Week 4 – Blog 4- “Honoring Difference”

Week 4 – Blog 4- “Honoring Difference”

Week 4 .was done by the group facilitating on Honoring difference.

These group facilitated very well by presenting different culture outfits.This was a great set up even from the class sitting arrangement . All cultural items were facilitated with honor, i felt so great to see other people considering other’s culture with respect and love.

The session was so informative for me hence there were releasing important information such as how it was agreed to choose the 24th of September as an Heritage day in South Africa for me this was so informative and i did not know for real about this revelation.

The group members dressed in their beautiful, respective traditional wear, to convey the message that we are all different and belong to different ethnic groups, but we all constitute a rainbow nation. Indeed it was great facilitation and informative as well.The exercise of brain that we completed for brain dominance was also good for my own sake.

What a wow day of learning ,honoring , respecting and loving people with their cultural life style.I told myself to accept and compromise on people’s ceremonial  practices which shows their cultures and way of doing things on : Birth, Initiation, Marriage and Death.  I was linking the way of doing these things, to the negative forces and only believed in Christians ways of doing things now that i understand and i will accept and give them space to practice their believes but not practicing them as for me it is christ’s way as the holy book (the bible) tells.

This facilitation session of honoring differences has changed my way of seeing things.

Thank you.

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  1. Death, Marriage, Innitiation and Birth.
    True that through this 4 events in our lives, we get to perform some ritual of sort. The group setting highlighted that. Through that the differences in our culture was highlighted.But with the differences there were a lot of simmilarities. What I took from this was having an open mind. Open mind gives one an opportunity to learn and understand that others. With that comes richness in wisdom.

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