Resolving conflict

Yay! Another full day … 

Our turn to facilitate!

I want to believe that at some point almost every syndicate groups had disagreements and argued about the topic/theme selection and/or member participation. Some groups experienced personality clashes and some members had strong personalities over others – controlling.  

Often times there’ll be those that avoid conflict and prefer to hold back and maintain peace at all costs however they withdraw from participating. In every conflict situation all parties must aim to collaborate and have a win-win outcome.

I, realised that most of us have strong personalities and sometimes it’s good to take a step back and allow others to be in charge and take the lead – I had to down play my character and “compromise” – This also made me realise that at times one needs to adapt to situations in order to get a positive outcome.

We did three exercises on the day: How to overcome barriers to communication, listening and protocols of dealing with point of view that is different to mine

One of the exercises was meant to illustrate our conscious bias – how we choose to omit certain information when we are having a dialogue with others. While the aim is to achieve a win-win situation through collaboration and being open minded through honouring differences marked by deep respect. 

… there I was, drifting again! My brains packed up it was too much for a Saturday – Information overload!

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