My first week of facilitation

This was me on the first day of my facilitation lectures

I literally was so upset with myself for choosing a class on the one day that I could get some rest and run away from the world.
I honestly don’t know what I was thinking….
I am glad I did it though, I feel like I have learnt a thing or two in such a short space of time and now look forward to what’s in store for the next class.

Week 1 Blog

Last week I came here thinking that I will just come into this course, keep my head down and just get through but little did I know, group work was one of the core focuses of the course. I registered this course to catch up points and my plan was just to get in, do what was needed to pass during the semester and pass the exam. I got the shock of my life when they told us that we don’t have an exam and out passing criteria is this blog, the presentation and the final reflective essay which is really up my ally. I realised that if I put a little bit of effort in the I definitely will be able to do well.

I really hope that whoever read this enjoyed my thoughts and my take on the class and that you’ll be back for more in the coming weeks, but this is it for now. Thanks for reading my entry and don’t be scared or shy to let me know what you thought about it.


I missed the official first class as I was away on work. So the second class is obviously my first class. So I drag myself out of bed, its too early in the morning dreading why I signed up for a class on a Saturday. I have no idea what the class is about except I need it for the credits.

Obviously I’m in a bad mood because my Saturday mornings meet everything to me 🙁 I get on to the N1 to Wits University.

I get to class and as a person who loves structure and protocol….Im shocked, the desks are everywhere and people are seating all over the place. Confused…I take my seat. A group of people, present and Im still confused, but the presentation is also interesting at the same time.

As the class goes on, we now are required to sit in a circle as if we are about to sing ‘Kumbaya around a fire’…I think this is now really strange, Im in University for Goodness sake. We have to practise blogging, we are expected to blog for this class. I groan at the thought of having to share my inner thoughts with strangers….the Facilitator, Ross, asks us to take out paper and not think but write. I think….Did I signup for a therapy session or to learn facilitation skills? I end up thinking yes, this first class is unconventional but the must be method to this madness. Just before i think of running away, she asks who missed the first class…blushing I raise my hand. She asks us to stand in groups, she is putting up in groups for presentations. I look at my group, I don’t know any of them well, how is this going end up?!?

Thats my first class hahahaha

So let’s see how the next few weeks go, hopefully I will loosen up and give it all a chance .

Tim next time 🙂

Setting Goals

Week 2 27 July 2019

Setting goals helped me realize the reasons that lead my goals to fail. For example, I would set an impractical goal and expect results without determination. The pass three years I have been running the Soweto marathon and would start working out two weeks before the race and expect to do well. Now on wards I have set my goal to complete the race regardless of finishing time. I have extended my distance, managed to transform my diet in time although is not that easy but I made the exertion. My attitude is positive to concur half marathon set out to take place in November.

Introduction -week 1

One of the most important moments in my life. I learned the dynamics of thinking and working in teams to achieve my objectives. It was dark, as dark as charcoal; where one could not see where one’s mouth was. My mind was full of darkness . I was even anxious when entering the accountancy building in the university of the witwatersrand. I thought we were going to write an aptitude test which determines our capabilities whether we can study facilitation or not. Facilitation was more interesting than I thought, my lectures were approachable and interesting. I met a lot of different people with different personalities, professions and skills. I was intimidated by the instruction to find the fellow students of my age group. I had intra-personal conflict, the lecture room was flooded with students. When I reflect back on the course brochure, they said they had limited space. I found my age group and I was very happy. I learned the golden circle technique on that day. I experimented what I learned when I impressed the Director of Operations of collective value creation during my interview. I was successfully selected for South African Energy Coal (South32 intsika) business development program that develops entrepreneurs. I fell in love with facilitation, not because of conditions as Albert Einstein said “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love”.

First week of Facilitation Skills

Day 1 of Facilitation Skills.
After registering I could not commence or accomplish the content of the course, Facilitation skills. The distress of the unfamiliar was disturbing, and I would recollect with my past experiences where I would give up without trying. Also, this was my first class after a six-years long break from studying.

The morning of the 20th of July 2019 I woke up early but lost the track time and I was late which lead to panic. I arrived on campus 20 mins late, got lost looking for the class but a sight of relieve came when fellow students were looking for the same facilitation class. When we finally found the class and I was in distraught doubting what I have missed since class started. The class was packed approximately 100+ students attended.

Most seating was taken and the only seating I could find was in front, everyone was seated, paying attention to what the teacher was saying.  Sat and listened courteously to make up what Rosslyn had already said. Already I am sensing a different overview of the course content. I was amazed with excitement yet terrified of what is expected from me. Presenting in front the whole class I wanted to walk out and deregister, writing essays, group interactions and blogging none of the areas I dominant. I had decided and believed in improving what I lack and my inabilities. Essay writing, blogging and presenting I prefer if someone is doing it.

After everything was explained I looked forward to the next class. This course is what I need, the are some areas in need to improve on massively. Missing a class is not an option by the end of class groups were made and given a topic to facilitate on, and our topic was Facilitation decisions.

I settled fine into my group.