Week4: Honouring Differences

Today I learn that I’ve taken it for granted the way woman look at their hair. Perhaps it is because of the fact that I am one of those woman that don’t spend too much time maintaining my locks and consider myself as one of those lucky woman that can get away with a ‘wash and go’ kind of look or is it perhaps how I KNOW how to style my hair. lol… Or just simply go with a style that I know suits me, even if that means wearing it for the longest time as possible.


Today’s facilitation made me aware of the many different kinds and forms of weaves that are actually available out there.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the most important thing that I learnt from today’s facilitation is that weaves, extensions and braids are a look that people from across racial lines embrace and wear, Thanks to this facilitation fro this enlightenment.


I also learnt that a woman dignity is worn on your head, hence called your crown, so what you choose and how you choose to wear your hair ie. ‘crown’ says a lot about you (as a woman).

Honoring differences according to how we engage with one another and how we learn and absorb things as individuals is definitely also something that I took away from today’s lesson.

I’ve learnt that I am an extremely visual person and that when I talk I draw pictures in my minds eye about what I want to say and achieve. An epiphany for me indeed!


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