So agitated now. I am looking at the time, oh by now I should be entering into the class with few minutes left to commence the class. Now the presentation is heating up the room. I wonder whats going to happen when its my group s turn I cant wait. I am so inspired by all the groups that have already rendered their presentation.

Its not been easy missing just 1 class Week six, I am there with full force

Learning from Life – Maintaining a balance

Great job done by the presenting team on Saturday who used a slightly different approach of role playing with a big splash of humour to bring their message across. I thought they showed creativity and they succeeded in demonstrating the problems all of us have in trying to juggle a number of responsibilities and fulfil multiple roles in the limited resource of time.

I was also impressed with the manner in which TIME as a limited resource was broken down into how many hours we as humans have in a week and how these hours should be used. The exercise which followed the time available explanation involved two students needing to fill a container with balls was a great demonstration of this. The message I took from this was the need to allocate one’s time to the more important functions in your life first. It really spoke to the concept of prioritising correctly.

Why is it that certain people who have senior roles within their workplace and fulfil the function of parenting, still have the ability to run the comrades marathon every year? This with none of their responsibilities being neglected. I would believe that these people would in most cases be experts at time management.

Personally I have identified a number of ways in which I am able to stretch out my available time. These include:

  • Leaving for work early in the morning which alleviates the challenges I would otherwise have with peak hour traffic
  • Arriving early for work also means leaving early in the afternoon giving me about 2 extra hours in the day
  • Going to gym or for a run during my lunch hour which provides me with extra time at the end of the day
  • Avoiding spending excessive time watching television. Allocate a fixed time for this. Also, it may be possible to mix up your tv leisure time with the performance of exercise

So what do the 4 examples above which demonstrate time saving opportunities really mean in my life? Well, these have provided with the time I need to focus on aspects which have not being getting the necessary attention. I am able to give the necessary attention to family, complete assignments which are for my part time studies at Wits University and also ensure that I have sufficient “Me” time where I am able to socialise with friends.

Ultimately, life is about attaining the correct level of balance. Identify what is important to you personally and ensure that those aspects are given priority. However, be mindful about creating a balance to ensure that life’s pressures do not impact on you personally or on your family. Time should be made for your Family, Career, Academic pursuits, Health (e.g. sport), Religion and Social Life.

Week 5-Learning from Life

Preparation is key to almost everything, this group is simply amazing, they really applied the team work strategy and the SMART principle as their goal was to deliver the content and engage with audience, I must say I was really ompressed by the tools they used to bring the topic to life.

My aha moment was when one of the group members broke down hours to us…Geez we actually have so much time and we do not realise… my highight should really be about the balls that were displayed simply to indicate PRIORITIES in life.

I woke up this morning with so much to do, I have a new induction starting today, I had to get my blog done for the week, and my dad is ill had to ask my lil brother to take him to the Doctor had so many transaction to make and a relationship to maintain as it is still new, gosh… I have an assignment that is due on Saturday too plus Our group is presenting in two weeks time infact next weekend, so everyone has been assigned a task to prepare on and already I am panicking…all of this is LIFE. Life is what happens while making other plans

I reflected on myself and I rejoiced the opportunity I have to be in this course, every weekend I am anticipating to see what value I can again add to my life. I made a quick list of my daily activities and jotted down what to begin with. I am now home, just haad a cup of coffee and I must say today went so smooth and I am hoping that my dad recovers quickly. I’m just doing my blog now…and I have so many things to say.

I am a left Brainer and I focus on the Bigger Picture I am simply an Operator….I really enjoyed that activity if only we could stop being personal sometimes but hey such is life, you llve and you learn.

Week #6 Learning from life

Suffocate – this word comes to mind when I think about balancing my day… let alone living a balanced life. It is hard to be a parent: a student, an employee, run a part time business, a friend, a child, a partner and an active church and a community member. Sometimes one has to be this super person all in one day.

This team’s facilitation piece spoke to me in more ways than just their presentation. I find myself juggling a lot and forgetting to pick the most important one and let the order of the day play it out nicely as planned. Sometimes we get so involved in everyone’s business and we forget to take care of number one, which is self. I had to look deep into my reflection and speak to my self and learn to prioritise, and unlearn some of the bad habits, that put me last.

The Learning from life team opened my eyes as to how many hours in a day one gets… as from now on, I will never take that for granted, I am learning to plan and I promise myself to try harder to stick to my plan, even if I end up hurting others in the long run as long as my plan works out, I will be able to archive more.

Telfer and Ross made me realise something very important from the class activity today, I have learned the it is okay to be different and we should not try to always fit in, but just be accommodative, we are all different but have common goals to archive, it this case is to pass, Thank you guys. I am really starting to learn smart and I am using all your contribution to my day to day life.

We learn best from experience, reading through David Kolb 4 stages made me realise that one ends to keep at it, learn more and get better.

Overall, the 24th of August 2019 class to me was more of a life experience, I know where to start and what to do when I get there, keep moving, no matter what.

#Life is all about balance, You don’t always need to be getting stuff done.
Sometimes it is perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back and do NOTHING.

Learning from Life – Balancing Life

The week leading to Saturday, the 24th of August was a reflective week for me, I had enough time to assimilate all learning experiences gained in class. With my partner and I having bought a new house and as much as we had a budget for our renovations, we found ourselves stripping the house naked…removing old carpets, windows, doors, tiles, bathroom accessories, garden and paint work. All this meant giving the construction company deadlines in order for us to reach our goal timeously, working in teams, spending more money than we anticipated and this caused some sort of financial distress to the household. Well… we all know that having unclear financial goals can be one the reasons for divorce and I wasn’t about to let unexpected renovation cost ruin our lives.

In all of this, we both needed to stick to the ultimate goal, which was to ensure that the house is complete for us to move in soon. I must say… I learned a lot from this situation. As partners we have to give each other space to reflect and deal with the situation, we have to be cognisant of each others feelings and how finances affect us as a couple. After reaching out to each other and talking about it, we were optimistic about situation and came up with ways to handle it better.

On Saturday, I woke up ready for class, my intention was to make it on time but again life happened and I was late missing 10 mins of the beginning of the presentation. I remember standing outside and having a FOMO. I knew instantly that I will not be late for another class ever. When I eventually joined the class, sitting and listening to the presentation I realised that I needed to balance my life and manage my time wisely. Yes, I was late for a valid reason but I have to stick to my own plan. Another thing that stood out for me was the results of my online assessment. When Telfer did the class exercise with us it was incredible to see which criteria was most dominant. I remember emphasising to my group that my “Aha” moment was the fact that we are shaped by our past. I was never dominant as an investigator or theorist. I was always an operator and my business experience shaped me and I started doing things differently from how I used to do them. It is true, we learn from our experiences.

What I took away from this class is that we are unique, complex and special…that my left brain is more dominant and my partners right brain is more dominant and can avoid unnecessary conflict. I remember having a chat about it over breakfast on Sunday morning as I was sharing my class experience with him in order to help him understand our differences . I also learned that our learning styles change depending on our experiences and where we are in life, that where I am now is precisely where I need to be and what I need to do. I just have to be open-mined enough to strike – a – balance, be flexible, accommodate different personalities and be cognisant of my audience as well as apply my positive learnings optimally.

Life is beautiful and indeed a journey that is meant to be enjoyed.


Where do I even start! The build up to our group presentation gave me a glimpse of what I would be talking about on Saturday.

I got into a car accident on Wednesday 21st August and I saw myself trully balancing life… on the go! My 5 year old son was at the back in his car seat, thank goodness he came out unharmed both physically and emotionally. What followed the incident was ensuring that I see my car being towed away, dropping my son off at creche, heading to the police station to report the accident, heading to work and filling up the documentation for insurance purposes… As if that wasn’t enough I had show viewings and a studio recording… and finally, my media assignment was due that evening… I honestly never thought I could handle such, but what kept coming to mind was the setting goals presentation and their smart approach… I must say, the Facilitation class should really be renamed…. It’s sooo much more than what is seems to be… a tool to tackle the most challenging times I have encountered in 2019…

Fast forward to Friday afternoon when we met up as a team to go over our presentation before class on Saturday. Let’s just say we left campus at 20:30 and my sleep was disturbed by my brain subconsciously going through my lines… Saturday came and we gave it our best. Honestly what this exercise taught me was to learn to understand other people’s perspective at all costs… The feedback we got from the group was mostly what we had discussed at our debriefing session… Am glad it’s over, now I can focus on my blogging 🙂

The aha moment for the day was the brain dominance activity, going through all the other points it made me realise there is no one set of left brained people for example who share the exact same character traits, we are all mixed and matched, making us more complex beings, but in turn forcing us to learn to understand each other from the other person’s perspective…

Learning from life/Balancing Life!

I am a mother, a Wife, a student, a manager, a friend, a counsellor to my friends and family friends when they are at their lowest. As a woman we always encourage ourselves to go on even when it is not easy. This message came across in today’s facilitation class and need I say, I could relate in all angels. The question asked was can we balance 10 things in life at once? Yes is the answer, I mean I am already juggling more than one thing at a time. But how can I better manage those tasks? What really stood out for me is the breakdown of hours during the week and on weekends:

  • Mon- Fri Total of 126 Hours
  • 6 Hours of sleep
  • Mon- Fri Total of 126 Hours
  • 2 Hours of travel
  • 8 Hours remaining to split into 10 different tasks.

I then reached a conclusion as to why I at times do not always complete my tasks at a specified time, I need to better manage my time. This I can do by analysing the importance of each task then allocating the time needed to complete those tasks.

This was an Aha moment for me especially because the role that I am doing is unstructured and as a result I am constantly multitasking which results in me not completing given tasks at times. I also realised that my prioritising needs quite some work, I tend to start with the least important tasks reason being those might be the easiest at times and end up not allocating enough time the most important tasks.

This will help ease some stress and which will lead to better productivity at work. Not only that but this will allow me to have enough time with my family and have enough time allocated to my studies. Obviously unforeseen circumstances do happen but this for me is a start.

I have come to realise that when studying there can be a Social life and I look forward to applying these changes in my life in order to better enjoy my work and squeeze in some time for Myself, Socialising and Family.


Personal Reflection

What is personal reflection?

(1) Personal means one’s own. (2) Reflection means thought, consideration or meditation.

I believe that in life… experience is the best teacher. I have learned and realised so much about my self over the past years and my journey to self development is constant work in progress. I recall all my adversities and thankful because I grew and gained strength from my experiences. At times, when I go through trying times, I fail to look beyond the furnace but in hindsight, the furnace forces me to grow and look at my situation from a different angle. With maturity, I have learned to step outside, measure and observe the person that I am deeply, with positive or negative criticism. In so many instances it’s easier to find someone else to blame but when I take the time to be alone, reflect and reach deep inside my soul, the results are rewarding.

Being a person who is always in touch with my soul and emotions, after I closed down my franchise business I went through a disturbing period where I felt all sorts of confusing emotions. Not only did I close the business but my relationship with the franchisor went on a negative path where I was demeaned, exposed to endless verbal abuse and blamed for my failure. I remember feeling helpless and stagnant. I felt like the whole business failure blew up in my face because I didn’t go into business to fail but with an intent to be successful. I lost a great deal of money and my world was slowly turning upside down and I knew this because it started affecting my family. This was my turning point, I was weak but highly aware of changes that were happening, I was losing myself and immediately went into a self correction mode because I refused to stay in a dark pit. This was when I had a revelation and became true to myself. I sought professional help and had the opportunity to dig deep into my core finding myself again.

My psychologist assigned different tasks that helped me reflect and meditate deeply in order to find my light again and at this point I was reminded of the importance and benefits of self – reflection. I regained my strength and zest, faced all my challenges and pulled myself out of the pit .

Being out of the pit meant putting myself first, claiming back the confidence that I had lost, always speaking my truth, being truthful to myself and not being a slave to fear anymore. My reflective moments led to my revival and in each and every situation or challenge that I am faced with, I resort to stepping out of my bubble, analysing, criticising and observing myself because I know myself better than anyone and the journey to self-development continues.

My self – awareness has improved and I have learned to be present in my moments in life. I take a break from suffocating challenging experiences, calm myself, perceive it differently and look for positivity and this turns it around. Through it all…when I look into my mirror, I love seeing the person that is staring back at me. I fall in love with who I am everyday through personal reflection.

Learning from Life- Balancing Life Presentation


As we walked into class we were sorted in groups. Each group has small pink boxes placed on the desks. I was intrigued. The members in the presenting group introduced themselves and the activity which followed. The activity composed of a series of different questions which was hidden inside the pink box. The objective of this activity was to answer one randomly selected question about ourselves as honestly as possible – to enable the members of each groups to get to know each other and thus creating a more comfortable environment. The main goal of this activity was to be a ‘ice-breaker’.

The question which I selected was, ‘ How do you spend your summer?’ my answer was at the Beach. I actually enjoyed this exercise – I felt that the members in group were real and answered ethically. It was indeed an ice- breaker for me. The presenting group then demonstrated a scenario, of a mother juggling responsibilities in her life, having kids to take care of , being the sole bread winner, managing the household duties, being a student. I felt that the scene also indicated role expectation. The above scene did not relate to my life personally, but I do feel that many women around the share a lot of similarities with the above scenario. I thought it well organised and demonstrated. It also indicated the importance of balancing your responsibilities and duties in life.

The next activity relating to balance was attempting to balance 10 nails on a nail. This specific required commitment and effort of each member in our group. The 10 nails on a nail was meant to illustrate the possible 10 challenges which we are faced with in life and balancing each nail/ goal and or responsibilities you can accomplish anything. I loved the concept of GOAL- each acronym relating to specific aspects of life such as,

G- Grow- what is your goal and how will help and add to your life. It should be well thought out, clear. You should commit to it and consider a starting point, effort and results required. O- Options- which goal is the most important ?, find your balance in order avoid stress. A- Wrap up / Action- Be organised, make sure you have a game plan L- Learning experience.

I learnt that it important to focus your attention on your main goals in life. Your environment and mental stability is plays vital role in you actually achieving your goals. Personally most of the time I want everything to go according to plan and accomplish my goals in given time frame. I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieving the specific results and I don’t really give myself a break. I feel like this presentation help me to put things which I am currently working on into perspective. I need to find my balance, set boundaries so that my personal and family relationships aren’t effected and lastly create more healthy environment for myself.

After the presentation we discussed the online exercise relating to the Brain Dominance Patterns, Sensory Preferences, Information Sorting Styles, Learning Styles and Motivational Preferences. The are in fact different sectors of the brain that work together and contribute to each others effectiveness. I honestly found this exercise detailed and so interesting.

Week 6-Learning from life

Todays class thought me that I’m not alone, as a mother who has to juggle family life, work life, social life and school. Some even have a lot on top of that. We all have to manage out time and learn to prioritise the important things first while making sure that our family life doesn’t suffer as well.It was fun how the facilitating team demonstrated to us. I also enjoyed the personal mystery assignment, some of the findings about myself where quite accurate and some i felt that it really depends on different situations at some point. I learnt that we are all different and unique, as a facilitator you need to be able to work with diverse individuals and also have the ability to accommodate them in their uniqueness. Left brain or right brain-we all have unique qualities, combined we make a great team..

Learning from Life

Fun class and great activities. Being a mother, in fulltime employment and lover of things, I realised that I cannot get to it all and to everyone. Sleep has become the order of the day when I can squeeze in an hour or two. This group demonstrated this well with their skit. Well Done.

The night before we had to do a test that determines the type of personality you have by answering a series of questions. I discovered that I am a right brainer. Meaning that I tend to see the whole picture (true), I enjoy music and the arts (super on point), I’m quite animated – form mental pictures when I read or talk (so accurate), highly intuitive (YEBO) and love forming and maintaining relationships (yessss). I do NOT like rules and deadline, yet my life is a series of such :(.

My scores from the self-test further highlighted that I am an Operator. Yes baby, that I am. Apparently Operators enjoy being involved in new experiences and comfortable with new challenges. They are open to new ideas and get bored with procedure and detailed implementations. We tend to act first and deal with the consequences later (accurate). Enjoy working with others and prefer to centre activities on themselves.

This was a great follow up from the previous class of “PERSONAL REFLECTION”. We had an opportunity to discover our true intrinsic selves. LOVED IT!

Learning from Life

AKA Balancing Life. I enjoyed the skit enacted by this team – I could personally relate as a mother, student, employee, intentional Christian/disciple, daughter, friend, etc… Today’s lesson showed the importance of prioritizing. The team shared how in order to have a perfectly balanced life, once needed to allocate approximate 40 minutes to activities which mattered to them after work, travel and sleep had taken their share. An obviously unrealistic target, the ultimate lesson was, as I encapsulate it, that we should seek harmony – in some seasons, some areas of life will demand more from you that in other – it is important to give attention to what is necessary when it is necessary.

This, I have learnt, requires discipline, being comfortable with being unpopular and giving weight to the things that matter… This is a tough lesson for me as embedded within my personality is pleasing people and gaining their approval. It has led to much dissatisfaction as I often pursue the aims of others or allow war to wage within me from forces external to me – be bother by things which are not truly MY priority. I hope to gain confidence in this, especially as I work toward the end of my first academic qualification. I need to find that harmony that resonates with ME.

Arg…. reflective lesson this one… more so than Personal Reflection, lol *hides*

Learning from life

It was a great class today and what stood out for me was time management activity. It was so relevant for me because I am always running after time. I am looking forward to trying this out.

The other aha moment or was the exercise that talks to the brain dominance pattern, sensory preferences, etc for me they were so correct about me. This made me reflect and to want to work on it because sometimes one tends to forget these things.

I have in love with this course and thank you, Ross, Telfer and my classmates you have contributed to my life enormously. By the end of this course, I will be viewing and dealing with things differently.

Personal Reflection

This was a wow! the moment for me to learn about self-reflection. To know about what is true self-reflection and its benefits which I didn’t know about.

I was also happy to know what makes me great to other people which was accurate. Moreover, to know about what I have to improve it was incredible ☺☺. The fact that I came to this class for credits that have changed completely.

To understand “The balcony and the dance ” good concept that helped me to study the dynamics of situations at hand. It works because you become so relevant 👌👌.

Thanks to the group who presented this topic.

Learning from life

This is one of those topic that are a reminder about your life. As the group was presenting it just took me back and reflect about my personal life. I have learned to reflect at all my accomplishment in life and also the trial and tribulations I went through which made me a better person I am today.  I have learned that we learn about life in so many ways, through story telling, through experience and from other people’s lives. . Learning from life concept reminded me that I have to balance my life. I adopted the Wheel of Life tool which helps you to visualize all the important areas of my life and know which once that needs attention. The tool helps you to find life balance in terms of health, romance, career/work, parenting, Spirituality, social, development and wealth.


Living is an assignment, learning is an examination and learning from life is a test. One should learn from his/her own mistakes, because if you never made a mistake; it means you never tried anything new. Being observant is one of the risk control protocols that can make you the risk champ. Learning from life is all about understanding other people’s differences and responding fruitfully to what you understood to build a spirit of encouragement. We learn from life to examine ourselves and participate to create an environment of learning and growing. Living is learning,life is a difficult journey. The pillar of our lives is our strength, what matters most is not how many time you fell, it’s a matter of how many times you wake up and put yourself together when you have fallen. The facilitating team emphasized the phrase “balancing life”. Their play indicated as if it is impossible to balance life, but the theme was deviations have to take place for life to be balanced. I learned to learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow because the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Setting Goals Presentation- Second Class

My team and I presented today! I like how the team pulled together and how well we connected and relied on each other as we delivered our presentation.  The experience was surreal and the presentation went well,  beyond anticipation.  The feedback was encouraging from my fellow colleagues and they were kind and constructive during the feedback session, that was a warm experience.

I learned something new about myself, I learned that I can work in a group, I just need to trust people more. All it took was preparation, sharing the load and executing as agreed. Combining different experiences and strengths is key when working in a group. This was a good start, my overall fears about this course have diminished.

The importance of setting goals is so relevant to my current situation, I have been procrastinating when it comes to my studies, I have been committed to my work life, doing my job with diligence, working long hours. I neglected investing in my personal growth and it took courage to finally step up and prioritise myself .  This year I set two personal goals, one of them is studying towards my degree and I’m delighted I have started executing both goals. The wonderful thing about this course is its relevance. I don’t have to wait for the course to end, each lesson can be applied in my daily life.

Overall I am looking forward to achieving my goals especially graduating and it all starts here.

Exciting times ahead! Nombeko

Personal Reflection

This morning (17/08) started off on a bad note. Two accidents on the highway as I make my way to varsity created a massive delay on N12. In my haste to get to Wits on time, I picked up a speeding ticket and eventually arrived late for clazzy and was locked out of class missing out on the presentation.
Together with a few other students, we had to stand outside for a few minutes before being allowed in the class and made to stand in what I referred to as the naughty corner.
We could not participate in the discussions and had to wait until the entire presentation was done. Listening to the discussions and comments by the various teams made me realize that nothing in life happens without a reason and one needs to continuously reflect on your life focusing on the lessons to be learned from every experience.
What really hit home during this lecture was the group comments on what makes you good and greater.
This from my perspective was an indication that people don’t have to know you as a person to draw a conclusion about your personality.
In my team, safe for one person, we were virtually strangers and yet we would make statements about each other that was so spot on that one would believe we knew each other for a long time.
The ‘woow’ moment came when the ‘balcony and dance floor’ principle was introduced and demonstrated by the facilitator that I all of a sudden realized the importance of looking at situations from the top…even your own lives all of a sudden start to get a different shape.
Looking back at how I grow up in a big family with little resources to our disposal and that which we acquired was virtually stolen from us by the application of the apartheid laws. At times we had to run through alleys to avoid being arrested for being in town after six in the evening.
Looking back today, reflecting on the memories of the past, the disappointments, harfsi, the good and the bad times as well as the achievements and successes, make me realize that I’ve been molded into a responsible and considerate character. By realizing my dreams I’ve learned to move away from the bad memories without bitterness.
Life is much more than yourself and your position. For me it became more important to make a difference in the life of others and to be a positive inspiration and influence. By so doing I’ve realized that I have so much more to give back to society and so fulfill and accomplish my dreams.

To my fellow team members…thank you for believing in me.


Facilitation Course: 1st Class

Its the first day of Facilitation Skills, wow! the class is big and daunting.  I have no choice I really need this break I think to myself. I pick my spot carefully and settle in. What is this course about? I wonder as I reach for my note pad and pen. Oh wow! its time to stand up and chit chat, I was not ready for that. Not so bad, I’m getting the hang of this. Groups! what? I’m not a group person, I just want to learn and study on my own. We definitely getting into groups, I have to interact and participate in class. 

I have to admit, I am enjoying myself. This is not what I expected. Guess what?I am in the first group to present, are you kidding me! How did that happen? One week to prepare, how are we going to pull that out? don’t we need to get to know each other first, know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and all, before we can happily put a presentation together. Talk about hitting the ground running, I cant say I am enthusiastic about that at all.  What an experience, loving it and nervous at the same time.

Mixed Feelings. Nombeko


17 August 2019 – Facilitation Skills – Fourth class (Personal Reflection)

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this class. This was due to a conflicting class which was scheduled on the same day as facilitations. It was very difficult for me to choose, as I know that both these classes are of importance. Personal reflection based on my understanding is an opportunity to reconsider events, thoughts and feelings from a fresh perspective. One of my kind group member provided me with feedback from class – we were requested to blog on our strengths, weaknesses, needs and wants, challenges and solutions.
Strengths – tolerant, kind, understanding and hardworking 
Weaknesses – because I am kind, easily hurt by people’s nastiness. I am extremely emotional
Needs and wants – need is for basic necessity, want to be extremely rich so I do not have to work anymore hahahaha
Challenges – waking up early every morning to go to work
Solution – to work harder to qualify and find better opportunities to reach my goal/want 


Positive self-reflection is a balance of who you see yourself as now and who you see beyond right now. You blend who you are with who you want to be… with love. Always love

When last did you reflect on yourself? That was a question I struggled to answer but I remembered every Saturday we reflect on one thing or another in this class. This got a bit uncomfortable when I had to look in the mirror, was I comfortable with the person looking back. I was but she needed to do more about finding her smile again, the bags under her eyes couldn’t be hidden by the makeup she was wearing. The girl in the mirror is exhausted.

This week this topic made me realise the value of self-reflection, it is a ‘spiritual Check in’ It provides us with an opportunity to understand our spiritual and emotional health status. One cannot lie to themselves but strangely we convince ourselves that the ‘third eye‘ can’t see the real you, although it is you.

I have struggled and still struggle to self reflect especially when I know that what I see in the mirror won’t exactly be what my spiritual values agree with.

Self reflection strengthens one’s mind, body and soul because if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, with reflection you can act on those changes.

The word of the week that I walked away with is; Self-Development. We never take enough time to reflect so that we can develop the weaknesses we identified.

Facilitation Lecture_10 August 2019

The highlight of the morning was the warmup exercise and checking in before the presentation “Working in teams” by team two.
Some of the activities were difficult to work effectively with your team.
The maths competition was very challenging to remain connected with the team members as we attempted to work out the correct answer with your team members in the shortest possible time.
The team discussions were further made more interesting when individual teams were invited to appoint a spokesperson to present the team’s position and comments on the various topics.
Very positive and constructive feedback and observations were shared from the various teams. But the feedback wouldn’t be justified without some critique which of course was aimed at building the confidence level of the facilitating team of the day.
My personal observation was that the facilitation team gotten too much involved in the team discussions and too little time was allocated to the discussion of topics.
In general the facilitation team did a reasonably good attempt and presented the audience with an exciting, energetic team spirit
This was unfortunately where my participation in the lecture was terminated as I had to attend to an unexpected crisis at home.

Working in Teams

When a class touches a nerve you have been protecting for years, you nothing but stand amazed and your only response is one word..’WOW’!
The personal reflection is an exercise that is often ingored in our busy lives. It is very common that we find shades to put on when we hide our eyes from the sun….and so is what we do when we have to self reflect…We hide behind busy schexules. I have been doing the hiding for years because I felt I was not ready to face the “Me”. Until today 17 August 2019, in a space of “Sculpturing Future Leaders”, the inner me was sculptured. Sculptured by encouraging feedback I got from my group members. “What makes me great: invoked” emotions and laughter as I received a lot of touching and encouraging views about me. Team..I maintain “You Rock”!
Further, I stood in the balcony with Roslyn…Yes I had to. An “Aha” moment was when I reflected about how I have actively been a FIXER to other people lives. In the process I denied them an opportunity to grow and sort out their lives while I stand in the Balcony and fill up my cup. Perhaps I should consider taking a book and indulge on a novel after giving an advice and stop policing the implementation of my advice in other people’s lives…Aha…need I say more…I guess not but practice more of being in the Balcony with myself.
Was it enough….I guess not… “It happened For me vs To me”… The moment when I decided to let go of the hurt, regret, anger, failures and blame is when I stopped being a victim but a victor who went through the cog of life with innocence and I came back with lifetime lessons. Hence I nodded with smiles and affirmations to the revelation of “FOR ME vs TO ME. The power  Detachment. Awesome moments is when I grow from within and that is Facilitation 2019 is doing to me…Strengthning the inner me. Thank you. 
I guess everyone is perfect and everything happens as planned and Everyone here is who is suppose to be here. I don’t regret showing up, else I would have used my two feet and walked away…without any guilt…. I am reminded of Zora Hustons words which ozz nothing but self confidence and self awareness, she said one time: “I am often discriminated against as a person but such does not shake me. Instead I wonder how can one deprive themselves an opportunity(privilege) of being in my presence” ZNH. When we reflect, we begin ro uderstand ourselves and be conscious of who we are. Moreover we build our self esteem and conqure rhe world…with our maximum beings.
In the week, I was faced with a ‘what was supposed to bring me down moment’ and I watched as the events unfolded. Instead of being shaken, I responded calmly with a smile and I reached out to the perpetrators with love and I managed the situation professionally. I came out a victor to those who underestimated how strong I have become internally even though I remain human. 
Thank you for stopping by and check my blog again next week for another revelation and personal growth.

Setting Goals

On the morning of 20th July I walked into the lecture hall with just one thing in mind…attend lectures, do my essays, do a few readings nd get my credits that will enable me to graduate.
Woow, what a surprise it was to be transformed within about three hours. I’ve been surprised by the hype and the excitement that was present during the entire lecture. I need to be back next week as this exciting atmosphere was like a magnet pulling me back to experience more of the excitement.

The first group presentation on ‘Setting Goals’ was out of the ordinary and a positive inspiration for most of the students attending this class. I’m completely blown away and feel that I should have started with this course right back in 2016 when I first enrolled for my BA at Wits.

I can already anticipate the new dimension and changes this course will add to me as a manager guiding my team to improved levels of performance at work as well as their private lives.

As I’m sitting here it is difficult to control my excitement as tomorrow is Saturday and I will meet with my fellow students for the third lecture and looking forward to the presentation and checking in session first thing in the morning.


reflections presentation was insightful in that it pushed one to introspect the various areas of one’s life. Its allowed one to truly embrace the imperfection and understand them for what they are. That imperfection are not cemented on one’s character,when considered in a positive light they may be used to strengthen one’s character.

The lecture on Four fold way, was very interesting and thought provoking. it emphasizes on taking ownership and reclaiming personal power by allowing one to lead from behind sometimes. Experience vulnerability and don’t see it as a weakness,and also learning to tell the truth without blaming or passing judgement which is extremely difficult to practice in the world pushes for excellence.

Setting Goals

We had our first presentation this week and it was about setting goals. I was pleasantly surprised about reinforcing the idea of goals and how to achieve them.

More often than not I plan things and sometimes don’t achieve my goal and it really hit home with me, not only is my goal to finish my degree a realistic one, I have set a time limit as well. The group I was allocated to for that presentation had a task to do on Career goals and it got me thinking as to what my goals actually were.

Specific: I would like to finish my degree so I can become a Neuropsychologist
Measurable: I would like to finish my undergraduate within the next 5 years
Achievable: Yes as I work hard and I am prepared to put in the work
Realistic: Absolutely, I have been working on this goal for 5 years now
Time-bound: I would like to complete my degree within the next 5 years
I have been working on setting more goals and feeling great about it.

Chat soon Mégan

Working in Teams

Hi everyone,

Wow this was my group assignment and we were the second team to present which was actually a pleasant experience, from having an aversion to working in a group environment to getting the presentation done.

I found that stepping away from a leadership role and allowing people to take their own role in preparing for the assignment, I found that not only did I relax, I managed to get more done. I have never gone into a presentation so relaxed in my life before and our team had a lot of fun. I learned a lot from that experience, allowing symbiosis, allowing other’s to be themselves, I was amazed at how things could fall into place.

Bearing in mind I have a very energetic group and I loved the fact that my team was so excited to do their presentation. I had an issue with my health on that morning before the presentation started (With 4 hours sleep, I wasn’t surprised), I came in to the venue where my team were and I told them about my problem as it is very obvious and they were all so supportive and understanding that the “class” didn’t even notice which made me feel better. The class loved the prize for the winning team and our presentation went well.

I learnt that I can be a team player in the right circumstances. I can also let go of trying to put everything into place and that things will work out one way or another in the end.

Chat soon Mégan

Personal Reflection

Hi everyone,

What a major contrast to our group presentation and in a way much tougher topic to deal with (well done team Personal Reflection).
In the group presentation the team (Personal Reflection) used mirrors in their presentation – which I thought was a brilliant idea – we often look at external sources for solutions to our problems and often put the blame onto other people when things didn’t go according to plan.

The group had the challenging task of getting people to look at themselves in a different way. They had a handout for self love and my allocated group and I discussed what self love is. What I learned through this experience was that not all topics are light hearted and it can be a major challenge to get a message across as well as make it enjoyable to do.

What made me think…. is how often we do not take care of ourselves and get depleted and if there is no balance in life, there is always going to be a shortfall.
I interviewed a father about his daughter and I learnt so much from that presentation that I was able to ask him about how he felt and realised that it was related to what we learned in the workshop earlier that day.
Basically you can’t pour from an empty cup and that you need to take care of yourself first!!!

Take care of yourself and of course self love comes first lol
Chat soon Mégan

Introduction Week 1

Hi I am Mégan,

I started the Facilitation Skills course to get credits for my degree.

Surprise, surprise!!!

The first class was not what I expected at all, we were asked to find people our own age, as a class, we were then asked to find people in our area that we live in. I met my group and we were given the name “Working in teams” which is actually quite appropriate for me as it is a thing I struggle with as I usually work better alone.

I found my group very interesting and found that my group had similar views to me which made me feel at ease. I found the dynamic of sitting in a circle quite interesting as it took away the conventional sitting facing forward at your desk and turned it into a more interactive learning environment.

What I learnt from that experience was that I could be dynamic with what I am doing and there is not right or wrong way, there is just a way and that I can work in a group and I can do well in a situation that feels out of my control.

Chat soon Mégan

Setting Goals

One of the ground rules laid down by the lecturer was that we should all be on time before the presentations starts because the door will be locked once the presentation has started. I was glad that I made it on time. The first group that presented was excellent. They presented on setting goals and they were well prepared set a good  standard for all to follow.  They had a nice dress code and visual materials around the class. I was blown away by the order in which they arranged the groups. It was dynamic and very professional. The down side though was that some of them did not facilitate the groups very well by not giving direction but I guess it was their first experience and they did not know what to expect and how to manage the groups.

What I have learnt is that setting goals is very important in everyday life, even if they are short term or long term. Goals give direction and sense of purpose.  Accomplishing set goals takes a lot of self discipline and commitment. Goals must be SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.        



Personal Reflection

My heart was so sore that I missed the class due to death in the family. I relied on my group members for an update and the feedback I got was amazing. I really felt that I missed a life changing experience. The team learned about principles of engagement which defines the conditions and the manner which participants would like to hold the situation. They have also learnt about the principles of detachment which is not really about detachment or lack of care but about maintaining sense of humour and letting go. 

What stood out the most for me from the feedback that I received was the four principles for creating an open space. The first being whoever comes is meant to be there, thinking otherwise is a distraction.



WEEK5: Personal Reflection

Week 5 has taught me a lot about myself. I have to keep reminding myself to self reflect and evaluate myself on a regular. Self love is important and doing more things that I enjoy and make me happy. Travel, exercise, spending more time with family & friends. Balance is very important…. it will never be perfect I always need to keep working on it.

I also learnt that I need to look start looking at people in good eyes, notice the good parts in people. And being too helping isn’t good for a person and it doesn’t give them a chance to stand up on their own. Should learn to step back and care from a distance.

I also enjoyed the group task, my group made me realize me aware of things I didn’t actually know about myself. It’s really scary how people can have a opinion on you yet you’ve only know them for a few weeks:)

Working in teams

The topic for the second week was working in teams . The group that presented the topic was excellent and they facilitated the groups very well. They were very organised and well prepared, however I did not enjoy the activity they gave us to in teams. The game was called Maths 24 and were supposed to quickly add, subtract, divide or multiply the numbers given to get 24. The game was not ideal for teams, it could have been better for individuals competing against each other. But the class had fun nonetheless.

The key words that stood out in the presentation and activities were: participation; perseverance ;concentration ;collaboration and listening.   We have learnt that working in teams has advantages and disadvantages though.  The disadvantages are the arguments that comes with difference in opinions and difficulty in reaching an agreement. Some people have strong  personalities that over powers the ones with introverted personality and this results in disharmony within the team. The solutions to working in teams effectively is clear communication, respect, understanding, collaboration and knowing the strength and weaknesses of the team members.

The important lesson  I have learnt  is that we often judge people by behaviour and judge ourselves by intent. We must actually judge other by their intent and judge ourselves by our behaviour. It is true that our brains are wired to take in negative thing over positive things . I took a moment to reflect on my own feelings and thoughts and found instances whereby I take the good for granted and hold on to the negative things and I must change that behaviour.  

Setting Goals

Class activity was very interesting something we ALL want to achieve and we plan some goals end up not achievable due to challenges that we encounter during the time. Setting goals is important each and everyone it teaches us to be committed. According to Locke & Lathan (1990), goal performance is strongest when people are committed, and even more so when said goals achieved it make you smile and assist you to be focus and discipline. And along the way you get challenges that will make you sometimes to give up and of which you must remember why did you set this goal. At the end of the day you must make sure the planned goal must be achieved. My goal this year is to save and I am on the right track, I am committed I make sure I save certain amount weekly goal as planned. And it is important that your plan must be realistic and achievable.

Week 5 Personal Reflection

Good day Everyone,

One never thought will learn so much from facilitation class. I enjoyed the presentation. I always look forward for Saturday’s hey. Yes you can help someone when they come to you for help and advise not to be inside their property you must stand at the balcony (Nice one). I even shared when I got home . I have learned that when something happened in your life “It did not happen to me BUT it happened for me.”

It is important to know yourself and the exercise we did in class in our group it was emotional when we were sharing amongst ourselves “What makes you good in my eyes . And how Roslyn shared with us to give back feedback. (The delta and Plus). And I  learned on accepting and letting it go and on how things that you think you are attached to are CONTROLLING you not you being in charge. What a touching class we had on the (17/08/2019).



In the session the Bible verse Romans 12:3 immediately came to mind, “For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.”

I do believe that we do naturally do a lot of Self-reflection, but how much of that is of sober judgement. Are we doing the right kind of self-reflection and looking at our STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, NEEDS AND WANTS, CHALLENGES/PROBLEMS and ultimately are we finding SOLUTIONS.

We then took on the daunting task of getting into groups and giving, who were strangers to being with, our opinions of them based on minimal interaction. This turned out to be an extremely eye-opening encounter.

No matter how guarded we are or how much of the front we put up, our lives are generally an open book for people to read. People will automatically come to their own conclusions about who you are and no matter how much you may try to shy away from it, there will always be an element of truth as yours is the book their reading.

I have learnt that the saying about assumptions is definitely correct and that we can learn so much about ourselves through the eyes of others. In addition, I have learnt to start watching people to see if they are doing something right instead of the opposite.

Personal Reflection

How one views the world reflects a whole lot on oneself. It is how we view ourselves and projects it outward.
This is one of the good reasons to look within before acting or reacting to anything. Create a BALANCE by constantly trying to be aware of where you are in the “system”.
Within my family there is a lot of roles that I play, they create a challenge due to the emotional attachment that comes with them. I have to stay calm more often than not and my biggest rescue is being a student. this gives me a little time to sort a lot of things out and come home with a clear mind in case there is any situations that one has to resolve. I am still trying for figure out if I am a “teacher, Healer, visionary or worrier”. Until then, I cannot say because i am still in the process of categorizing my needs and wants and also embracing my strengths and weaknesses.

Since joining this class, it feels like I have just been pulled from under a “ROCK” …..I am now “WOKE”
Thank you!!

Week 5- personal reflection

I really enjoyed the class especially when the lecturer spoke about looking at others problems from a balcony view. Learning the principle of de-attachment. I’m a very sensitive person who always took other people’s problems to heart and this ends up affecting me & felt very drained – trying to help an all. Battling to say No at times. Ive learnt that even if i love my family and friends deeply, i should learn not to get too attached. I will definitely practise this…cheers to ‘freedom’.

Personal Reflection

-week 2-

Didn’t manage to see the presentation

however I learnt important and deep point from Ros.

  1. learnt the concept of Detachment

by being able to have empathy for people without climbing into their problem because if we attached to something we own by it.

2. Law of 2 feet

if you not giving or taking value anywhere , use your 2 feet to take you where you can.

3. Four Fold way

  1. leadership – show up , choose to be present
  2. communication – tell the truth , no blame no judgement
  3. collaboration – pay attention , listen to heart and meaning
  4. transformation – be open to outcome , not attached to one way

To use the Messy Problem Checklist on pg 58

all in all in personal reflection its all about:

what are your strengths ?

areas on development ?

how, when and where will you commit to work on area of development

what questions do you still need to answer in the messy problem checklist.


-week 1-

based on the presentation that the class started off with , the class began on a very energetic and high note. Besides the free stick sweets i got for a free at the beginning (which Ros said was a good presentation facilitating tool), the Intoduction was intresting and gave a clarity to what we will be doing for the duration of the presentation.

I learned the advantages that came with working in teams – “if you want to get somewhere fast , go alone but if you want to go far in life go with someone” .

  • Distribution of responsibility makes light and more effect work
  • support structures in groups help motivate you to achieve a mutual goal
  • More minds put together can give input from different perspectives that can be used effectively to reach a goal successfully

I also learnt the disadvantages. Sometimes working with different types of people from different backgrounds can be strenuous.

  • people have different backgrounds and can cause conflict when different perspectives come together
  • inequality in work load
  • not everyone will participate all the time
  • not everyone will be punctual

Overall solutions to working in groups is to plan well “if you fail to plan , you plan to fail “. then one just has to be patient and accommodating when coming to work with different people . it’s a skill one must learn to work with different people.

Then Ros made us read very interesting stories with interesting lessons in it. Stories in faciltation to be exact. My favorite happened to be the bent backs of chang dong. pg 35 in course pack

in the stories we had to take down

  • the name of the facility in the story
  • situation the facilitator had to deal with
  • solution to problem in situation
  • what qualities was seen in the facilator to overcome the problems

All these stories just broaden our knowledge in facilitating as whole as much as they seen to be fun stories .

personal reflection

i have thus far attended all the classes and made a conscious decision to be on time so i don’t miss the presentations. this week has been particularly fruitful. the presentation had substance ( a lot to think about and things to self-reflect on) the post- reflection was profound. the individual feedback was eyeopening and humbling, how observant your teammates are. it tapped into our level of consciousness and communication in our relationship with others.

WEEK 5: Personal Reflection

Ralph Waldo Emerson- “In times when we thought ourselves indolent, we have afterwards discovered that much was accomplished, and much was begun in us. All our days are so unprofitable while they pass, that ’tis wonderful where or when we ever got anything of this which we call wisdom, poetry, virtue. We never got it on any dated calendar day.”

I will just open with this quote from Ralph Emerson….as I try to reflect into this topic of personal reflection. For me it entails stripping yourself naked and deal with you, one-on-one. it is afterall a “personal reflection”. You look at yourself whether its in the mirror or by merely having an imagination of yourself and your life.

I like doing it, as its one point of self-reflection and gets you to a point of seeing where you are, what you have done to get there, and how to move on. A profound state and one I believe each individual should try to do for themselves, and not to beat on yourself but to see how you can work on yourself and improve. It highlights our strengths and weaknesses and gives a new perspective. One can take a lot from personal reflections, it all depends on how you view things and what you are willing to do to change if there is change required.

I liked the group task we did, where the group members had to do the “what makes you great in my eyes” task. To hear what people have to say or their view of you, is amazing! Reminds me of a song by Lizz Wright…where she is just earger to hear what other people think about her… a mirror in itself. One thing I took from this is that however way you see someone, that also reflects in you.

May we continue to do personal reflections, and see more beautiful ways of evolving! 

Im glad to have been a part of this session! 😉


Intention and Behavior

I cannot remember what week it was; but Ross mentioned something pertinent and it stuck with me.

She stated that she wanted to send her children to private schools and worked herself so hard to realise that dream. She was busy 24/7 and had little to spend with her children.

To her shock, surprise, disappointment and dismay; she was informed by her children that she did not love them as she was never available.

She then realised that her intent in sending them to a private school did not mirror the behavior.

It is therefore important that our intentions are in agreement with our behavior.

Personal Reflection

The team did well i must say despite the sombre mood which the topic itself created. The task of self reflecting is one we, or i should rather say i, seem to ignore most times. Engaging on this topic invoked in me a need to atleast set a few minutes up just before bedtime in order to reflect on the day’s encounters, it has not been an easy task i must say, i find myself thinking of which i could have done differently, regrets and guilt kick in then i am unable to sleep. I have been asking myself if this is a healthy exercise if it is going to make me remember what i could have done differently, but then, i do also reflect on things that i have done correctly which makes me happy. Whether reflecting is a healthy exercise or not only time will tell, what i do know though is that the exercise has helped me to be more mindful of my surroundings, i am more consciuos of how i speak to others, it has helped me to think before acting.

Also, i must say that i really loved the four fold way principles presented in class, especially the collaboration part where we are encouraged to be pay attention, listen to our hearts and meaning. I definately am going to add Angeles Arrien in my book collection.

first class

03 august 2019 was my first day in the class of facilitation where the facilitators introduced themselves to the student, i was surprised by how we are going to study while no desk, still when i was in that state, we were told to get people of our relative age ehhh! how this people, like that was not enough get the ones from your geographical location i even clap hands and as we were interacted i settled down.

yaaa just like that. we started finding out the reason we choose the course, things got interesting, it was me in the pool of strangers trying to learn after all. then the the topics were located to each group and the day of presenting.

yaa that much.

Personal Reflection

This class was too somber for me. The feedback which was ultimately accepted was that it was more reflective than it was somber – to each his own. Alas, I believe there is something to be learnt in every experience.

The mirror was a good tool, while we may look into mirrors daily, I personally tend to take a quick glance as I prepare for the day and do not actually reflect. I do, however, practice spiritual reflections through a daily devotional time. I was intrigued that I was prepared to do that and “look into my soul” but blush at the thought of seeing my own reflection. So that tool unearthed a layer of a lack of confidence, something I am still grappling with.

For that, I thank the team for deliberately taking an unconventional approach to their workshop – well done…

Personal Reflection

Definitely everyone must reflect to his or her on personal, professional and / or spiritual journey. Through this activity one has learned that life has to many challenges which may end up learneading you to unettend distination.

The group activity was well put together, thanks to great team members who also where team players by all means making this activity a success. We intended to give much more deeper personal reflection. But the feedback was fair and constractive. Looking forward to reflect on my life more regularly. Thanks

Personal Reflection.

Personal reflection as we met at 07:00 to prepare for our presentation in the process of preparation and rehearsals i just got too emotional with a lot of flesh backs.as time goes by everyone became emotional but nonetheless we had to be strong and be ready for presentation. one thing i have realized about classmates is that they did not really know what personal reflection was because they were excited they did not have an idea of how deep is personal reflection.

In no time everything sank in, the mood started changing every person saw things different and i had a long self introspection. from that moment i started appreciating the little things i have,i started appreciating life and i noted that i am one of the privilege person, the mere fact that i am alive with no illnesses studying in one of the best University in the World. by the grace of God i am who i am who and i am grateful for that.

Now i have guards to woke up everyday in the morning look myself on the mirror and do self introspection tell myself that i can do it,i will do it its possible i am capable of doing it.i am strong and God is with me, let me go out there and conquer the world.


There are various ways and means of getting information from one person to the next from facilitation to coaching and mentoring, teaching, lecturing, presenting and even as I’ve just recently learned gardening.

Differentiating between the various forms is not an easy thing as they are all in some way or the other intertwined. Facilitation specifically is a combination of the different techniques. The major difference is that in facilitation you are generally drawing out where as the others you are putting in.

Trying to define facilitation proved to be exceptionally tricky but in the end, I understand this facilitation to be as follows: Presenting ideas and guiding the thought process while allowing others to find solutions through trial and error.

#Working in Teams

On the 3ed class, my group was presenting, as much as I was anxious, I learnt alot about teamwork. Which qualities a team needs to possess in order to be effective. I also gained much more confidence to enhance my public speaking. What was key about our presentation was to allow each team member to participate and be able to add value to the group. HAPPINESS

Personal Reflection

Last Saturday’s class truly was an eye opener for me. As an adherent it was affirmed that the universe works in baffling approaches to bring you precisely what need at precisely the correct time. I asked myself;

“Lungelo had you not gone to this class today, do you think you would have known all these things about yourself, huh?” Well my answer was, “No”

I was so overwhelmed when we needed to share to one another about what makes one incredible in every others eyes. The stuff that individuals said about me was truly astonishing, adapting some other thing that I didn’t think about myself as well as other people affirming what I knew as of now. I had the option to assess myself and grasp a few things about me.

Self reflection encourages us with seeing where we originate from, how often we have fallen and how we have ascended solid each time we tumbled down.

Week 5 – Personal Reflection

My personal reflection…Don’t be late for class next time so I can participate instead of being put in the naughty corner?

Delta doesn’t necessarily mean something negative, you could say or interpret it as what do you think could have been done differently? I enjoyed the “what makes you great in my eyes” activity. It’s interesting to see how others see you and it somehow bought us all a little bit closer to knowing each other more. Others tend to see things you don’t and also from a different light and perspective.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself some questions. Self awareness allows us to grow and better ourselves daily as long as we choose to see. “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.”

Personal Reflection Presentation no. 3


As we entered class we were divided into groups labeled , “Family 1 -2 ” – I was placed in Family 2. My group members were warm and welcoming. As the presentation began we were asked a series of general knowledge questions , I’m not sure how the questions related to ‘Personal Reflection’, but it was somewhat enjoyable. The definition, importance and benefits of self- reflection was explained further.

We thereafter participated in self -reflection exercises, which related comprised of various questions such as , ‘ What is the most important decision that you have made in your life ?’, ‘Does the decision affect your family life?’, ‘ If given the opportunity to go back would you reconsider you decision? ‘.

The questions for me was strong and effective. I feel like it kept in line with the concept of self- reflection , which was good. The most important decision , which I have take in my life would be to study for my BA degree. Yes, it does come with its challenges , affecting the amount of time that i can spend with my family and friends., but it given the opportunity to go back – i would not change my decision. I feel like everything happens for a reason in life- my decision has shaped me into a stronger and independent woman and the certain obstacles which I am faced with in life will add value and strength to me as an individual.

Self- Reflective Questions:

Strengths- My strengths is my ability to remain positive, and adapt to any situation which I encounter.

Weakness- I am an extremely passionate person with regards to all aspects of my life. I put a lot of pressure on my myself in achieving my goals and maintaining a certain standard of work ethic.

Challenges- I sometime find it difficult to express my properly. The feelings of being shy – takes away from the actual message, which I would like to relate occasionally.

Solutions- I should not be so hard on myself. I need to be proud of my accomplishments and be patient with myself.

The week the presentation was interesting. I learnt that it is important to do a weekly self-reflection with yourself. We all need to develop our self concepts and be more to the certain aspects of our lives , which needs improvement and be willing to actually make a solid change.

I also came to the realization that I am beginning to understand the various components of Facilitation. Hence I learnt that it is important to find a balance while facilitating a group of people- this helps hold their attention. When giving feedback it is important to proceed with the correct words, in this way the people that are receiving your feedback would be more inclined to accept it. Using the word ‘Delta’ instead of negative – because of the unfavorable connotation attached.


I enrolled with Facilitation just to accumulate credits in order to complete my degree, to my surprise-I have learnt so much on the facilitating subject and I love how interactive the class is. I also learnt so much about different personalities and how they operate. I look forward to future classes.

Week 5 #Personal Reflection!

Ahhhha! Was Saturday the 10th off day for us to reflect on ourselves… and truly find our purpose in life, especially school life at an adult age. Wow, the team outdone themselves…. they spoke to the inner us.

you see, once you become aware, you are in a better position to make the changes you need to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Self-reflection helps you to steer your thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a healthy way. I honestly believe in this.

Thank you team, you really helped us see ourselves in the mirror


After long weekend, I was looking forward to Facilitation Skills class. I’m loving it!

Personal Reflection it is an examination of yourself from a different angle than you had previously taken. Like dressing without a mirror and then using a mirror to see the result. We might speak and act without thinking much about it, then reflection would be examining what we did and said giving it more thought than before.

The audience had to give feedback on how the other group presented, however the feedback was too negative , they were judged based on Delta and Plus.

Thanks to the Facilitator , She had to explain what delta and plus meant . Plus, what did the audience enjoy, or what is it that we loved about what happened and Delta, what could be different and not negative about what happened. That was clear for me.

Lesson taught, I have to give feedback (positive) so that people can grow out of my feedback.

Also learned about two principles, engagement and detachment.

Principle of Engagement defines the condition and manner in which participants would like to hold the situation. For an example, taking care of other peoples problems, you are robbing them from their power.

Principle of Detachment means to deeply care from and object place. For an example if someone needs help, you can help them from a distance and not by climbing in their problems.

Benefits of Self Reflection

So on Saturday my Team did the Presentation on Self Reflection. It was nerve wrecking at first but once we started, everything flowed seamlessly.

I covered the topic of Benefits of Self Reflection. For those who could not attend, please find below what was covered:

Self Reflection improves Self Awareness. Taking time to self reflect about life leads to greater self awareness which leads to self improvement. Additionally, having a strong sense of self improves confidence and self esteem.

Self Reflection provides a different perspective. I made an example that a problem cannot be solved from the same situation in which it was created. So to find a resolve the person must detach herself and look from a different perspective

Self Reflection allows one to Respond and not React because it Increases Emotional Intelligence.

Self Reflection facilitates a deeper level of learning. It improves confidence and Understanding and helps one to better Strategise.

I can safely state that my perception, particularly my response to situations has changed. I take time to respond. I listen intently and pass no judgement.

Week 4- Personal Reflection

Eeew!its been a while since I have been in class, we skipped a weekend due to Woman’s day celebration, I’m really looking forward to this week’s group presentation, the previous(WorkingInTeams) group left us with so much to remember.

I’m am so early and most people here look very exhausted, here’s Telfer and Rossly..”hello guys”…it’s just me and my thought, anyway…the group is ready to present and there’s a mirror on each table…very nice… this is so much relevant to the topic itself and I see quotes of “self love” lying on other tables as well….hmmmmm it’s going to happen°.

The check in is done nicely to get everyone on board. And we have been given an activity to work on as a group and I have to say I loved the team I was in…Self Reflection cuts deeper than I thought…did not realise how much of a less time I spent neglecting myself, I have only been doing the basics like brushing my teeth and taking a bath. Key elements on Personal Reflection is really taking time to notice your own movements. Spending more time alone like meditating as an example, pampering yourself… for instance I went to the salon later after the class to get my hair done and I took myself out for dinner and had 2 glasses of wine. My data was off for 30 minutes just to reflect on myself. So yesterday I took few pictures and I relfected on some photos I took even few years…I mean like..I had to take out some dusty pictures where I was still a kid. I must say that I have done great thus far and I come a long way. Personal Reflection touches on Setting Goals as well to measure progress.There’s so much to life.

So, I learnt how to give feedback and surely this coming Saturday will be an experience to encounter.

Big up to the team that presented and the content was covered and tools were used so well, what would make them even greater is simply to be audiable.

My AHA! Moment was when we were put together on our own groups where we had to reflect on ourselves through other people and I can say that has given me a smile for days as I now have a confirmation of who I really am and to be even Greater…I know exacty what to do. The activity was simply to help us get to one another even better and that makes it easier work as a team and know each other’s strengths

#Whatever happened and whatever happens was suppose to happen.

#When it is over it is Over.

#Detach yourself so that you have a full control over things.

First Class And Introduction

First class, nervous system crush. I am used to attending lectures on Saturdays at wits by now. From the parking lot it was easy to locate the FNB building, followed the foot signed clearly labeled Facilitation Skills. At this point I’ve made a left, right corner and lifted my head, through the glass door I saw a full house. I hesitated, looking at the signs; it was the right class, for the first time I felt like a chicken little.

After the lecturers’ introduction, came the groupings, first according to the ages and then changed into areas nearness to work or residents. This class is going to be exciting for sure. I have found a big family forming with total strangers. learning started on the first day, the guidance on how the facilitators will be facilitating facilitation amongst the groups. We all ready to grow, started holding productive conversations and strategising the way to conduct the learning programme.

Personal Reflection

As I entered the class, I was greeted by a series of dazzling mirrors which seemed to be the center of attraction of everyone who entered the class. I thought to myself, are we touching on learning about setting up mirrors today? I learnt that reflecting on oneself helps to build emotional awareness and a better sense to your personal being. It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to day aspects of life and forget to pause, self-reflect, and look at the bigger picture in life. Our lives often become a cycle of producing where we try to maximize productivity and minimize time spent. When we are always acting and moving from one thing to the next we sometimes forget to stop and think. Taking time to think allows for new ideas to emerge and counters the risk of becoming stagnant. New ideas and continuous change, not matter what your situation, is necessary. I learnt that the mirrors in the class did not only allow me to reflect on my physical structure, but the mirrors also gave me an opportunity to stop, glance and learn more about myself and the things that I connect with subconsciously.

Personal Reflection

Made it to class on time and thankfully I caught this week’s presentation.

The Check in was proper and it really helped me gel in with my team instantly. I liked the presentation and the activities,my only challenge was that I could not hear some of the team members as they were inaudible. However, the main thing I will absolutely applaud the team for, is consistency. They stuck to the ambiance they were aiming for and I found myself connecting with my own thoughts and self reflecting… so BIG UP TEAM #Personalreflection!!!

The exercise we received from the team is based on the SWOT Analysis so here goes:

Strengths: Focused, reliable, responsible and disciplined
Weaknesses: Can be impatient, procrastinator, lacks confidence
Needs/ Wants: Pass my degree and register for Honours, change careers from Journalism to International Relations and acquire another property in 5 years
Challenges/ Problems: Finances, no job opportunities present at the moment
Solution: Draft a better financial plan, continue to look for job opportunities and continue to pass my modules.

Imust add that this week’s class felt more dense, and by the end of the day I was a bit tired, that said, I found myself going AHA sooo may times.

The Delta and plus discussion made me realise that we always have to be conscious about feedback… if it’s not positive then it should rather be directed at what a person needs to do in order to improve rather than what they did wrong. A fellow classmate also shared Vincent van Goch’s quote “Consciousness is a man’s compass”and this rang loudly in my ears.

I am still in awe of how different this class is from what I initially thought, Ross and Telfer have really helped shape my outlook towards situations in a more positive manner and I trully commend them and the work they do… it really is helping me with my day to day activities….

Personal Reflection – Some new insight

So the third team has done their facilitation exercise and once again, this provided a great learning for me. Firstly I was very impressed with the way in which they managed the teams, i.e. kept things calm and secondly in the way they clearly displayed facilitation skills rather than falling into the trap of making it a presentation. Also, it was evident that the facilitating team were not about trying to stand out as individuals but rather were focussed on getting the the desired outcome from the groups.

In terms of substance, I feel the topic was well covered and I really enjoyed the mirrors which were provided as a tool to support the self reflection concept. 

  • We can measure our progress in meeting  goals and objectives we set for ourselves
  • Actions can be taken to address the areas of lack of progress
  • Allows us to change our tactical approaches in attaining goals
  • Is useful for our self development journey 

Personally I did not share the majority of the Delta views which were shared by many in the subsequent feedback session.  However This feedback paved the way for Ross to provide some input into “giving feedback” so there was great synergy between the topic of faciliation, the audience feedback and Ross’s talk.

Listening to Ross actually also provided an opportunity for us to self reflect on how we give feedback. A number of thoughts she shared resonated with me:

  • Be kind with your feedback. When you have suggestions as to an area which may need improvement, present it in a way that is balanced and can be taken as a positive by the individuals receiving the feedback
  • Ensure that feedback is done in a positive way, i.e. Positive critique is much more likely to be taken on board than negativity
  • Recognise the good people do as well. In any situation, positives do exist and we need to recognise these

I also enjoyed the exercise that we did where we were expected to indicate what in our view made people great and what they could do to be even better. The message was very clear for me and as a receiver I could recognise my room for improvement without feeling that anyone is attacking me.

A great learning for me personally today. I believe self reflection should be used in all facets of life. It allows us to reflect on our family life, finances, health, career, academic progression, sporting goals and many more

Personal reflection

Personal Reflection

Today when I enter the Facilitation class. I was a bit anxious because I was thinking about my assignment that is due tomorrow and the Tuesday test, but the topic Self-reflection captured my mind, and indeed I started to reflect about why I’m studying and that immediately shifted the focus to be positive and looking forward to pass Tuesday test than worrying about time constraints to study, work and be with the family…..Aluta Continua!!!

Goal setting

The theory of goal setting was good refresher facilitation, more especially on my personal level. It reminded me of how many activities stakeholder to manage with the aim not to fail any of these items name, studying, working, family and social life. I, therefore, took a decision that I will account for my procrastination issues and also apply the SMART concept to achieve set goals I really enjoyed the goal-setting discussions and activities.

#personal reflections

I missed the presentation, today, but ohh my the refreshes I had today. I have learned that first iam Awesome, thanks facilitating change team, Priscilla, Carol, Martin, Ofentse and Lerato. Then learned that I always try to make things perfect and that robs people around me of the opportunity to do things the way they should be. Eventually feel overwhelmed because I do so much, and feel unappreciated.

Personal Reflection!

I recall a friend saying “before I go to sleep instead of going through my phone like most people do I reflect on my entire days activities” Connie. Looking at the positives and negatives, what she could have changed and what stood out for her.

Today’s facilitation class was trully deep for me. I realised that I do not give back to myself as often as I give back to others. And that for me to grow as a person I need to start making time for myself to reflect on a daily basis, by that I mean not pushing back the negatives at the back of my mind and chosing not to ponder on them instead learn from how I can better manage those situations.

I enjoyed the mirror excise the team used as part of their activities. This was an eye opener for me, it made me realise that I do not give as much credit to myself as I should by utilising the tools I am surrounded by. I have started singing sweet things to myself every morning as I prepare myself for work. The same mirror that I use to ensure that I am presentable is the same one I have started allocating 5minutes off to, in order to remind myself that I am more than capable of taking on the world. I mean if I don’t tell that to myself, who will?

What I take out from all of this is that Self Love has for most of us been Self Taught. Especialy after learning about the strory of the two wolves. I chose to do things differently with my children. I chose to nurture as well as teach them to also nurture the positive wolf in them so they can grow up knowing they more than capable of achieving everything they put their minds to. I chose not to focus on what my son cannot do rather tell him how great he is in everything even if he sucks at it. This lesson for me is a generation changer the best lesson I can ever give to the next generation. I have started laughing at myself for the little mistakes that I do. Biggest lesson out of this, even with the mistakes we do, life can still be enjoyed as long as we put a little laughter to it.



Today’s class helped me to overcome the fear of the unknown. As people describe me as a straight forward Pearson but I had fear of public speaking. But after today’s class I’m certain that fear is over.

As we were preparing for the presentation on personal reflection, I had to do some self evaluation, do some introspection. I found out that I’ve been very hard on myself about my weight, I criticize myself so much, but after having some discussion with my team members and in class I can proudly say I love myself the way I am. This exercise also helped me to identify bad habits of which I have started working on being a different and a better person.

Self reflecting motivates and drives me towards my ambitions, where I want to see myself after completing my studies.


Self honesty, self corrections and measuring your progress is the purposes of self reflection. If you want to facilitate the deeper level of upgrading yourself dignity, reflection is one and only tool to help you through the process. Personal reflection helps us to understand the value of self evaluation and assessing yourself. Understanding the fundamentals of personal reflection is very important because nowadays change does not roll on the wheels of inevitability but comes through a continuous struggle. I enjoyed the personal reflection presentation when we were asked to do SWOT analysis on ourselves. SWOT means Strength Weakness Opportunity Threads. My strength is that I make myself look great in front of my audience. My weakness is that I dont believe that there is always enough time to do the job and do it right for the first time. The words of a wise man says” Opportunity is like a running man ,grab it ,settle down and utilize it to your disposal “. My Opportunity is in my academics, I have a potential and a fantasy of being an Actuary, a whole financial engineer. The thread that can stop me from reaching my destiny is myself, I am my own enemy. The second enemy is my attitude. If I fail to be brave, I will see myself eating a humble pie. Nelson Mandela says ” I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but is he who conquers that fear”.

Second class – Goal setting presentation

My “Aha Moment”, or my moment when everything came together for me, was a gradual process. Especially in understanding what is expected out of me through this course. Which was to be present and participate for my benefit. Moreover, the highlight from the presentation of the day was the simplest demonstration of a “SMART” principle. It has made a lot of sense to me after so many times I heard about it.

I realized that this course should be done by everybody because it helps in finding oneself that you can do things that you have never thought that you will. Such as talking in front of many people in my case or even to ask a question in class. This is my sixth year but itis for the first time I asked a question in facilitation class 😌😌.

This impacted positively in me by learning to pay attention to content and try by all means to be relevant all the time in all the tasks to be undertaken or to be delivered. Furthermore, the presenting of the day was very relevant to me as a student as well as an employee. Thus goal-setting for every life-oriented project.

The learning has impacted on the importance of choosing a goal but not only choosing it further unpack it until to its core the chances are to get to know that the initially chosen goal is not the one to go for. Based on the application of the “SMART” principle.

There is a drastical change in my thinking specifically about the course itself. Moreover, on structuring my work which by following a set structure you remain relevant to a task on hand. The best practice is to implement then gain confidence from a practical part of it which is crucial for me.

The experience gained from the class I have tested it at my work, church planning by setting goals for the event to take place. This has simplified my day to day tasks. I have managed to meet the deadlines and to work smart within a set structure to achieve set goals. To advance my planning schedule to stick by it is the best way for me.

Working in teams

I was absent during this class my adorable colleague from my group shared information. I appreciate Rose because this was so relevant to the advantages of working in a team. My moment with the topic was that the disadvantages are more than the advantages of working in team-based experiences on a personal level. This raises a concern on how to do a selection of a team maybe it should not be a question🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. But its overview teamwork simplifies tasks and makes people work easy and smart.
The topic impacted positively with me, though I had bad experiences of working in teams from my work. The overview of what teams are meant for good purposes.

Going through the reading on different teams and their facilitators I picked different facilitation style as well as team members response which was also different. My reflections on this was the way my team at work how it handle task. For example sectional manager always fails to give clear instructions which results to different outcomes from employees. Because the instruction did not mean samething to everybody. Rather than clarifying even if she is asked to; she will choose to go office by office to explain which in most cases it does not work. You end up fustrated at the end the outcome are outside the scope of what is expected.

The topic added value by raising an awareness on the importance of selecting team members wisely. For example people that have skills that complement each other, committed with a passion of producing excellent work.

New ideas that I have developed is to be cognicent whom to partner with especially on personal projects. Becauese at the work place it is so difficult to choose team to work with.

My experiences on working in teams had a negetive impact whereby I will always have to complete the tasks by myself everybody just left them unfinished. For now to where necesary to do tasks by myself though it is not always possible 😔😔

Personal Reflection

Week 5 17 August 2019

Group allocation Life 1: A group of 6 wonderful ladies including our facilitator (Rosyln)

Mirror, Mirror on the table, tell me what do you see?

We share the same challenges as people, we go through life and experience near death situations or circumstances; even as simple as failing a quiz or exam. The one lady shared how she had 4 surgeries of brain tumor in 1 year. All these will humble you and you will look at life differently. I came across a near death situation and yet I still stand. I should stop being a victim and the longest time I would ask a question why me instead of saying or referring to what happened to me is….. Thoughts of being a victim overwhelmed my life, instead of finding healing I would recall the incident over and over in my mind and blaming others. I remember feeling that the police were not doing their job in finding the suspects and would drive around looking for the two men who victimized me. It took me nowhere instead I was unhappy, withdrawn and it affected my work, and it put a danger in the well-being of my unborn baby. What a mother would I be to my unborn CHILD? My mother played a very supportive role I had to choose to live happily again or miss out on life. I choose life.

“Life will humble you”

Roslyn an expect in facilitation shared tips on how we as people tend to choose the dance floor and not the balcony in all situation or problems we face. How we sometimes give advice to others and tend to use words like, “We think your relationship is not working out”; We dis-empowers people but if you use “I think your relationship is not working”; I is genuine. I need to start being honest and use words like I instead of people are saying this about you. We think you should….. Taking people’s problems to the dance floor is not an ordeal solution. I need to use the balcony approach and not to get to involved advise then step back. Know when advise is needed to not be part of the problem.

Letting go of non-beneficial situations. Learning how to use your two feet and walk away. The funny aspect is that the lecture was not planned according to Roslyn, she changed the presentation because something stated in her. Whatever happened had to happen. I remember someone crying at the end of the class. We are hurt, and we often need a reminder that it’s okay to cry its part of the healing process. Before the break we all got into our groups (Facilitation decision) and a task was given which was 2 questions. How I see my peers through my eyes? What will make you even greater. The feedback I got from my group mates was sincere, genuine and honest confirming what I already know or doubted. Never underestimate the power you carry around, people take notice.

What I learned from the class is:

  1. Advise then stay at the balcony, walk away, stop being too attach. Staying just in balance or the middle of all situation. Do not be part of the problem. Take myself out of the situation/ problem and view it from the outside (balcony): new eyes.  Stop carrying other people’s problem or burdens. Do not be quick to judge others. Listen more. We all have a story to tell but how we handle them determines the ending.

This class happened at the right time and place. Sad for our peers who did not attend. This was informative and very self-reflecting.

Thank you to our Facilitation mentors, Roslyn and Chiks

Personal Reflection

To the class that facilitated this topic, firstly I would like to apologise for the brutal feedback and what almost sounded like a lash-back from some of us. we were so hellbent on looking for the positives that we missed the lesson.

The lesson being that, personal reflection is not an easy topic. Better yet, not a lot of people know how to self reflect. They say that your perceptions about you become your own realities. We experience things or events as we are. Humility means that I don’t have 100% of the picture and I always need to practice compassion and understand that not everyone has 100% of the truth anyway. Think before you react.

I liked Angeles Arrien’s Four Way Fold Way.

  1. Be open to outcome – don’t be attached to one way
  2. Show up – choose to be present
  3. Tell the truth – No blame and no judgement
  4. Pay attention – listen to heart and meaning

What I learnt is that the quality of my thinking, influences the quality of my communication, which in turn affects the quality of my behaviour and determines the quality of my results.

Watch your motives and thoughts: https://youtu.be/p4TFZ98Q7mY

Working in Teams

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

Teamwork is not easy, It requires patience, understanding the weaknesses and strengths and weaknesses.

Its true working in teams can be challenging and it the dynamics are not right, they can be problematic to achieving the overall objective.


This is the week I met my group for the very first time and the presentation about working in teams was so relevant.

During the group class exercise, the power of working in teams was put to the test for me, I quickly learnt the importance of listening without interjecting or preparing a response but rather listening with the intent to understand.

I’ve applied the above mentioned skill in business and it is already yielding benefits, not everything needs to be a debate, especially if you listen with the intention to understand rather than to react or respond.

Prioritising is crucial, we were instructed to read during our break and what did I do? chit chat first, make a phone call, have a snack and then started reading. By the time break was over I was only on the 2nd story…

The highlight of the lecture was when the lecturer gave the class the challenge to judge on intent instead of behaviour.

Looking forward to the next class!


I started this facilitation course as a means to an end, as I need the course to start my degree. Unfortunately I missed the first week, but through just half a lesson on the second week I am already appreciating the course beyond just what I’m learning but in how it’s already improving me as an individual.

I’ve put my continued education on hold for a long time and already my outlook on education is changing, I’ve already learnt enough to improve me as a person in my professional and personal life. I am inspired to set myself smart goals and also do major reflection and introspection so as to ascertain where I can improve in the various aspects of my life.

Being ambitious and setting goals for ones self is one thing, but are they SMART, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC and are they TIME BOUND.

Week 3/Working in teams

The 3rd week has taught me alot on teamwork and working together to achieve a certain goal. in order for teamwork to be successful, there are certain skills that need to be implemented. these are good communication skills, building trust, supporting each other, listing to each other’s ideas and plans, collaborating in bringing ideas together.

Another thing ive learnt is the 80/20 rule… a good facilitator does not engage too much. lead and observe, chip in if necessary. facilitation is learning by experience. and we facilitate in our everday lives.

what I took and will use in my everyday life is, that we judge others by behaviour but judge ourselves by intent. I am now trying to look at situations or conflicts in a different way.


I have learned that team work foster creativity, and by embracing the diversity of characters and ideas it enables the team to collectively participate. Working in teams also teaches you conflict resolution skills because I had to fair in address issues and reemphasize the reason why we formed the team. Through the progress of working in teams you build trust and synergies that promote wider sense of ownership. Through the application of what I have learned in class about working in teams I have also learned that the concept of working in teams maximize the effectiveness of the performance, it can also improve the team morale, expertise, sense of ownership and ultimately will achieve the organization goal strategy of maximizing profits and good customer experience.

I also reviewed how my team work together to achieve a particular task using basic principles of working in teams concepts and I also implemented these principles in my personal capacity especially where I had one of automation project that I need to implement. During the process of this project I have realized that the stages of building teams is very critically and it includes: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning (Forsyth, 2010). The Forming sage is the stage where I had to articulate clear projects goals and provide direction on what process we will follow to achieve the task. I also assigned the tasks based on the individual skills and capabilities. While the team was trying to understand each other’s roles, there was unproductive behaviors where some individual were not listening to each other, disagreeing on ideas, so I had to embrace diversity of thinking and encourage tolerance among team members and emphasize the main goal of our team. Norming stage, the team later started to agree on how team will progress, process of communication where they all agree on patterns of communications between the group members and on how they prefer to resolve conflicts and ultimately promote work collaboration. The performing stage, I utilize the individual member’s strength to promote interdependency, cohesiveness which signals the group strength, celebrate milestone and determination to achieve the goal. We are currently at this stage of achieving our goal because we are now testing the system and if all is well we are going live with the new automated process before the 10 September 2019. I cannot wait to finalize the task and share best practice, lessons learned from the team.

Working in teams

it was one of the productive classes where by we saw a group of very determined members presenting their topic working in teams.form there we read a lot of short stories within a specific time and we were asked how far did we go and we were given another chance to try to finish up the stories.

what i learn about myself after reading short stories is that i have to push myself to read academics articles more than sport related articles because i turn to be a bit slower when i read academics article than when i read sport articles.

i have also learnt about Intend and Behavior,i have realized that i focus more on people’s behavior and i don’t look at their intentions.it helped me a lot to be taught on such because i started looking at people and their behaviors in different perspective even my behavior started to change towards people.it is true that one can never stop learning.

#Working in Teams

ahh my team 🙂

I think our presentation went very well. We did not have enough time to plan but we had the right mindset. We had the right spirit and the willingness to work as a team. We practically became an example or a definition of what working in team mean.

We had an opportunity to spend time as a team on the day before the presentation. this allowed us to communicate effectively and effortlessly. our creative minds got together and we managed to come up with a way of presenting the concept of “working in teams” by doing it as a team and as a cohesive unit.

I enjoyed working with this team 🙂

Setting Goals Presentation

The first Group’s presentation created a platform for the students to engage and interact with one another. They covered everything related to the specific aspects of setting goals. I learnt that it is important to stay interactive with one another when working in a group and to acknowledge the main goals and objectives as a group in order to achieve the common goal.

I found the presentation interesting and somewhat inspiring – I’m definitely looking forward to the next.

Blogging was discussed further in detail. So I’ve decided to take my own notes during the presentations and record my experiences throughout. In that way I’d be able to add more value to my blogs.

My first day

My first day

My first day was okay. The had to adjust for the way the class was facilitated. Am not used to mingle in class but this class makes you talk with everyone. Am a very shy person and don’t like talking but the lessons force us to engage with everyone. It forces to communicate with everyone and be friendly.

We had to group ourselves in tens and we were given a topic that we need to present on our date. We exchanged numbers and created a Whatsapp group that was annoying for me as I don’t like Whatsapp. We managed to discuss our topic and our way forward for our presentation. I hope I will enjoy the rest of the classes and know everyone after the semester.

My first day

Well, I did not know what to expect. but the day went ok. it was definitely different from other classes i.e. the approach, structure and how the lecture engages with us. But the content was rich.

I am looking forward to the end of the course and to practice/use the skills that i would have acquired from this course.


In working as a team for a 3rd week has taught me a lot about people’s differences as well as similarities. That each and every person has their ways of presenting knowledge and it is upon team members to embrace those differences and create a successful team.

It also taught me a lot of different values people generally live by, which can easily create conflict among team member. A simple example is this is when one of the team members suggested that we not sent WhatsApp messages to the group after nine because it is disturbing. As much as some members were in disagreement to this, we had to come to a conclusion as a team there shouldn’t be any interaction on the group after 10pm.

Reflecting on the week 3 class, there were a couple of aha moments I picked up. One of the being that “we judge others based on the actions, whereas we judge ourselves based on intent” The stories we had to read were quite interesting too, particularly of Emma who dedicatedly changed the narrative of one community simply by not conforming to their norm, by selflessly finding finding a solution as well as finding an effective way of implementing the change without being forceful.

The group that was presenting did a phenominal job giving us an energetic and interactive presentation. I look forward to more presentations.

Setting Goals

I arrived late in class, The doors were locked up and I missed out on a lot in class. What a bad experience this is, I missed on seeing what a presentation looks like and how its done. When the group was done presenting, doors were opened and I had to assess the group based on the feedback given by other colleagues. When we were done with assessments, we then moved onto the facilitation session with Rosslyn.

I learned that If other group members and the class as a whole can make it on time for class, then I can also make it on time. They always say that arriving late for any event shows disrespect to other members who arrived early. This is an important lesson I learnt as being late had become a habit and I couldn’t get rid of this habit.

We were then given exercises to learn how to blog and were told to be in groups which were made up of three participants. I met two women and we were later joined by an additional member. Our group was then made up of four members. The fourth member who joined us was Natasha, she taught us how important it was to remember peoples names. This was due to the fact that as a group of four, when addressing each other, we just went spoke to each other without calling a person by their name.

Natasha stressed how important and personal this was to her because in her line of work, all clients felt special and respected when addressed by their names. In short, my two lessons learnt are: 1) Time Management and 2) Learning to address a person by their name.

I’m all smiles…hello journey to learning more each week…

Push…Let’s go

First Class and Introduction

I was confused, what was going on in this class? (I asked myself). The Facilitator then divided us into groups of tens each. Each group was given a topic, wait for it… “we were told that we needed to prepare for presentations!” This was an unexpected notification, no let me rephrase this.. it was an instruction. Where do I begin with this task? I am afraid of public speaking and standing in front of people and address them. Where do I start?

Nonetheless, I met new people in my group. We engaged with each other and I found myself among new characters, young and old. This is interesting, I said to myself. With these new characters, what do we do to speak with one voice? being human, there was a lot of prejudging as well from my side of these new individuals I had met. Maybe they also did the same with me. As soon as we engaged…I knew that I had bad habits that I needed to work on and be a better person.

This was a learning curve for me.

Push…Let’s go!!

Week 3 Facilitation Skills

What a facilitation! The #TeamWorkingInTeams really portrayed their facilitation by showcasing phenomenal team spirit and excellence in their delivery of the facilitation this past week. Their incredible energy taught me how much success one can have when they are well prepared and passionate in what they do. It was a privilege to witness such incredible team work and awesome synergy between these people.

The lesson I  draw from Week 3 is #ExcellenceIsAttractive. When one witnesses an art of work that clearly shows and exhibits excellence, it becomes luring, eye catching and a pleasure to watch. However, we easily forget that behind the scenes a great deal of hard work was put in and this showed. Excellence has become something I desire to achieve in every arena of my life now and after seeing that facilitation, I want it even more. What a motivation!

Therefore, I take this with me: “In life to excel comes at a price and the quality of good work is a sacrifice of time, hard work and commitment.”

Congratulations are in order to ladies and gents in black!!

Working in Teams


#WorkinginTeams – Second Group Presentation

This presentation was extremely enjoyable from the beginning to the end. We assessed the group’s performance , content and visual aid used. They were interactive with the class and encouraged people to participate with the various activities taking place.

The presentation was extremely informative. We learnt that we should encourage people in the class to greet one another – to basically generate conversation and become for comfortable interacting.

Thereafter we read articles on Pages 34-37. Reflecting the pace of students, understanding the readings and remembering the content of the articles.



The definition of Facilitation skills was explained throughly. Understanding the concept and importance of Body language was discussed further- and how it can enhance your discussion.

We also did an activity in our course pack relating to our intentions and expectations of Facilitation skills. We also discussed the rules and regulations relating to our lectures.


This was a fascinating first lecture as we had no idea what to expect, we were grouped according to our locations and really got to interact with fellow classmates. We also went through qualities that are needed to form an effective group. I also though it was very thoughtful of the lecture to mention that to accomodate everyone, introverted or extroverted- those who are extroverts(whom she explained that they think while talking) should be considerate of those who are introverts( whom are people who rehearse what they are going to say before talking) creating an environment where everyone can voice their opinion and be able to contribute towards class activities.


When I joined the Facilitation Skills class, I was surprised to see how many people are willing to give up their Saturdays and willing to sacrifice such for their education. I was encouraged and the feeling I have now is that if you put your mind in anything and stay focused on it you can achieve it.

I am looking forward to learning and growing, using all the skills during my degree and at work.

My Saturdays will definitely never be the same, having a group of students who are enthusiastic and excited about the course.

Team work

Having now been through two presentations it was great to see how all the individuals participated and contributed to the overall final products which were delivered on two consecutive Saturdays. Having been part of the first group, it was a great effort experiencing how we came together with a common goal. In the second week it was interesting to observe the outcome of the second team’s teamwork. In both instances, the results of effective teamwork was on display for all to witness.

In terms of the actual facilitation performed by the two teams, my most significant learning was that the presenting team’s focus is on facilitating the discussions, creating a space for and encouraging participation of the audience rather than becoming overly involved in discussing a topic. Interestingly it was mentioned by the course lecturer than when the involvement of a course facilitator exceeds 20%, the facilitation moves into the realms of being a presentation (as opposed to a facilitation)

As a concept, whether it be in the workplace, at university or on the sport field, teamwork entails the coming together of a number of individuals or parties with the purpose of attaining a common goal or objective. Teamwork leverages the different strengths of the various individuals and recognises that all team members have a vital part to play in contributing to the end goal.

The weekly facilitation sessions we are currently seeing at Wits University on Saturdays really is teamwork in action and I look forward to learning from my fellow students in the weeks to come.

Working in teams

I discover a lot of things in week 3,light was shinning and darkness was going away.I didn’t know that working in team it so important. I have learnt that working in teams increase collaboration,we can complete task faster due to many minds intertwined,working in teams also teaches us how to understand people ‘s weakness and strength. Group that work together can achieve much more than individual working on their own. When you work in teams you need to have respect,love and commutation skills because you are going to deal with a lot of people who might be different from,so you need to be patient.

The learning was relevant to me,because we have been struggling to achieve a lot of thing at work, when we are given a task we were working individually and it was hard for us to complete certain task because of too much debate. People preferred to work alone and it was not fair,when one person fail the whole team was failing. I am so exited that everything i have learned from facilitation class its working,i really appreciate the teams who worked together to give us all the strategies, I am applying this knowledge in my life and at work believe me its working. Me and my colleague we manage to set goal for our department and we are now working in teams no one is working individually because i told them the advantage of working in teams ,we have a project that needs to be done,since we started working in teams we are doing great things.


This was one of the fascinating classes as usual with so much to reflect on and so much to apply in one’s real life. The lectures introduced us to a really interesting exercise called gaining value which made me think how different our goal setting strategies are. What lead to those objectives not met and what to do differently going forward. How one should set a time-frame into achieving the short-term and long-term goals. They also introduced us to the awakening AIDA Model- with is broken down to Aware, Interest, Desire and Action. This is one of the strategies one could apply in order for their dream to manifester into realities. I look forward to the next lecture and the knowledge that comes with it.

Working in teams

I’m not a morning person and this team has music on and have too much energy. Why are they so happy? -it’s too early to be this happy. Little did I know that at some point during the day that energy would rub off on me. The topic for the day was teamwork and the team did an amazing job highlighting the benefits of teamwork and obviously the challenges that come with being part of the team which I think most people have experienced at some point in their life.
As the day progressed we were asked to read some short stories found in our course pack. I have to be honest the story that’s stood out for me was the story of vision, leadership and commitment which at some point had me choked up. The point all the stories were trying to illustrate was that there were different facilitators in each story and different ways of facilitating. The facilitator that I felt was the most impactful was Zanele Mbeki from a story called the African dress. I loved how she had managed to bring different women together but was mostly in the background and you would only see her when necessary. In the story she is described as a brave woman for wearing the dress that one would say was in controversial because of the fact that it was associated with the Afrikaans tradition. Through doing that she changed the mindset of many women in the room. This showed me that you can make impact through your actions without having to say anything.

Setting goals

One of the facilitation tools was used in the first week was to divide the whole class into multiple groups. I was placed in a group where majority of the people resided in the Westrand. Our group was made up of seven people which meant seven personalities and our main goal was to bring the message to the class on the importance of setting goals .

Having to gel as a group within the space of the week proved to be a very difficult task because we all opinion on how the presentation should be done. We had to make it a priory that we used every piece of technology we had to ensure we shared information as a group and constantly kept in communication so that you were all on the same page. We decided to meet to discuss the ideas that we had will come up with and to try and put an action plan together.
The long hours spent together made us closer as a group because we were able to see each others strengths and use them for the presentation. It’s true when they say two heads are better than one because by the end of the night we were all confident and happy with the action plan we had put together. On the day of the presentation everything went better than expected and I realize this was because we had come together as a team put our personalities aside and worked together to make sure that the presentation was a success.
Having to complete a self assessment as a group I discovered that although we were happy with the presentation there were certain elements that we were not happy with which were picked up when we self reflected and felt that there were certain sections we could have done better. When we had feedback from the rest of the class I realized that as an individual it’s very easy to be hard on yourself because you feel that you did not do your best but to someone else what you did may be good. The lesson in this was that you don’t have to be hard on yourself because the fact that you do want to learn more and improve yourself shows that you want to do well.

Week 1

My first facilitation class was not what I expected. My idea of what facilitation is. My quickly realised that it wasn’t mainly about you as the individual but about the people you are a facilitator to. At some point we were given an activity that required pairing-up with someone to answer questions the were self reflective. The first question seemed simple – my intention for attending the course- of course it was for points. As I went through the questions i found that the questions required me to think about my intention not just for the programme but intentions in everything I do. My aha moment came when I had to answer the question about behaviors that would obstruct my learning which are having expectations, interjecting when others speak and don’t give them a chance to finish off what they are saying. I learned that this programme was not just teaching me about facilitation – there were life lessons there too.

Working in Teams

What an amaizing synergy. Generally I am not a morning person unless I have been to gym however the long week that I had made waking up a mission this morning. Walking in just a few minutes before the team presented, yes I say to myself, I have made it right on time, just before the Check in.

Just some insight, so a Check in is a quality tool that creates an environment for production and meaningful conversations. And it’s purpose is to bring concerns and issues into the open so there aren’t unspoken thoughts. I cannot emphasise how important this exercise is especially when one’s a leader with a team or part of a team. At work, my team and I meet atleast twice a week just to touch base but what I realised is that those meetings would purely be work related with no human touch to them until about 2 weeks ago. We are still meeting but I have changed my approach by starting our meetings with Check in’s instead.

By so doing I have seen a change in attitude, my team’s attitude towards their work is amaizing to a point where I kept asking myself why did I not do this sooner. Irrespective of how strong we think people are, the truth of the matter is, everyone needs that little bit of affection, I mean we are human after all.

The team presenting also highlited some important points, the advantages and disadvantages of working in teams. An added benefit of working in a team is that we can split responsibilities and get the job done sooner however due to our differences those can make it difficult to reach a solution. What I enjoyed is the manner in which they chose to do this, they did not just stand there and read out the pro and cons, instead they wanted us as a class to engage in adding our thoughts. What an amazing approach I tell you.

Context is another word that is starting to become familiar. My manager is always emphasizing the importance of understanding my context when taking then through my presentations, little did I know that the same emphasis would be made in this facilitation class. “Know your audience is what I keep hearing”. Simon Sinek also emphasised the “importance of understanding your intent”. Why am I presenting what I am presenting? What am I hoping to achieve when delivering the message? Those are some of the important factors that need to stand out when facilitating. I have subconsciously started asking myself these questions before giving feedback on anything and realised that when I do that, things start to make more sense because the intent is highlited.

What I also learnt is that facilitation is about getting out of your comfort zone and being open minded to learn from others and that when facilitating the following attributes need to be present:

  • Coaching/ Mentoring
  • Teaching
  • Lecturing
  • Presenting
  • Gardening

I can honestly say my view in facilitation has trully changed. The importance of priorotizing was also highlited through a reading exercise we were given. I tend to underestimate the amount of time required to complete a task, spending most of my time on the least important things. How I intend to change this is by trying avoid procrastination by all means, the sooner I begin the better it is and the less anxious I become.

Those 6 stories we read were remarkable. In all those stories I Could identify a facilitator and the one thing they all had in common is that they challenged the status quo. They were innovative in finding solutions to help the people. They did not impose their believes in others by trying to change them. Instead, they stepped back and allowed others to be in leadership.

In conclusion, silence at times is key. Sometimes we just need to let our silence speak for itself and let others learn from that.



This class is getting better and better everyday. I enjoy coming to Facilitation class and also getting the understanding of what is happening .

“Working in groups ” presentation was perfect. Big up to the team. We were given time to read the stories on facilitation, compare them and comment on what we read.

In my opinion the stories were based on intentions and behavior. For instance in the story “The Bent Backs of Chang Dong” the facilitator “Emma” her intentions were good.

Intentions represent the motivation and attitude behind our actions. Where else behavior demonstrate honesty, integrity, character and commitment when dealing with others they will automatically know you have good intentions. However, no one see your intentions, what matters is the behavior and action. It comes down to judgement, hence we judge people by their behavior.

Bear in mind that there is a difference between intentions and behavior.

Goal Setting

People always talk about goals and most of us don’t even achieve them???? The first group did their presentation about goal setting,i have really learned a lot from that presentation,I started enjoying facilitation a lot,i even changed the way i think about the course,I am no longer looking for credit only i want to learn more, and my expectation are very high.

One thing that i will never forget in my in life is S.M.A.R.T goal setting. If you follow S.M.A.R.T goal setting you will never go wrong in life. You will achieve everything you desire. I cant wait to see other groups presenting because we are going to learn a lot.


My first day in FNBGA , I thought facilitation skills was lectures followed by an aggressive examination. I discovered that facilitation was more interesting than I thought,especially the part where students are given a platform to interact with fellow students & our respective lectures. The lesson that I’ve learned during my first class, for setting goals is that I never knew a a simple and effective strategy to set goals until I attended facilitation. The technique I picked up is to be good in decision making. The vital milestone of that day is when they introduced the AIDA MODEL. A-wareness ,I-nterest,D-esire,A-ction . I understood how innovative other people are, when it comes to setting SMART GOALS.

Working in teams

As much we have so much in in our lives, It is important to observe everything or anything that we do because as much as one came in for credits . Now i am seeing facilitation with a different eye. Now i have learned to blog, I am not a social media person doing only whatsup and sms (lol!!) I must try to explore and be open to new things.

I missed out on the presentation done by the Group. I arrived late however i managed to catch up after break because the activities done were very interesting. That is why they saying you be always on time so that you won’t miss out when presenting. My AHA moment was when we learned about Defining the below words:

Facilitation , Coaching, Teaching, Lecturing , Presenting and Gardening. The all have relationship and similarities and what i have learned is the Gardening part one look at nurturing the flower and you start by ploughing the seed and make sure you water the flower and take care of it.

With the other words mentioned above they have collaboration because any information learned you will nurture and apply it. It shows that team work is important some of the things are not done on our own we need each as a TEAM.

Goal Setting

This year I want to start eating healthy, buy a car, complete my degree, buy a house etc. These are just a few of many New years resolutions set at the beginning of each year. However, we often find that only a few people actually change these from resolutions to a reality. Why is that? Is it because the people setting these goals are not capable of achieving them? That is not the case at all.

Roslyn and Telfer took us through an amazing exercise last week called Gaining value, which fits in perfectly to this weeks topic. This group exercise made me realise that everyone has Goals and in our group, these goals were similar because they were relating to our studies. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were forced to park them temporarily, compromising the path we wish to follow in our careers for the needs of our loved one’s.

The most important highlight for me was that instead of beating myself up about only taking charge now and questioning why not then? I should embrace the opportunity and embark the journey most importantly have a plan ahead of how I intend to stay in this path. The how factor was made clearer to me by my fabulous class mates, sharing with us their knowledge when facilitating this wonderful, insightful topic called Goal Setting and emphasizing that successful Goals need to be;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

What this presentation made me realise is that as people we tend to underestimate the importance of planning and communicating and this we can correct by ensuring that we include our family members in these plans and ask them for their support. Another thing that I tend to overlook is the importance of balancing my social, work and family life because if one of the 3 is compromised it might actually lead to the other one failing. I mean if I do not speak to my husband explaining to him that some days I might not be around for social events and that if I used to cook everyday, explain that we might need to eat left overs on some days. Something this small could potentially lead to me not completing my studies or lead to unnecessary fights in our marriage.

I intend to use this model with every Goal that I set because by so doing I will have a better chance in succeeding and changing my dreams or rather goals into realities!


The First Class: Reflection

I admit that just like most of my classmates in the facilitation class, I was there for points because from a distance the module represented an easy catch for score. I did not even know what facilitation course entails, the idea of joining this group came in as a recommendation from the administrator who was assisting with my registration for a BA in Communication.
However, having been part of the class for some weeks now, my perception has changed and I believe there is more to take home from this course than points. I used to believe that I have fear of public speaking, but being in a room full of professionals with similar challenges made me realized that my problems are not unique and because of that I see the facilitation course as an opportunity to improve, today I see this course as a public speaking training for me and every classmate is a teacher which is also helping with my presentations at work, it teaches me to work within a team and adaptation so it is more than just facilitation, but also about how you adapt and apply yourself to the surrounding environment.

When we were grouped on the first day, it was very uncomfortable for me as i did not know anybody in the group but had to go around asking people their age and then a few minutes later were asking about addresses, a very awkward moment which turned out to for the better at the end as i was drafted into the most awesome group (Personal Reflection) and i continue to learn from my team members as we progress with our activities.
Kind Regards.

Setting Goals

I was 15 minutes late by the time i arrived the first group was already presenting and i came not prepared for anything.i felt so useless to miss the first presentation.

when i got in people where divided into small groups, i sat behind them with other late comers and i tried to catch up with everyone.the presentation was nice and vibrant with a lot of enthusiasm.at the end of presentation we were told to give feedback either good or bad.

what i have learnt in that group was team work,communication,appearance,presence and they were very vocal and excited. i have also learnt a lot about goal settings and how one should set realistic goals.

Most exciting topic was blogging i was very happy to blog to myself,my friend and H.O.D because my blogging were different. i have also learned that i have to involve questions like what was covered ? what did i learn ?what i did with what i learned? and what did i learn from what i did.the class was very productive indeed.


When I registered for facilitation course I thought it was going to be easy. I just find every task difficult to tackle, I just hope as the weeks goes by that I will be able to understand as I am still confused and I just hope as I get used to web page I will be able to post and write more than 63 words.

Working in Teams

Team work has it’s ups and down and it is up to us as individuals to do our part as every member has a role. Even if you may conciser yourself an introvert; there is always a role that is specially for you.
In every story, in every activity everyone shows their facilitation skills; even children can facilitate. All it takes is participation.

My AHA! moment was when Roslyn explained a phenomenon about how we judge people and ourselves. She said: “we judge others according to their behavior and judge ourselves according to our intent”.
I observed myself judging a colleague because of what she was trying to find out and being a creature of habit I jumped to conclusions. Then after some time I asked myself what was her intention and I investigated only to find out that she was right, the person I was booking for, was also booking with her as well and it was different names of people and I felt bad about it.
Because we want to prove ourselves so much in this competitive world, we sometimes forget that we are a team trying to accomplish the same goals.

The lesson for me here was to step back, think and give others a chance. “no man is an Island”, you cannot do everything by yourself no matter how gifted or strong you may be.


When i came to class on the 27/07 after missing the first one i was so confused about what was this Facilitation was about and what was being taught. I like to plan all things including my studies in advance and follow strict routine. I like to know in advance what the class will be about and prepare accordingly. But i was thrown away on that day. I expected the lecture to take me by the hand and update me on what i had missed but there was none of that. I was thrown into a deep end and had to find my way. I was forced to speak to other students to bring me up to speed. I had to catch up very fast. What this taught me is i need to throw away all my inhibitions, get involved, network. That i must be a team player. But i am proud of myself and the lecture for helping me realise that i can do what i did not think i could.


What i learned about working in teams is that because we all have different views and perspectives, others can help you see things in a different way. And that through team work there’s increased collaboration, develop trust and it becomes easy to attain the goal you set. At my work i lead a small team and what i learned from class which i was doing anyway but need to do more is to congratulate them more when they done a good job. I also learned and am applying the 80-20 rule during meetings and it works wonders. On the STORIES we read and analysed what i learned is not to be imposing, remove self and allow others to flourish and teach by doing.

Week 3 -Working in Teams

Very early this time around and I am placed in a green team, everyone is scattered thou, obviously it’s a first time that we put together as a team of strangers but the whole point in this class to now and again work with some individuals who haven’t worked with anyway let me be in charge… Guys I think we are working against the topic here, lets get a bid closer and get ready to see what group two has for us, so we went around the table introducing each other and bingo! Everyone is laughing and smiling.

Group 2 did very well on their topic and they basically reminded us of the things we know… I mean in a team we have different roles to play and our strengths are not measured the same, the key is to move forward and cut the blame to save time and to know what not to repeat in future.

The check-in was done smoothly and maths 24 was a highlight of the day as we really had fun doing that activity..by the way I did it with my class on Monday this week and we had an amazing time, it works more after lunch as brain exercise to get everyone back on board…amazing I know.

The AHA! moment was when Rosslyn shared her story about the “Action versus the Intent”. Unless you explain your intention…your behaviour or your actions will always be viewed as such

Let me just get to it in her words:

“I worked double shifts so that my children can have a beter life tomorrow and to make the future easy by making more money today…avoiding the struggle of tomorrow, but my behaviour or my actions to this children was that I did not love them and I did not want to spend time with them”.

Its important to communicate effectively and highlight some of the things when they seem to be misunderstood. #WorkingInTeams

Week 1- Introduction

Being late on the first day of class is never good…I wonder how many people this class has… oh wait so many people? At least I’m not the only one who’s late. It looks like we have over 80 people in this class…yes 80+

Now I know that Facilitation is far from training…no projecter is needed and everyone has to participate, the 2 ice breakers were on point yet simple, thr 1st one is that we need to group ourselves by our “age” this encourages interaction and just when we were getting comfortable, Rosslyn gave an instruction to now group ourselves by our residence…now that was fun. Each group is given a topic to present as per the calender an I cannot wait to see how group one will unfold the SettingGoal topic this coming weekend.


I am an introvert and walking into a class late filled with one hundred people did not help my nerves at all. After eventually finding a seat and having calmed myself down I felt more relaxed and in tune with the introduction then started scanning for familiar faces.

It’s tradition that when attending school we always sit behind our desks. “Sitting behind your desks will not be an option in this class” says Roslyn. We were instructed to sit in one big circle, when I thought that was the end of it we were then instructed to get up and find someone in class that is of the same age as us. I was forced to get out of my comfort zone, started approaching class mates that I have had zero interactions with, greeting them and asking them their age 🙂 need I say this was an excellent ice breaker, which was required. A Check in is what that exercise is called. Completing that exercise made me realise there are many other people like myself who felt a sense of awkwardness however when we started engaging with each other we all felt at ease. This is exactly how our approach to life should be, whether you are starting a new role in your career or making an informed decision to go back to studying after years of working. All you need to do is take it a step and a day at a time then with time, things do get better!

One other highlight for me was the importance of understanding the different learning styles and that as an introvert it is okay to not feel comfortable sharing my views in class however by choosing not to share those views I am depriving others the opportunity of learning from me. I have since started applying the principle of voicing out both in class and at work, especially for my daily morning meeting reporting. I have changed my perception about those meetings, instead of viewing them as personal attacks because that is what they were beginning to feel like, I started perceiving those meetings as an opportunity for my fellow team mates to help me come up with solutions for my work struggles and the only way to do that is by “challenging the status quo” as Simon Sinek explained in his YouTube Video. They can only help me by sharing their opinions. That change in mindset has since brought me peace of mind.

This was only day one of facilitation, I cannot wait to see what the other weeks have in store for me.


Goal Setting

The second phase of facilitation involved goal setting facilitation. the team having limited time to mix and understand one another was able to facilitate their piece successfully. the lesson learned included, goals must be clearly defined and measurable, realistic and attainable. that one must set time frames for which to achieve goals and different goal require different ways to achieve them. Lastly, its important to allow everyone an opportunity to participate in a group and that individual’s input within a group is just as important, including the input of the audience.Ultimately, facilitation is not about imparting information, but also getting information from others.

First class

I was very early on the day,i did not know what to expect.i was very nervous and a bit scared since everyone is been telling me how hard course is at wits.

I kinda like undermined myself because i saw so many old people who really looked like course chowers.i could not relax until everyone started talking about their reason why are they studying facilitation course at Wits.only to find out that we are doing facilitation course for different reasons.

We were told to make groups according to where we located, it could be work or home then i started to loosen up a bit from there it was fun all the way.i could not wait for the next class.

Staying in your lane


Today as I took my taxi around 6 o’clock in the morning to go to work from Soweto to Germiston.

I observed as the driver of the taxi I was in, driving and then decides to drive on the BRT busses route, I observe how the bus drivers just slow the process to frustrate the taxi drivers, who by right are not supposed to be driving there as it is in fact the bus route.

I smile to myself :), thinking why do we as people like to get on lanes that are not for us. What is wrong with just sticking to what you are supposed to do, in the way you are supposed to do it?

And the thought came to me, “stay in your lane”. How profound we would be if we were to do exactly what we are destined to do.

Yes, life is a challenge and you always have to be on the look out for opportunities, as they do knock softly. But would it  be that bad if we were to just relax and stay in our own lanes.

When you are in the business of selling flowers, can you stay in your lane and see your business grow? If you are a facilitator, can you stay in your lane of inspiring and guiding the process, instead of imposing your ideas on others?

Are we able to stay in our lanes in any aspect of our lives? Are you able to be a wife, a husband and stay in your lane for the betterment of your relationship?

Sometimes the journey is uneven, and people might try to juggle too many things at a time, to try and survive. But just as research has proven that multitasking is not as fruitful as anticipated, so is not staying in one’s lane.

While it might seem like you are accomplishing many things at once, research has shown that our brains are not nearly as good at handling multiple tasks as we like to think we are. In fact, some researchers suggest that multitasking can actually reduce productivity by as much as 40 percent! And not staying in your lane has the same effects, as you are not focused on one thing, that is doing what you are skilled at but trying to do many, which robs what you are good at.

Now, after the bus drivers have done their job of loading people in and then driving off, then the taxi drivers were given a pass. And as i continued to observe, I noticed how the cars we were behind, were long gone and we were still behind the bus.

So in closing, as much as there could be a delay in your process, and slow progress, keep in your own lane and it will payout some day. For slow progress is still progress, but in your own lane!!

A productive week, as we stay in our own lanes! 🙂


Working in Teams:299528

Every person at one time or the other may have had to work in groups, be it while the person is at school or while at work.

There are many instances in life that may have called for teamwork. At the same time, on some other occasions, it is the choice of the person to opt for teamwork or to work individually.

Both have their own positive and negative points

And in last week class i have learned a lot about working in teams,working in teams ha its own advantage and disadvantages:

Different people have different ideas regarding the work to be done. There are few people who would like to work alone, whereas few prefer to work in teams.

The best way to solve such a situation is to assign the right task for everybody accordingly.

As a coin has two sides, working individually and working in a team both will be having their own advantages and disadvantages.

SettingGoals-Week 2

Winter has taken its toll on me and I can sense the Spring season already…anyway here I am wanting to be so early for this class as I did not want to be late again as last week’s class, but the hunger in me will not give me peace in class, let me start by McDonald’s quickly for my junky breakfast and get ready for this amazing topic #SettingGoals.

At least I made it on time..”just on time” and group 1 is ready to rumble… In the middle of the presentation I realise that I have been spending most of my time “DayDreaming”…setting goals is easier when the S.M.A.R.T principle is applied and this doesn’t mean that one should set many goals, instead one should look around and prioritize accordingly. I have started gym already on the 29th July and my simple goal is to loose my belly fat… I only have 4 weeks. And in 3 months I am purchasing a car…all of this will he sorted as I have started to apply the S.M.A.R.T move.

SettingGoals is really a key because I see how obsessed I am becoming with the topic that was covered and I think I know when I can start preparing for parenthood also like there is so so much one can do with their lives and keeping realities in check.

I have learnt so much and my life is now becoming what I hear in class, also liked how we engage with one another especially when Rosslyn intruct us to work with other class members that we haven’t worked with…cant wait fot this coming week to know about and learn about “WorkinginTeams” as I spend most time at work with team/s and sometimes we do meed an intervention. #Facilitationskills

Second week: Goal setting

After last week class, even though I was looking forward to the next class, my heart was pounding so fast you have no idea.

Got to class on time yeah! The group presenting were ready to present. I hope they will make my life easier than last week plzzzz! We were divided into groups and engaged in different topics. The presentation went very well. However, at the end of the presentation groups are expected to give feedback, it can be positive or negative but we have to learn from that and make a change.

While engaging in the group. I’ve learned that working in groups is an advantage than working as a individual however, it does not mean that we will agree with everything. We are different individuals with different views and giving each other a chance to express one another and respect each other can lead to a common goal. I’ve always believed that I’m an introvert but working in groups, I now have a different perspective. The question is am I still an introvert? Eish!

I worked in groups before but in this class (Facilitation Skills) is different. I’m forced to move out of my comfort zone and participate in the group. I love this class.

What I’ve learned from the presentation is that when setting goals the most important thing to do is be honest and realistic. Define what tasks you need to complete in order to achieve your goals and in case of a personal development goal, one need to stop procrastinating, be confident and make fear your friend.

Sometimes we know exactly what we want to achieve but have no idea how to go about it. That is where goal setting comes in.

first week

The introduction to facilitation class was overwhelming, looking at the number of people in attendance.As an introvert i wondered how on earth was i going to mix with these people. However, being encouraged to mix with others via age and place of residence it became easier, especially after being grouped with my team. The highlight of the 1st class is realizing that many of us enrolled the facilitation course just to gain points. what was astonishing for me was realizing that i am about to face my fear, acknowledge my weaknesses and embrace my strength. lastly, that i am not alone in this journey, i have the support of my team and that of the facilitators.

Working in a Team – Week 3, the struggle continues…

Walked into class late and ended up in a team called Late Comers… Highly disappointed it took me a while to settle in. Nonetheless my team worked well together and scored a prize as the winners… Talk about an unexpected turn of event huh lol…

There’s quite a few AHA moments this week, well maybe that’s because I am starting to grasp the concept of the class. Megan from the Working in Teams group said something that we always hear but for me it was impactful – It’s always possible to find solutions… And today our Head of Channels took me on and I thought back to Megan, I presented what I had to him, and as I heard Megan’s voice I continued with me presentation… What started out as a warfare ended up with an amicable solution :).

Also, I learnt on Saturday that we judge people by their behavior and judge ourselves by intent… This made me look at my personal challenge in a whole different light, I must say I am becoming more empathetic trying to understand what my loved one is trying to do instead of always beating him down with my judgement… yes okay..I am learning lol…

The presentation for the day was Working in Teams and I must say it was a good preparation for our group meeting after class… I learnt to sit back when my point wasn’t being understood and gave everyone a chance to voice out their opinions… I guess I am also learning that we have to find balance where perceptions are concerned… Anywho, am still shaking with fear for our presentation, the reality is that it will and must happen… as I brace myself…

Working in Teams!

Am I working in a team when I talk to myself?

You know how people use the phrase “it gets better with age” or when you get the burning sensation down your throat when you having a scotch. Or when you pour a glass of wine and the smell titillates your taste-buds though a mere smell! THAT is how I am beginning to feel about his class. I am not sure whether it is excitement or just nervousness.

I have been to three lessons and each one has given me a lesson I want to impart on everyone who will listen. Today’s topic was about “Working in Teams”. If you know anything about me, This Is One Of The Hardest things for me. I am a sucker for a book in the corner, in a library on my own. 

Not only did the group give us a Maths test about the number 24, LOKL! They made a competition about it and rewarded the “late comers” group for getting most of the answers right! Really! They should have rewarded me for actually getting five out of the six sums right. I suck at Math. Ask me any questions about the TV series 24 and I am soooooo sure I’ll beat anyone at that! Go Jack Bauer! 

So beside the test and the music and the laughing and the fun, they also imparted some actual knowledge on us. They taught us about participation, perseverance, collaboration, listening and actually putting in the effort. We were taught that how:


The team that made working in teams, look easy!

We also did a reading exercise which included amazing stories. Some of the stories had me laughing out loud whilst others were so intense I shed a tear or two. I was so moved by the moral of the stories that I couldn’t wait to get home and read up on some of them. 

We were again reminded of the facilitation aspect of the stories, we read, discussed and enjoyed. We discussed the similarities of facilitating, coaching/ mentoring, teaching, lecturing, presenting and gardening. We discovered that: all of the above is the process of transferring or disseminating knowledge or information from one person to another through facilitating, coaching/ mentoring, teaching, lecturing, presenting and gardening. Facilitation is being open-minded about new ideas, to be able to present an idea by giving guidance, being able to draw out people’s personalities, traits and knowledge by giving guidance and direction and not be giving instruction. Facilitation is such a broad topic and I can still not define it. I will, hopefully, be in a position to give you a definition be the end of this course. 

We were given instruction about giving positive and negative feedback. 

1. Give feedback immediately. Don’t wait for a culmination of issues until you explode. If it makes an impact on you, discuss it!

2. When you give positive advice don’t say but… and then give the negative. Do it one at a time. Discuss the positive, give praise and help people accept it before you jump to the negative. If you have ever watched Pretty Woman, I am almost 100% sure you remember this quote:

People put you down enough, you start to believe it.

I think you are a very bright, very special woman.

The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?

I think we should take the time in our every day lives and remember the good stuff! The good stuff may be harder take in but it is time that we embrace it. Take it in. Believe it!

After all of that my aha… moment came.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Roz reminded us that Stephen M.R. Covey said: we are all judgmental. We judge other people by their behavior but we judge ourselves by our intent. I am soooooo guilty of that. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about my judgmental attitude. I have decided to make it a point to try and judge people fairly…. on their intent just as I would like to be judged.


My first day was very hectic, I was confused i didn’t know what to expect in class. I was hoping to see 20 people;but all of a sudden boom we are 100. While i was confused we were asked to find people in my age,i started being confused worse,we were placed in groups,we were given a topic to do so that we can we do presentation. I was among people who actually wanted to do facilitation for the sake of getting credit for my degree. When i heard that they is no exam we only submit assignment it confused me a lot.

Setting Goals!

Today will be better, says I to the Universe! *While holding thumbs*

First and foremost, Roz said something during the course of the class that was so profound and resonated with me on such a personal level that I want to start today’s blog with it: –

Look for a pair of kind eyeballs and speak to them!

I cannot get over how much better I felt from then. It will now be my mantra, I will remember it always and use it in my daily life when I am feeling insecure and unable to cope!

I was so excited to see my fellow student’s first facilitation piece. They were thrown in the deep end and I just knew that they would do great. Thank goodness I only get to present on week 4!

Upon entering the class I get a number from the lady at the door and the first thing that I notice are the balloons! Yay! You can never go wrong with balloons. Everyone loves them. They automatically put me at ease. Today’s topic was about Setting Goals.

Their presentation is so well thought out. They used the catch phrase. Yes, yes, I know that most people think its overrated but this one worked. They used the word: “SMART”.

They used it in the sense so that it meant:-

S – Specific
M – Measureable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic
T – Time Bound

How clever was that! We were split into 5 groups where we were each given a letter out of the “SMART” word and we had to discuss the relevant word to the letter. We had to interact with one another and the members of the first facilitation group had to facilitate us. It was a wonderful learning experience and I think a major eye opener for me.

I sat there listening to everyone in my group discussing their goals and ambitions and I was clueless. I have all these wonderful ideas in my head about what I would like to achieve, but I never ever follow through. I now know, with all the clarity that I can muster, that I am, in fact, in the right place! I learn by sight and I believe that I am in good company! I will now take the time to think about it, set some goals and I will achieve them. This group has given me some of the tools to do so. They have made me apply my mind to relevant questions such as what would prevent me from achieving my goals and what I think I need to achieve them? I have never actually taken the time to dissect and answer those questions for myself. I am still a work in progress and I have time to set my goals and I will use the “SMART” method when making and achieving them!

We were also told what and would be expected of us in these blogs. Hopefully I am doing it right! LOL!

It was further explained how important these blogs are to the Final Reflection Essay I will have to write. The circle of learning was helpful as it explained how what we are learning will be useful and relevant in our lives.

We did a fun writing exercise where we could write for two minutes without punctuation and grammar. We were to write whatever came to mind at that time. I must confess, I struggled with the no punctuation and grammar rules, I am not great at it, but it is there for a purpose and I need it! I also realised just how much nonsense happens in my head when I least expect it. I wrote about rugby, food, cars, my children, fortnite, housekeeping, a family friend, the weather and even my mom who is currently on holiday in Dubai. I also know that my head works way faster than I can write.

On a side note: Roz asked the class whether we watched the video by Simon Sinek – The Golden Circle. Much to my horror only three of the class watched the video and I was not one of them. Not only could I sense the disappointment from Roz, I could feel the shame from all of us. Now, after watching the video, I wish I had watched it before the lesson. It would have made the lesson easier to follow and more easily understandable.

This weeks “takeaway”: Look for kind eyes and start by setting small, more achievable goals. My mother always says: – It doesn’t matter how to start your life, only how you finish it. Always watch videos and read articles which are referred to in the class. They wouldn’t be mentioned if they were not important.

During the coming week, I will make extra effort to: Read and write more!

Another thing…What you know is not the main thing. It is about what you do with what you know that counts?

Introduction to Facilitation:

This morning I woke up with heart palpitations!

I know, I know, sounds idiotic but please, give me a minute to explain.

So, after waking up in a cold sweat with heart palpitations, spilling coffee on myself and my car not wanting to start, it pretty much seems like “par for the course” at this point. I eventually leave home with a not-so-positive mind-set, not knowing what was waiting for me when I get to the university to start my new Facilitation Skills Workshop. Not only do I not know where this class is, what to expect and the “hellishly” cold front which we are now experiencing, I get to the building and we are all locked out. Yes, locked out! There is a queue of people trying to get in the building and their access cards just don’t work. I step up, try mine and bam! It works – finally something is going right in my life!

I am now in the building and everyone else is outside – feeling like a fish in a bowl, I think to myself, crap, you should have stayed outside with everyone else, “brothers in arms” and all that jazz. Luckily not too long thereafter, there is an absolute gem who comes to our rescue and unlocks the building.

So, off we go to the classroom, mmmm pretty big, lots of tables and chairs. In my mind I am telling myself that … it doesn’t necessarily mean that each table and chair will be filled… – relax Bronwyn, there are only like 25 people in your English class, can’t imagine that there will be too much more people here. Then, after a while, the palpitations start again, so many people! People just keep flocking into the class, one after the other after the other. I am lost, there are over 100 people and I am just a cog in the wheel of this giant class. There are too many people, should I stay or should I just leave?????


Breathe in ….. deep breath…… breathe out ….. Breathe in 

….. deep breath…… breath out …..

There will be no giving up today. The day pretty much progressed from there.

Roslyn Solomon, the course designer and administrator is great. Telfer, the other facilitator, is just as great. They have outstanding synergism and just make you feel good about the class. I especially love the closing of the door idea. It ensures that you hold yourself accountable for yourself. It encourages you to respect yourself and your fellow class mate’s time and commitment to the class.

The next boulder in the road was NOT SITTING AT A DESK! How will I cope? Moving around, splitting up into groups and then into smaller groups. Oh my…. New people! But I handled it. I took it with a pinch of salt and carried on as if it didn’t bother me one bit!

Besides the basic speech about what the facilitators can expect from us and what we can expect from them, the class introduction was about gaining value! Why are you here? What you hope to achieve and what you need to do to ensure that you take away the most that you can from this course.
I decided then and there that I have to be present and that I have to listen, I have to reject my bad habit of tuning people out when their ideas are not in line with mine. I have to be honest about what I think, respect other people’s opinions and listen to understand and not just to respond.
We then, in our smaller groups, were given our Live Demonstration Presentation Assignment. My group’s topic is Honouring Difference – What a broad topic! The tips were things like: -start off by setting intent – this is a very important point. Check your target audience. Maintain your objective. Use tools and remember substance over form.

This weeks “takeaway”: This is a practical course, I will have to participate in groups and I will have to do a whole lot of self-reflection.

During the coming week, I will make extra effort to: Be present, listen and remember what I am trying to achieve!

First week of Facilitation Skills

Here I am, a bit late for class. I entered the class and there were lots of people, I was not sure if I was in a right place. I became nervous and confused. Already people were sitted in groups and I was asked to join the group according to our area(Soweto). We were then introduced to two people, male and female, I didn’t get their names I was still confused. The group that I was in was welcoming and we worked together. What I’ve learned today was that all of us in that class are different and unique, no one is better than the other, we are all here to learn. In spite of being nervous and confused, I am looking forward to the next class and I am ready to learn more.

Week 3 – Working in teams

I was late for class *hiding*. And yet received a positive feedback regarding what the group presented. Congrats to the presenting team!!

I also leant something profound about how we, as people would normally view or observe people from their behaviour and not intent and yet we view ourselves from the intent point of view and not behaviour.

This was food for thought for me, and quite a highlight especially in the  facilitation aspect, where one is required to be open minded and be open to learning. It also signifies how relations can be made better.

I also learnt a lot on change, as well on how we would always want the other to change and not ourselves. And yet forget the notion that as a person you are responsible for your own actions and not the others and therefore we are the change we want to see in the world. It starts with us.

And from this and in us developing to be future facilitators, may we always remeber to bring our best to the table and inspire those we will be facilitating in the future.

Remember you cant give what you dont have! 🙂


Balancing life


Are we honestly able to cope? i mean with what life demands out of us?

I myself am still learning on how to do it all, and still find peace in my heart and mind! It just isnt an easy task.

Lets look at the link and see how many we can tick off as things we can do, to try and balance our lives out and still keep a smile on our faces even though it not always easy! 🙂


3 Aug Facilitation Week 3 #Working in teams

Today was presentation day for the second group, which is my team! It was really nerve wrecking for me…. We got to class earlier to make the last preparations for our presentation. Everyone was running on high adrenaline and praying that everything would go according to plan.

By the grace of God….We made it work somehow! Everything just seemed to fall right into place and when it didn’t, we improvised to make it work. What a fantastic group of people, such great minds, creative ideas and positive energy. I feel really lucky to have been placed with such awesome people!

I think the best part of my experience was not only having great fun but also learning from my team and my class mates at the same time. I loved the gardening definition one team came up with. There I was thinking what do roses have anything to do with facilitation? Went completely in the wrong direction there….Just goes to show, every day is a learning day for me.

3rd August, #Working in team….

What an amazing experience, honestly I have never met such a team that gel’ed so well, like my team.

I was nervous at a first glance of meeting the “ocean’s 11” hahaha…

I didn’t think we will pull it off, at first, I realised that we are all different, all 11 of us, or maybe 9 f us, mmmhhh we’re definitely go getters, and wanted to shine more than the others. What I had learnt from my team was, I had to step back in order for others to step forward, I am always at a front line, but this time and this amazing team allowed me or I allowed myself to step back and learn.

We had prep extensively on our social media page to prep for our participation piece, and everything went as well as we had planned it! We gave it our all, attention to detail presentation.

It proves that team work is a dream work, we supported each other all step of the way. We are really proof that team works makes a dream work.

Well done to us, well done to “Ocean’s eleven” I have learnt a lot form each and everyone of you. Thank you so much for all the lessons.

#Here’s to Oceans 11

3 August 2019 – Facilitation Skills – Third class

Honestly had a terrible headache yesterday – so class was overwhelming in the sense of the energy levels . Loved the second groups session… felt one can definitely learn from team work – enjoyed the orange group’s facilitator (our vitamin C for the day hahaha). As classes continue I really appreciate the diversity in the class. I personally feel that facilitation classes have shown me that I am not the only person with knowledge and skills – we all have a different perspectives and views. We need to all respect that and understand each other. Patience, understanding and listening is the key that I have learnt from the past three sessions. I have learnt to listen rather than to just give my opinion – since I do have listening disability at home hahaha. Learning Learning Learning… never too late to learn new things. Like Roslyn has stated in every session that every year of her teaching she continues to learn