Week 4: Personal Impact and Learning from life.

Today’s blog is going to combine the information learnt in the course pack with the class facilitation topic: Learning from Life, because I really thing that the two will be easier to discuss this way.

Some lessons are achieved through experiences however through curiosity and a desire for self-awareness and personal growth, there are some experiences that you don’t need to wait for age to become aware of what is meaningful and worthwhile. In order to make an impact in life and to be able to combine your outer (form) and inner (substance) self, you will need to make an impact. As a facilitator in training, it is our aim to help others see and hear themselves, and others, more clearly, but in order to do this, the quality spiral will have to come into play. We will need to analyse the quality of out thoughts, our communication honesty, our integrity and our actions. We will need to be able to analyse situations quickly so that we can have a sum total of what we think, feel, understand and do. The same goes for the facilitated group.

Life is wasted on so much worry, regret, pain and heartbreak. Many people take these cases as a chance to give up, but for me, it is a chance to learn. I went through a breakup in February last year, and although we never ended the relationship in a fight, I was broken. He was my first love and we had been together for 3 years. Over the past year I have battled with depression, increased obsessive thoughts and a large amount of anxiety, but I have used my pain and my heartbreak to grow and to create a independent woman who is happier that the person she was in the past. I have been learning from life. I have become more respectful of things, more responsible and more disciplined. I have extroverted myself more and I am capable of expressing my opinion to people without the fear of rejection. In this way I have built relationships with others and really formed connections. I have transformed my personality to build trust and I understand the need for detachment. I have become better.

My break up killed a part inside of me that I have had to spend months and months to fix and grow. I now have an understanding of LOVE and I no longer despise the word, the feeling and the emotion. I know know that love is the answer and is why we are here. It is the force for food in this often random, painful and harsh world. It is a four letter word that has infinite power. I know now how to love myself, love my family and love my friends. I know now that it is not of extreme importance to only receive love from a significant other. I know that love is found in more than just that one individual.

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