Story Telling

The group that was presenting today used a poem Invictus to tell a story. It invoked some emotions from the class because they had linked it to what is currently happening in South Africa. 2018 marks the centenary since Nelson Mandela was born, the poem that they were using to tell a story Mandela loved it so much as it was somehow relating to his life story.

I found myself reminiscing about 1995 when South Africa (Sprinboks) won the rugby world cup. Some class mates eventually opened up and started sharing their life stories and the lesson that I took home with from this class is that everybody has a story to tell.

Later on we were broken into groups and read the stories from our course book and the group that I was in was very exciting.

One thought on “Story Telling”

  1. Wow story telling, we all have a story to tell indeed.

    Everytime I attend the class I become more and more comfortable in my own skin
    About the class, I have learned about the power of story telling. Story telling is more memorable, it captures imagination and relatable as opposed to facts and stats. And Thats what facilitation is about, being able to capture peoples to capture people hearts.
    We also read stories my favorate one was The bend backs. What I loved about it was, sometimes when you want to teach others do it my demostration and allow your self to get to the level of their understanding

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