My story, Your story – Story telling

The group upped the bar.

The main character is a good story teller, he kept his audience captivated even though I wish the rest of the group members participated to show case their facilitation skills – I want to believe that it was a group effort and decision to make him the main lead.  When I looked around the room, the audience was drawn in and they were paying attention to a gripping narrative.

It’s been a tough and a challenging year for me, at work and home! The poem/story, The Invictus, is about those who find themselves in dark and trying situations and about survival. It gave me courage to what seemed to be a downward spiral and only then I realised how easy it is for one to be lost in the story, in this case, my own hopeless story – how I have been focusing on the negatives and how my negative energy has affected those around me especially my loved ones.

I remember thinking back in class about “The Principle of detachment” that when we can approach difficult situations with sense of humour, we are detached and can remain flexible. And when we are detached, we are able to calmly observe our reactions to situations and not get pulled into an emotional position. That I must learn to let go in order to identify and take advantage of opportunities presented.

I have learned that we all have a story to tell, life is about telling a story, your story but it’s how you tell your story!

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