Week 8 – Learning from life

The session is about beliefs, about me and what I refuse to believe – The path of protection and that we don’t consider the rights and needs of others.  We are addicted of being right and protect our point of view and we need to start taking responsibility.

We’ve discussed this topic in week six when we went through the four phrases of communication: download, tell-tell both sides not being present (talk for the sake of talking and the listener is just listening); debate, there’s a discord and yet when well facilitated disagreement can lead to creative thoughts; conversation, it’s when groups shift blaming to being curious and when thoughts and belief start to connect the team begins to create a shared knowledge and objectives. 

Another interesting piece we did in class was  the timeline going through the highs and lows that we experienced growing up.

We explored on how change impact our lives when we go thrgough certain changes – we know change is uncomfortable and whenever we experience change there’s always resistance and we turn to pushback because we are scared of the unknown and uncertainty .  

I’ve learned that the only constant is change and the sooner you acknowledge and accept the easier it is to adapt to the change.

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