Week 5 – Seeing with new eyes

Week 5 – Seeing with new eyes

Lesson learned from the group that was facilitating is that never take what you for granted because tomorrow might find myself being homeless because sometimes being homeless is not by choice.  

The second part of the session had me thinking how unconsciously biased I’ve been toward others especially those that share the same interests (Similarity bias) where I would surround myself or being in a company of people I consider to be “my own” – How  we gravitated towards others. This has opened my eyes that one way or the other, we all have unconscious biases and at times it’s unintentional, and that we need to break limiting stereotypes. Lately I find myself actively checking out others to see if there’s any biasness in them including myself – Am I now being judgemental🤷🏽‍♀️, I’m confused. 

We also touched on perceptions, that it varies from person to person and how two people can see the same thing or hear the same word (double clicking) but interpret differently. 

Unfortunately the day was too long and my concentration levels were depleted and challenged and I started drifting away…

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