Week 4: Honouring differences

On this day, group facilitated on honouring the difference, what I thought was most confusing is how facilitators were wearing the different cultural outfits but representing a different culture. I later discovered that this was very much deliberate. This was the groups ways of showing diversity. I really enjoyed this facilitation, got to know about Shaka Zulu, which some of the facts I wasn’t aware of.

We later split into our syndicate groups unpacked this topic some more. It was also highlighted that as much as we are different we are similar at a certain level.  we also discussed the different phases all cultures go through, from birth, Initiation, marriage and death.T this for me was so interesting and also I realized in most cultures women I expected to allow the men to be coming up the rules and women need to just follow. This is something that is still very much prevalent and as woman we need to understand. I think this is a broader topic for another day as it is  so close to my heart.

This also brings me to topics discussed regarding substance and form. The amount of work one puts into preparation will show once one is facilitating a group.  The most one that I will attempt to use in my everyday life is being open to the outcome and not attached to the outcome. This for me applies in my everyday life. When I meet knew people I don’t place then in a box and decide this is who they are but allow the process of getting to know them. Just like this facilitation class, I came in with preconceived ideas and luckily enough my mind changed almost in the first session. I am learning to be more open to outcomes and not attached to the outcome.

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