Honouring Difference

I came into this weeks class not knowing what to expect. The group that was presenting had a different attire based on their home language. The had outfits for the following cultures: Zulu, Xhosa, Shangaan, multicultural etc. What was fascinating was the fact that they individually introduced their culture and gave a small background about the culture that they presenting.

Something intriguing was the fact that an individual who was Motswana was wearing a regalia of a different culture to hers. They updated us on different cultures , where they originate and what they are well known for. I have learned that any soldier that came back from the war with the stabbing at the back got killed. It is believed that he had the stabbing at the back from running away instead of standing firm and fight for his people.

I have also learned how warm and peaceful Shaka Zulu was in relation what I have read about him in the media that he was aggressive.

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