Week 4 – Honouring difference

The group was facilitating about cultural diversity. The members wore traditional outfits and honoured each other by swopping cultures and talked about the type of cultures represented within the group. 

We also did an exercise on cultural rituals and discovered that there are commonalities across cultures that they perform at birth, adulthood, marriage, death and after death. 

The second part of the session was about making a choice of showing up and being present (Power and control)… However what stood out for me the most was about staying genuine, telling the truth and being considerate when communicating with others without blaming or being judgmental. It also made me realised how I’m always in my armour (defense) when I go to work, and protecting my space. I’ve learned that and that once I take off my mask and allow to be vulnerable I’ll start connecting with others on a deeper level and start building trust and relationships with others – To be honest I am battling with this mastery, I’m still learning to unlearn certain habits. 

I believe honouring differences should be instilled and encouraged at an early age in order to break down stereotyping. 

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