Communicating via Social media

Having always known that communication is a key factor in our lives,  it had always been unfortunate that my personal inhibitions about communication technology had led me to shying away from engaging  in some of the new social media platforms that people were getting into. With this feeling in my heart i was surprised at how today’s class which shattered my  whole idea of social media and differently unpacked  my thoughts, leaving  me gobsmacked.

For someone born before technology (BBT) as I consider myself to be, anything technology related had always been a big no, for me.  The current forms of communication always scared me.  A big part of me always believed that most of the problems and challenges our society is experiencing had a lot to do with the technology that we currently use as a means of communication.  My perception regarding this notion was about to be changed!  In fact, with time I have lost touch with what is the latest because everyday I am hearing of newer, better and faster technological means of communication being spoken about. This happened at  at work and again at home from my children. This space was indeed a minefield. I really enjoyed what was done today in class in that, much against my expectations, the topic was not introduced in a dreadful manner. The group took their time to steadily introduce the various communication platforms that are available out there; but chose to focus on social media. I was pleasantly introduced to the various social media platforms. I must admit I felt quite okay and not much of a “BBT”; thanks to my children who are forever talking about these things!

At the end of the session I was left thinking that, if one is to move forward in this world, maybe trying a hand with some of the platforms that were mention was in fact not such a bad idea. So, Pinterest, here I come….!


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