Honouring differences

The group that facilitated tied down their main topic to “embracing different cultures”. It was pleasing to see the synergy and team work among them.

They each wore traditional attires of different cultural groups and what stood out was that they didnt represent their own but each espoused the other culture. It was such a mind opening session. Its amazing how one thought they knew about culture until so many interesting facts were said! I was just sad that my Tswana culture was not represented­čśî; with that being said what remains is that we are so diverse as a nation hence we are called the “rainbow nation”. It was a well researched and presented topic.

They explained,unlocked and got to demystify the many myths that were out there, particularly about the Ngunis. I learnt a lot about the history of King Shaka and Soshangane of the Tsongas and how they came about; and that the black ethnic group is infact divided into 4 groups which is Nguni,Sotho,Tsonga and Venda. By the way we might soon have 12 cultural groups should the Khoisan be afforded the inclusion, of which I think is fair.

Equal people; Equal rights

It was interesting to learn ┬áthat “braaied meat” is part of the Afrikaaners culture and that they also introduced biltong which is now a South African delicacy that we pride ourselves with in the entire world.

I felt proud of our history as a nation…and a rich diverse culture and heritage we carry.

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